Full Tarot Reading with Mentoring

Tarot Cards are a tool for me to connect with the Higher Realms and access Intuitive Truth and Guidance for you.

You are the powerful creator of your own experience and every choice you make has an impact on the reality you create. Sometimes we just need a gentle push to follow our hearts or confirmation that we are making the right choices in order to create our most desired reality.

Full Tarot Reading with Mentoring


"A beautiful, enlightened soul who is very generous with her time and wisdom. I received an amazing intuitive card reading and enjoyed every minute with this lovely lady."                   

            Marianne Wims               

"You will not be disappointed. ❤️ Deborah is really amazing. I had the deepest card reading of my life. Very insightful with lots of great guidance. Treat yourself 💗"

Adrienne McDonaugh, USA

''As always Deborah comes up with wise words from her heart. She uses the cards as a tool to share specific messages. Personally, the reading was spot on. Her honesty and her interpretation of the cards made my message very clear. I left our session with inner trust and a strong knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be''

Wenche Kwinton, The Netherlands

"I have to say that working with Deborah is a pleasure and I'm delighted with the results! I have recovered my confidence back in my muscle testing and in my life in general. I'm seeing life from a happier perspective and I am smiling back again. But it is not only that results from the session have been great, but also I am grateful for her loving, caring and gentle approach. She really cares about you and pays you the attention we all deserve. I highly recommend to work with her to anyone that really wants to move forward in his/her life or wants to stop suffering and start living!  Thanks Deborah for all your help and love!"

Carlos Ortiz, Spain

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for Deborah. She literally spoke to my soul and brought through a total alignment from my body, mind, spirit and galactic helpers. It was a powerful realisation and reminder that everything I need is inside of me and that, in this era of awakening, it is time for me to express this fully. It is the key to unlocking abundance in all areas, giving me peace of mind and creating heaven on earth. Thank you Deborah xx" 

Marina Clementi


"My Reading with Deborah was very enlightening, forward thinking, helpful and refreshing. It was like a renewal and a confirmation that the baby steps I have been taking are all on the right path. It gave me permission to explore my magical intuition and the Energy Universe we live in. It was all very affirming. Deborah's light just emanates through her Card Readings."

Laura Bain

"Truly inspirational. Loved every minute of my reading with Deborah. I loved how she worded things and provided full explanations - always checking that I had understood.  It was incredibly insightful. Best card reading I have ever had."

Lucy Hinks, UK

"Thank you so much Deborah for my reading. It resonated with me so much. You gave me clarity and answered my deepest questions. It confirmed everything and more.You are a beautiful soul ♥️♥️♥️ I really needed that and it came in the right Divine time. ✨✨✨Love and light ♥️"

Cynthia Nolberga, UK

"In my reading with Deborah, I felt like I crossed a hurdle. I could see what I needed to do. It gave me a road map for my life. I am really grateful for her gifts."

Elaine Higgins, UK