Deborah Jane Sutton

Energy Healer and Mentor

 Invested in healing on all energy levels, 

Deborah works with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health,

helping you experience your Life Purpose and reach your fullest potential

  • Heal the root cause of pain and other physical symptoms 
  • Heal the root cause of anxiety, depression, anger and other emotional issues
  • Release your Heart Wall
  • Heal life situations and personal relationships  
  • Raise Self-Love and Confidence 
  • Clear Past Life issues
  • Understand who you are at Soul level
  • Find clarity, purpose and direction 

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     An Introduction to Crystal and Colour Therapy

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Deborah Jane Sutton
Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Public Speaker, Yoga Teacher, Author

Deborah Jane Sutton is a highly intuitive Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Author and Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy. 

As an Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner, Soul Realignment Practitoner, PSYCH K facilitator and inspired by The Work of Byron Katie, Deborah uses a combination of her skills, knowledge, intuition and experience to help you raise your vibrations and expand your consciousness.  

The author of two #1 Best Sellers in Energy Healing on Amazon, Heal yourself to Happiness and Heal your Soul, Deborah has both the knowledge and experience to help you learn and apply effective healing techniques and perceptions to all areas of your life. 

Deborah's purpose is clearly with helping others on their healing path. Helping people see the bigger picture, the power within themselves and nurturing self-love are her strengths. This and her powerful love and compassion for all those who genuinely seek awareness, healing and abundance.  

"Healing is about self-realisation, love and  expansion"