Heal Yourself to Happiness 

​ and Align Yourself to Success


Deborah Jane Sutton

Heal, Love and Transform to find true Happiness and Success

How I Can Help You

  • Release the underlying cause of pain and other physical symptoms 
  • Release the underling cause of anxiety, depression, phobias, grief, anger and other emotional issues
  • Release negative energy from previous lives that is causing you to repeat negative behavioural patterns  
  • Learn about Energy and how it works so you can release your own trapped emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Get to know your Spirit Guides and enjoy their love and guidance 
  • Increase the flow of energy into your Business to manifest your Financial Intentions and other life goals
  • Boost your Self-Love, Immune System and Intuition 

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Where would you like to go? 

Energy Healing at our Retreats in Spain, Healing and Coaching in person or online or reading how to Heal your Soul and Heal yourself to Happiness.      Click below.

Yoga and Healing Retreats

Energy Healing Yoga Retreats in Spain

Online Healing and Coaching Sessions

Online Healing and Coaching Sessions

Heal your Soul and Heal yourself to Happiness     The Books

8 Reasons why you need an Energy Healing Yoga Retreat in Spain
1. RetreatOnly by retreating from your present life and environment,including all the people you mix with on a regular basis,[...]
The Importance of Loving Yourself
"Love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does." "Our feelings about ourselves are actually the most important[...]
The Evolution of the Soul: your path to greater Forgiveness and Acceptance
Forgiveness and acceptance seem to be a stumbling block for many people on their healing and spiritual journey and there[...]
How to Change the Way you Think (with PSYCH K®)
Everything is energy. I know I've said it before and I'm sure it won't be the last time I refer[...]
¿Qué es PSYCH K®?
La kinesiología psicológica (PSYCH-K®) es la forma más simple de reprogramar la mente subconsciente para poder cambiar las creencias y[...]
How The Emotion Code Changed my Life
Physically: The first of my "physical" issues to be healed by The Emotion Code (Energy Healing System) was my underactive[...]

     An Introduction to Crystal and Colour Therapy

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Deborah Jane Sutton
Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Yoga Teacher, Author

Originally from Sussex in the UK, Deborah now lives among the orange groves of Valencia in Spain with her husband and various animals. She walks her talk and keeps her vibrations high by doing the things she loves - dog walking, swimming, yoga, writing and spending time with her family. She enjoys learning new healing modalities and philosophies so she can better serve her clients. Deborah is passionate about spreading the simplicity of yoga and self-healing and sees it as her contribution to creating a better world for us all. Deborah now runs Energy Healing Yoga Retreats in Spain. 

 "Spiritual growth is all about self-realisation, love and healing."