Deborah Jane Sutton

 Intuitive Energy Healing Mentor 

and Coach in Self-Healing Techniques 

Deborah is invested in helping you heal yourself on all energy levels, 

so you can raise your frequency and live with purpose and clarity to 

consciously create the reality you desire 

  • Heal the root cause of physical and emotional symptoms 
  • Heal your Heart 
  • Heal your personal relationships  
  • Boost Self-Love, Self-Worth and Confidence
  • Remember who you are at Soul level and who you came here to BE
  • Raise your frequency, immune system and quality of life
  • Understand how you create your own reality so you can consciously create the reality you desire 
  • Find clarity, purpose and direction 
  • Learn simple yet powerful Self-Healing techniques so you can Heal yourself to greater Health and Happiness

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Heal yourself to Happiness


A Simple Guide to Raising your Vibrations and achieving the 

Health, Prosperity and Love you Desire

 Heal yourself to Happiness became an instant #1 Best Seller on Amazon and has numerous 5 star reviews

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"Your Future lies in your Frequency"

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Deborah Jane Sutton
Intuitive Energy Healing Mentor and Coach in Self-Healing Techniques

Deborah Jane Sutton is a highly intuitive Energy Healing Mentor who is passionate about sharing the simplicity of Self-Healing techniques.

As an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, a Soul Realignment Practitoner, a PSYCH K facilitator and inspired by The Work of Byron Katie, Deborah uses a combination of her skills, knowledge, intuition and experience to help you raise your vibration, expand your level of consciousness and Heal yourself to greater Health and Happiness.  

The author of two #1 Best Sellers in Energy Healing on Amazon, Heal yourself to Happiness and Heal your Soul, Deborah has both the knowledge and experience to help you learn and apply effective healing techniques and perceptions to all areas of your life. 

Deborah's purpose is clearly with helping others on their healing path. Helping people see the bigger picture, the power within themselves and nurturing self-love are her strengths. This and her powerful love and compassion for all those who genuinely seek awareness, healing, abundance and expansion.   

"Healing is about self-realisation, love and  expansion"