Heal yourself to Happiness Retreats

with Energy Healing Workshops and Yoga in Spain

Heal yourself to Happiness Retreats in Spain with Energy Healing Workshops where you can learn simple yet effective Self Healing techniques such as The Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Nutritional Healing, Law of Attraction, Healing through Yoga and much, much more. With an onsite massage and holistic therapy salon, private pool, tennis court and stunning mountain views you can be sure of a relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience where you can nurture self love, raise your vibrations, connect within and truly Heal yourself to greater Happiness.

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You can learn how to:
  • Muscle Test yourself and others (kinesiology)
  • Release trapped emotions using The Emotion Code and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Raise your Vibrations to attract more positivity into your life
  • Manifest your heart’s desires using the Law of Attraction
  • Learn about the power of affirmations, love and gratitude
  • Enjoy healing and develop greater connection through Yoga
 You can also enjoy:

Trip to the local sandy, unspoilt beaches of Tavernes

Trip to the beautiful Santa Maria monastery in the picturesque village of Simat

FREE Heart Wall release (before arrival)

FREE Soul Profile Reading (before arrival)

25% discount on all massages, reflexology etc in our onsite salon

Walking/hiking in the surrounding orange groves and mountains

Chill in and around the pool

Play tennis or badminton

………and much more


Heal yourself to Happiness Retreats in Spain

(all-inclusive including full board and airport transfers)


Retreat dates:

21 – 27 January 2018

11 – 17  February 2018

4 – 10  March 2018

25 – 31 March 2018

22 – 28 April 2018

20 – 26 May 2018

7 – 13  June 2018

(The first and last days of each Retreat are “travelling” days.  The Yoga Classes and Workshops are held from the Monday – Friday* )

* except on the June Retreat where it is Friday – Tuesday


Our Workshops include:
  • How and Why to Self Muscle Test (Kinesiology)

Learn to Muscle Test yourself (Kinesiology) and others so you can find the answers you need to know about what your body does and doesn’t need, including food intolerances, allergies, underlying causes of symptoms and much more.





  • Releasing Trapped Emotions through Energy Healing

Trapped Emotions are caused when we haven’t been able to process a negative emotion and the energy of that emotion gets lodged in our bodies causing malfunction, illness and imbalance. Learn to use your muscle testing abilities and intention to release trapped emotions from your body using The Emotion Code.  Learn to “Tap” using the Emotional Freedom Technique and experience how powerful it is in clearing the trapped emotions that are the underlying cause of your physical and emotional symptoms.


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  • How to get the Law of Attraction to work for you

The Law of Attraction is always at work.  It is a Universal law.  We are always creating our own reality. It is simple yet profound.  Once you understand how the Law of Attraction works you can use it to attract the reality you desire.

  • IMG-20160716-WA0024 (1)How to Heal yourself with Crystals, Essential Oils and Colour

Learn about the healing properties of different Crystals and Essential Oils and how they can be used in your daily life to enhance balance and well being. Learn about the Chakras and their related colours and how you can bring balance to your mind, body and spirit through simple measures.

Visiting experts will also be invited to give a Workshop or Evening Talk to share their valuable knowledge and insights into other areas of Energy Healing, including Healing through Nutrition,  so you can be sure of receiving a wide range of expert experience and advice during your stay.





Yoga classes combine a number of yoga styles to suit the needs of our guests. We focus on the visualisation and flow of our healing life force energy to and around the body through breathing, movement, relaxation and meditation. Learn how to adapt your personal Yoga practice (Sadhana) to suit your own needs and maximise its benefits for you. I very much promote the healing powers of yoga and concentrate on using Yoga to increase awareness of our life force energy and our personal power in using it to provide us with greater connection resulting in greater balance, relaxation, heightened intuition, improved health and heaps more happiness both on and off the mat!

Inhaling love and exhaling gratitude.

Classes are adapted to meet the needs of all guests.

All classes are conducted outdoors on the sun terrace with the stunning mountain views.  If the weather does not permit, then they will take place in the Studio.


img_20161011_184644741-2-copy         yoga-class-3-2

“The Sunrise Yoga felt like a spiritual awakening every day…..Deborah is a FABULOUS  Yoga instructor.”    Wendy Sites, Chicago, USA

“Deborah’s Yoga teachings have significantly improved my practice.”   Michelle Archer, Calgary, Canada


Holistic Massage and other Therapies

We have our own on site Massage salon where you can enjoy a range of Holistic Therapies with a 25% discount to all Retreat guests.  Why not try one of my Full Body Massages where, not only do I use appropriate Aromatherapy oils for your needs, but I also incorporate Reflexology and Facial Rejuvenation massage into the session to leave you with an amazing sense of rejuvenation leading to a healthier, happier and more energised you.

As an Energy Healer I also combine all of this with Reiki to provide you with an unforgettably relaxing and healing experience.

