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Our Services at The Garden Retreat, Pego

Private Workshops with Deborah

1:1 and Small Group Coaching Sessions 

  • Learn The Emotion Code and release trapped emotions from yourself and from others
  • Learn Brain Integration Activities to Re-Program your Sub-Conscious Mind and align with more positive, self-loving and prosperous beliefs 
  • Understand the Map of Consciousness and How it can help you and the Evolution of your Soul
  • Heal your Triggers with The Work of Byron Katie
  • Reading Tarot and developing your Intuition

"I did a private workshop with Deborah at the Garden Retreat and would recommend it to anyone. She has a unique and powerful way of viewing the World and shares what she has learnt openly and willingly. I took away many practical tools that I have been using to help me through a difficult time and they have been invaluable for shifting challenging emotions and beliefs. I would highly recommend contacting Deborah and seeing how she can help you develop and grow."

Suzanne Laurie, Spain

"There is a very special energy in The Garden Retreat and the most beautiful light in Deborah's service. I just can't get enough and I look forward to my next time with her. Deborah did a private workshop for my friend and myself, it was really great. I took so much value out of it, personally and as a therapist. I highly recommend this experience to every soul."

Olga Gonzalez, Spain

Private Yoga Workshops 

Including Guided Meditations

(the new way to celebrate life with friends!)

  • Boost your Self-Love
  • Open your Heart
  • Balance your Chakras

* Yoga Workshops can be followed by a Healing Sound Bath with James

"I would like to thank Deborah for an amazing yoga experience. If you haven’t been to one of Deborah’s Yoga Workshops you must go. It’s not just a class, but a total mind, body and spirit experience and embodies everything that yoga is"

Michelle Forster, Spain

Holistic Massage Therapy

with Emotional Healing

Deborah's Full Body Massages are really popular.  She focuses on releasing trapped emotional energy as well as relieving stress and tension from your body. Deborah works intuitively providing a relaxing full body massage with essential oils and includes samples of Reflexology, Facial Rejuvenation and Indian Head massage

1 hour €60

90 mins €80

"Deborah is without a doubt the best massage therapist I have EVER encountered. Her massages are heavenly."

Michelle Archer, Canada

1:1 Sound Healing with James

Allow the healing energy of sound to balance and reset your body as you relax. James works intuitively with healing frequencies and crystals to bring harmony to where you need it most


 "I left revived and revitalised. 

I will definitely be back! "

Liz Nagle, Spain

Why not get some friends and family together for a private Sound Bath Healing with James either at The Garden Retreat or in your own home or holiday house

Find Purpose, Clarity and Self-Love

Book a 1:1 Session with Deborah to help you find:

  •  your Soul's True Purpose
  • Direction in Life
  • Multidimensional Healing
  • Greater Self-Love
  • Past Life Healing
  • Guidance from your Higher Self


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James also offers Guitar Lessons at The Garden Retreat

James graduated with an honours degree from The Academy of Contemporary Music in London having specialised in the Guitar, Songwriting and Sound Healing


If you would like to hold your own Workshop or Event at The Garden Retreat please get in touch to discuss details

Our Intention for The Garden Retreat

Our intention for The Garden Retreat is to serve the Community with healing treatments, activities and celebrations which focus on raising your frequency and expanding your level of consciousness.

The healing journey is a process. Whatever treatment or activity you choose, we encourage you to embrace your vulnerability, open your heart and work with your emotions. For it is in doing so that we find greater health, happiness and inner peace.

Our vision is for The Garden Retreat to evolve over time with the needs of the Community: a Community rooted in love for ourselves, each other and Humanity... a Community governed by love and kindness.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Garden Retreat and helping you on your healing journey.

Love and Blessings

Deborah and James  xx

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