Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Cards are a tool for me to connect with Higher Energies and access Intuitive Truth and Guidance. You are the powerful creator of your own experience and every choice you make has an impact on the reality you create. Sometimes we just need a gentle push to follow our hearts or confirmation that we are making the right choices in order to create our best possible reality.   

''As always Deborah comes up with wise words from her heart. She uses the Tarot cards as a tool to share specific messages. Personally, the reading was spot on. Her honesty and her interpretation of the cards made my message very clear. I left our session with inner trust and a strong knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be''

Wenche Kwinton, The Netherlands

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"Truly inspirational. Loved every minute of my reading with Deborah. I loved how she worded things and provided full explanations - always checking that I had understood.  It was incredibly insightful. Best card reading I have ever had."

Lucy Hinks, UK