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I would like to point out that I am sharing information, healing suggestions and opinions in this website. I am not a medical doctor and I trust that you will exercise your own common sense and research and take responsibility for your own health and actions.

Affiliate Disclosure

www.deborahjanesutton.com is owned and operated by, me, Deborah Jane Sutton and my link to Soul Realignment® and the work of Andrrea Hess is an affiliate link.  This does not take away from the fact that studying with Andrrea was life-changing for me and her work, not only, inspires me but inspires so many of my clients.  My recommendations are genuine and anyone who knows me, will be confident of this.  

And, yes, obviously, I do benefit if you were to buy my book from Amazon. (and so would you!)

Privacy Policy

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I will never share your details with others. My Newsletters do contain marketing and product/services promotions for my business Heal yourself to Happiness with Deborah Jane Sutton. 

Thank you for caring about the small print. Love and Blessings.