Great Awakening Offer

My 3 most sought after services are now available in

one life-changing package

  • Heart Wall Healing 

  • Soul Profile/Purpose

  • Intuitive Card Reading

In one Great Awakening package for only  €111

Heart Wall Healing    (usual price €55)

When we have been hurt we create Heart Walls in an attempt to protect us from being hurt again. The problem being that the wall works both ways. It may stop us from feeling negative emotions but it also stops us from feeling true love. Heart Walls also block our own Divine Love from shining through and it is this Divine Love from within that, when reflected back to us, creates a more loving world to live in. 

The Heart Wall Healing releases the negative emotions that have been trapped in and around your heart and will also help to open your heart to receive new loving and healing energies on a subtle level. 

For more information about The Heart Wall click here:

The Soul Profile/Purpose Reading    (usual price €44)

On a Soul level our purpose is simply to experience and express ourselves and to follow our inspiration with joy. The problem is, of course, that we have been so programmed on so many levels that many of us forget who we really are at Soul level. This Akashic Record reading confirms the innate characteristics and strengths that your Soul chose to express and outlines the divine gifts that you came here to share. It also looks at which Galactic Collective you came through on your way from Source. This self-realisation is key to expanding your level of consciousness and helps provide clarity and direction at this stage of your awakening journey.

Intuitive Card Reading   (usual price €44)

Tarot Cards are a tool for me to connect with Higher Energies and access Intuitive Truth and Guidance. You are the powerful creator of your own experience and every choice you make has an impact on the reality you create. Sometimes we just need a gentle push to follow our hearts or confirmation that we are making the right choices in order to create our best possible reality. 

To book your Great Awakening Package, please..... 

1. Send me your full name at birth, your full name now, your place and date of birth using the contact button below, 

2. Go to the Book Session page of this website here    and scroll down to the Paypal button at the bottom to invest your €111

I will work on the Heart Wall Healing remotely and I will send the notes of the emotions released to you afterwards by email

I will then prepare your Soul Profile reading and write it up into a report for you

I will then send you a link to my calendar so you can book a Zoom session with me where I can go over the Soul Profile reading with you and help you apply it to your life, I can answer any questions you may have about the Heart Wall Healing and I can do your Tarot Card reading.  

Please allow up to 1 hour 45 mins for this Zoom session because I talk a lot!!

I am looking forward to working with you soon and helping  you step into your divine power and true purpose

Love and Blessings