”  …… far the best massage therapist I have ever had! “

Michelle Archer, Calgary, Canada


” That was awesome! “

Rachel Luff, Sussex, UK


For more information on the treatments and therapies available please click here



All food and meals are provided but you are also free to use the kitchen (and juicer) yourself. Breakfast and lunch are self-service, while dinner is specially cooked and prepared for you each evening using fresh seasonal produce where possible (very often from our own garden)  There is always a vegetarian option.  A food preference questionnaire is sent to all guests prior to the Retreat although it may not be possible to cater for extreme dietary requirements.


“Robert is an amazing cook”   Alicia Campbell, Canada
“Robert made us a delicious vegetarian Paella for our last night”  
Anna Burchell, Germany
“..there were always lots of seasonal fruits and healthy snacks on offer.”  Katie Wood, UK

A typical day:

8 am          Sunrise Yoga Class

9.30 am     Breakfast

10.30 am   Workshop

1.30 pm     Lunch

Free Time Options

7.30    Dinner

8.30    Free time




What’s included?


Accommodation in our gorgeous villa with its mountain views, swimming pool, tennis court and gardens

Airport transfers to and from Valencia Airport or Alzira/Tavernes train station

Daily  Workshops

Daily Yoga Classes

Meditation sessions

Free Heart Wall release

Free Soul Profile reading

ALL food

ALL beverages/snacks – although obviously feel free to bring your own favourites!

25% discount on all massages/reflexology/treatments

Optional Excursions

Price:   €899   all-inclusive (shared room)

€200 supplement for a private room

Deposit – €200

For further information contact Deborah on or call 0034 627119125



“If you have come across Deborah’s retreat online, have heard about it from a friend whose gone, or if you’re reading my review…please take this as a sign. I encourage you to sign up and heal yourself to happiness. My heart has become so overwhelming happy since my visit to Spain!

Deborah has such a positive, upbeat soul; that it’s contagious when you’re in her presence. She made me feel so relaxed and at home at the Villa and during our excursions to the monastery and Tavernes beach. The energy in these locations was amazing! The Villa will not disappoint. With a full kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, sun terrace, tennis court and pool, what’s not to love? The view of the mountains from the Villa was also breathtaking.

We completed workshops in releasing trapped emotions, EFT, Psych K, reflexology, spoke of the powers of crystals, chakra alignment and completed a few card readings. Learning to muscle test has been so beneficial and I continue to use it regularly. It was interesting to learn of my souls profile and to know how much it resonated with me. I have eaten minimal vegetables in 30 years. After a few days of the workshops, not only was I trying more vegetables, I was actually liking the taste. It has been a huge personal accomplishment for me!

Deborah and Robert ensured the kitchen was stocked with foods I like. Robert is an amazing cook and was so accommodating to my food preferences. Robert also provides the airport transfers for the short trip from the Valencia airport in the comfort of his van and is so helpful.

The morning yoga was an excellent start to the day. Deborah is a great instructor and took the time to go over all the poses, and encouraged me to push just a little bit more. Within the week my body adapted quickly and I was seeing a lot of progress and increased flexibility. You can’t help but feel energetically connected on the sun terrace, looking out at the mountains, soaking up the sunshine!

Deborah: Thank you so much for this life changing experience!”

   Alicia Campbell, Alberta, Canada


“I would LOVE to give you some feedback because your Retreat was honestly life changing. 

My list of Highlights:

Accommodations were beyond expectations. I cannot stop gushing about having a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, huge villa! The pool, sun terrace, chicken coop and swimming pool were incredible bonuses. The villa felt like a dream. There is so much privacy and beauty. The scenery was spectacular. The palm trees, rose bushes everywhere, orange trees galore, Spanish villas, a safe neighborhood, the mountains, it was surreal to be there.

The sunrise yoga felt like a spiritual awakening every day. Watching the clouds roll over Eagle Mountain was such a joyous experience and gave me life for the day. 

Deborah is a FABULOUS yoga instructor. The way she speaks is so touching and lovely. 

I loved being able to do several Angel Tarot Card readings, the Soul Realignment, hearing about my Soul Profile, learning about the chart of consciousness and where I fall on it, learning the sway test, muscle test, learning about chakras, etc. 

I loved that Deborah helped me discover the power of affirmations, learn why I am the way I am, and how to live the purest and most joyful life.

The amount of topics we talked about and things Deborah taught me – there was so much information I had to journal every day just to remember it all. I definitely felt like I got my moneys worth out of it. 

The past lives reading and releasing trapped emotions was a big highlight for me.

Loved having activity options during the day! Swimming, napping, playing with the dogs, hiking, jogging, going into town, cooking, etc!

An intimate trip to the Monastery and Tavernes Beach for meditation.

Perfect balance of reflective alone time and structured activity. I never felt lonely and Deborah was very respectful of my space and feelings.

The FOOD! The kitchen was stocked with everything I love. Deborah made extra delicious dishes (homemade Gazpacho soup from home grown tomatoes and fruit and honey flapjack!) and Robert made a cooked dinner each night. The food provided in the kitchen and for dinner was super healthy and delicious. 

A nutritionist even visited to talk to me about my diet. 

Excellent transportation to and from the airport with Robert in his luxury van!

I was also so happy to be there on my birthday and get a lovely gift of champagne. 

Deborah and Robert really made me feel welcomed and loved.”

 Wendy Sites, Chicago, USA


“I have just spent a week at Deborah`s “Heal yourself to Happiness Retreat” and I loved every minute. I found it hard to leave this wonderful place in the Valencian countryside. You can feel the love Deborah and her husband, Robert,  put into the Villa. I enjoyed the tranquility of the location, the mountain views, the sunshine and the pool very much. Deborah is a wonderful host and a very welcoming and warm person. She radiates love and positivity and is great at everything she does (yoga, energy healing, massages etc.).

The Yoga classes are very energetic and accommodate for all levels.  It is lovely to do the morning yoga on the terrace while the sun rises.

The energy healing work was great for me, too. I feel a lot happier, more relaxed and in line with myself compared to only a week ago. I always needed a lot of sleep but I seem to have more energy now so I feel fine with less than my normal dose! J

I also really enjoyed the home cooked meals in the evenings.  For breakfast and lunch we got a fridge full of fruit, veggies and other good stuff so eating well and healthily was really easy. We even got figs and oranges from the garden and eggs from their own chickens.  Robert made us a delicious vegetarian Paella for our last night which we all shared – lovely!

I can highly recommend Deborah`s Heal yourself to Happiness Retreat to anyone looking for more positivity and (self-)love in their lives.

Thank you Deborah & Robert, you will see me again”

  Anna Burchell, Germany


“The best decision I’ve ever made – lifechanging.  I highly recommend this Retreat to anyone and everyone wanting to improve their perspective on themselves and their life. 

Deborah has a true gift. From the moment we had our first conversation I knew she was going to help me change my life.

Villa Rosa is nestled in the quaint village Barraca d’Aigues Vives, Valencia. The villa has gorgeous 360 degree views. The pool looks directly upon the mountains and the terrace has sunrise and sunset views. There are chickens which I received fresh eggs from every morning! Deborah was so accommodating and the light and love oozes from her every pore, it’s contagious. She makes you more appreciative of life and has helped me to completely change my perspective and outlook on my future. She provided me the skills and know how to return home and continue with the positivity she instilled in me.

Her yoga teachings have significantly improved my practice, the energy healing techniques and emotion code learning are invaluable to me. Deborah did a Soul Origin teaching on me which allowed me to see where I came from and why I am the way I am. This has lead me to a level of self acceptance that I didn’t think I would achieve.

The setting is peaceful and beautiful and the love abundant. I recommend this retreat to anyone, I traveled from Canada and it was worth every second. I have been home for 2 weeks now and have a refreshed/new outlook of life. I will continue distance work with Deborah and will never lose touch with the woman who changed my life. Thank you Deborah xoxoxo

michelle-archer  Michelle Archer, Canada


A few months ago, I was a guest at Deborah’s Healing Holidays.   Her Energy Healing Workshops are so inspiring  – we learnt a number of different and easy to follow self-healing techniques.  This included muscle testing for emotional healing and how I can literally listen to my body when it comes to what I should be eating.  I enjoyed meeting and learning from the other people in the group, and it was great to get to know them as they added even greater context with their own experiences.

A week long Retreat is ideal as it gives participants the space and time to practice the self healing techniques on each other and themselves and for them to experience greater healing as a result.

I stayed in the pretty and comfortable Villa which is the perfect location to unwind, relax and absorb the healing! In the afternoons it was lovely to be able to chill by the pool.  We had the opportunity to visit nearby areas of interest, including Tavernes beach, which is such a beautiful and peaceful wide open space.  I also took a trip to the monastery in Simat whilst I was with Deborah – such a pretty place with outstanding views.

We were blessed to be cooked for by her charming husband Robert – who made a fantastic Paella on our last night.  Deborah and Robert didn’t let us go hungry and there were always lots of seasonal fruits and healthy snacks on offer.

Deborah has a wonderful spirit – she is so friendly and approachable and loves passing on her knowledge about energy healing in all of its forms.  She certainly knows her stuff!  Those who choose to book a place on one of her Heal yourself to Happiness Retreats, will be taken great care of.  I came away feeling relaxed, positive, rejuvenated and upskilled. Highly recommended.”

Katie Wood photo   Katie Wood, Global Client Development Advisor, London, UK


“I have to say that working with Deborah is a pleasure and I’m delighted with the results!. I have recovered my confidence back in my muscle testing and in my life in general, I’m seeing life from a happier perspective and I am smiling back again. But it is not only that results from the sessions that have been great, but also I am grateful for her loving, caring and gentle approach, she really cares about you and pays you the attention we all deserve.  I highly recommend to work with her to anyone that really wants to move forward in his/her life or wants to stop suffering and start living!  Thanks Deborah for all your help and love!”

Carlos Ortiz, Spain

Questions?  Call me on (0034) 627119125 or email me at
I am always happy to chat 🙂



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