8 Limbs of Yoga Retreats

Energy Healing Yoga


Practicing all aspects of Yoga is the path to optimum health and happiness leading to inner peace, grace, joy and abounding love

Come and join us and learn the importance of:

  • Love and compassion (Ahimsa)
  • Truthfulness, authenticity and being yourself (Satya)
  • Directing your Energy only where needed (Brahmacharya)
  • The Law of Attraction and non-attachment (Aparigraha)
  • Purifying your energy (Shaucha)
  • Gratitude (Samtosha)
  • Understanding who you are at Soul level (Svadhyaya)
  • Devotion (Ishvara Pranidhana)

"When you pick one petal from the garland of yamas and niyamas, the entire garland will follow"

Swami Sri Kripalvanandaji

We welcome absolute beginners to experienced Yoga teachers 

  all ages, all levels and all walks of life

All we ask is that you have an open mind and a genuine desire to heal your life

and find true happiness

According to PatanjaliYoga is simply

"the neutralization of the alternating waves in consciousness"

- in other words,

Yoga is Energy Healing 

Everything is Energy and when we keep this in mind, the Yamas and Niyamas of the Yoga Sutras  take on a deeper, more meaningful significance.


Release negative emotions through simple yet effective self-healing techniques to raise your vibrations and cleanse your energy

Learn what your Soul's unique gifts are so you can better align with your true purpose

Includes Free Heart Wall release and Free Soul Profile before your arrival

"Thank you so much for this life-changing experience."

Alicia Campbell, Alberta, Cananda

Learn how to release any energy that is preventing you from loving and accepting yourself completely

Embrace the joy that is Self-Love so you may experience and welcome more love and healing into your life

"I can highly recommend Deborah's Energy Healing Retreat to anyone looking for more positivity and (self) love in their lives."

Anna Burchell, Yoga Teacher, Germany

Some people shy away from the meditation aspects of Yoga, not really understanding what meditation involves. 

Others are well on their path to a deep and insightful personal meditation practice.

Wherever you are on your meditation journey, you will find space, support and teachings to help develop and deepen your own healing, meditation practice. 

“The atmosphere was spiritual, uplifting, relaxing and non-judgemental and provided a great space to look within and heal the spirit, mind and body.”

Olivia, Yoga Teacher, UK

Understanding your life force energy is key when practicing asanas.

We will work together to create a personal Yoga practice for you that will cater to your individual healing needs whether that be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. 

You will be guided on how to adapt your personal Yoga Sadhana to different needs over time. 

Primary focus is one of self-love and devotion as well as building greater strength, balance and flexibility - both on and off the Yoga mat!

The Sunrise Yoga felt like a spiritual awakening every day…..Deborah is a FABULOUS Yoga instructor

Wendy Sites, Chicago, USA

Deborah’s Yoga teachings have significantly improved my practice”  

Michelle Archer, Calgary, Canada

Your Yoga made me so intensely happy”  

Else Van der Velden, Holland

Villa Rosa is in a picturesque part of Valencia, surrounded by mountains and orange groves which provide the perfect location for local walks and mountain hikes.

The Villa has beautiful gardens with its own private swimming pool and tennis court.  There is also an onsite massage and holistic therapy salon where you can book a treatment.

"The best massage I have ever had!"

Michelle Archer, Calgary, Canada

Breakfast and lunch are self-service from the healthily stocked kitchen with its healthily stocked fridge!

All evening meals are vegetarian and vegan and are cooked lovingly using local produce where possible (often from our own garden)

"Robert is an amazing cook

Alicia Campbell, Canada

"Robert made us a delicious vegetarian paella for our last night"

Anna Burchell, Yoga teacher, Germany

Free time is an important part of the week's program. It allows you to absorb the learning, share and practice what you've learned and settle your energy on this very special journey of self-discovery.

"What an amazing experience to reconnect with yourself and learn the many ways you can transform your life for the better. I have never felt so peaceful and relaxed than in my time at the retreat learning from Deborah, being fed by Robert, and taking time to myself in the sunny hills of Alzira. My week in Spain was truly eye-opening, and has helped me in my daily life ever since."

Morgan Zerr, Canada

Deborah guided me to open doors to an unknown spiritual world. I’ve never learned so much in a yoga class. She made me feel why yoga is good for you. Thank you so much.”

Wenche Kwinten,  The Netherlands

Deborah Jane Sutton is a Yoga Teacher and expert in Energy Healing. The author of two #1 Best Sellers in Energy Healing on Amazon, Heal yourself to Happiness and Heal your Soul, Deborah has both the knowledge and experience to help you learn and apply all aspects of Yoga. She also has over 500 hours of Yoga Therapy teacher training.

Deborah's purpose is clearly with helping others on their healing path. Helping people see the bigger picture, the power within themselves and nurturing self-love are her strengths. That and her powerful love and compassion for all those who genuinely seek awareness and healing.

 "Spiritual growth is all about self-realisation, love and healing"

Contact Deborah for more information: