Heal Yourself to Happiness


Deborah Jane Sutton

Heal, Love and Transform to find true Happiness

How I Can Help You

  • Energy Healing for Physical symptoms eg pain, digestive problems, skin problems etc
  • Energy Healing for Emotional issues eg anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, anger
  • Find out your Divine nature, gifts and Life Purpose at Soul Level 
  • Discover what choices you're making that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn to Muscle Test (Kinesiology)
  • Learn how to release your own trapped emotions and those of others
  • Learn how to release your personal blocks to receiving Abundance
  • Raise your Vibrations, Immune System Function and Intuition

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How does Energy Healing help?

Everything is energy   -   including you, your emotions and your thoughts. 

The energy of negative emotions and thoughts can get stuck in our bodies over time through our experiences.

Negative emotions and thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency than positive emotions and thoughts.

Like attracts Like   -   Energies of the same frequency attract each other.​

So by releasing your trapped negative emotions and thoughts, you can raise your own frequency and attract more positive energies into your life.​           Simple!

As an Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach, I can help you release these trapped emotions and other blocks allowing your body to raise its vibrations and regain its natural state of good health.

I use a combination of The Emotion Code, The Body Code, PSYCH K and intuitive coaching to help you release this negative energy from your body so you can relieve your symptoms and attract health, prosperity and love into your life.

For those of you wanting to take your healing a step further, I also offer Soul Realignment which identifies and clears blocks and restrictions from the spiritual body. This healing at Soul Level can raise your level of consciousness, improve clarity and brings with it all the benefits of maximising your connection to Source Energy.  

​Or you may just want to know about your Soul Profile.  Learning about your Primary Energy Centre and Soul Origin can help you understand yourself better at Soul Level and identifies your Divine gifts and Life Purpose.  By working with our Divine gifts and serving our Life Purpose, we can experience true abundance in all its glory. 

​Welcome to my website.  I hope you enjoy reading more about Energy Healing and how it can help you but first......Check out your FREE gift below.  xx Blessings xx 

     An Introduction to Crystal and Colour Therapy

How to choose and use Crystals and Colour to help you Heal

Heal Yourself to HAPPINESS

#1 Best Seller in Energy Healing on Amazon available in Kindle and in print.

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to improve their health, body, prosperity, love life, career or general well being and happiness.

It takes the reader step by step into the world of Self Healing. This inspiring and practical book has a loving approach as it covers relevant Self Healing techniques and topics such as:-

  • The Importance of Affirmations
  • Manifesting through Love and Gratitude
  • Emotional Healing
  • Muscle Testing
  • Subconscious Belief Healing
  • How to Raise your Vibrations and the Importance of doing so
  • Attracting Love
  • Attracting Prosperity
  • Our Thoughts Create Our Reality
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Tuning into your Intuition

What people are saying about Heal yourself to Happiness:

"A great resource for anyone interested in alternative healing!"

"Practical, wide-ranging and very readable."

"This is a positive thinking book with a difference!"

"Absolutely love it! The title is spot on!"

"This book is a wealth of information!"

"Do put into practice what you read as it does work. Deborah speaks with wisdom and experience."

"The new go-to guide for self healing!"

Deborah Jane Sutton
Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author

Originally from Sussex in the UK, Deborah now lives among the orange groves of Valencia in Spain with her husband and various animals. She walks her talk and keeps her vibrations high by doing the things she loves - dog walking, swimming, yoga, writing and spending time with her family. She enjoys learning new healing modalities and philosophies so she can better serve her clients. Deborah is passionate about spreading the simplicity of self healing and sees it as her contribution to creating a better world for us all.