Animal Healing with The Emotion Code and

The Body Code

Energy Healing works wonders on animals. They have fewer subconscious limiting beliefs, their conscious minds don't get in the way and they are naturally more instinctive with Self Healing.

It is especially useful with rescue animals who have experienced trauma as it can easily release any fear, abandonment, anxiety or other trapped emotions causing them problems.

I have seen excellent results in our own dog who used to be scared of going to the vets. She used to have to be dragged in the clinic and picked up and put on the vet's table (despite being a large dog). After one session using the Emotion Code we managed to release her fear and now she happily trots into the vet's, tail wagging and jumps up on the table herself.

Our younger dog came to us after we found him abandoned and tied to a tree in the countryside. He was very unpopular with other dogs in the beginning. When I did his first healing session I found some negative energies that the other dogs were obviously picking up on. Once these negative energies were released, he was accepted more readily by other dogs.

I got in touch with Deborah after my dog Sykes started to have some change in his behavior towards strangers. As there was no direct cause that could have caused this new behavior I decided to look beyond the obvious and consult Deborah. Her healing session with Sykes was not only an eye opener for me but I noticed an instant positive change! After the first session, Sykes was much calmer and less stressed when encountering people that did not 'belong to his pack'. After another session, he became more and more the confident dog he has always been. The emotion releasing is helping and Deborah's notes with the list of emotions trapped made so much sense - I could track them back to certain incidents/events that have happened and caused the problem. Deborah's open personality, gentle approach, and professionalism made us both feel at ease immediately. I also decided to have a session with her to work on my role as a leader for my dog (dogs are like a mirror) and after my session, I felt more calm and confident. I am glad I was able to release what no longer served me. It is unbelievable how (negative) experiences can subconsciously influence an animal and human. Sykes and I are a happy team now! Thanks Deborah for your gentle touch on our lives!"

Nadine de Zoeten, 
Munich, Germany

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