Mentoring and Coaching in Self-Healing Techniques

empowering you to heal yourself on all energy levels

3 x Coaching Calls

via Zoom 



Single Coaching Call

via Zoom


Healing Sessions (including the Heart Wall Healing) are done remotely where I work alone and send the notes afterwards via Email 

3 Remote Sessions

  • 3 Sessions
  • Follow up emails with notes and any messages that may have come through


1 Remote Session

  • 1 Session
  • Follow up email with notes and any messages that may have come through


To book your Heart Wall Healing session, please send your investment of €55, for 1 x remote session, via the Paypal button below and message me with your full name, date and place of birth. When done, I will send you an email with the list of trapped emotions released and any other messages that come through for you at the time. 

*If your Heart Wall Healing needs a second session, which is not uncommon, I will do the second session free of charge

Past Life Healing

  • Soul Energy Reading  (on its own =  €55)
  • Identification of blocks and restrictions
  • Accessing the Past Life choices that created the blocks
  • Clearing Request
  • Written report and prepared Homework for you!!
  • Live Zoom appointment to discuss it all 


To book your Past Life Healing, please message me with your Full Name, Date and Place of birth

I will prepare the session and send you a link to book a Zoom Call with me where we can go over it together

You can make your investment via the Paypal button below

Soul Energy Reading

We all come here to express and experience our true nature. The more we can understand who we are at Soul level and identify the Divine gifts and characteristics we came here to express, the more readily we can step into our purpose. Find out what energy you are dominant in, your Soul group of origination and the theme in which you chose to experience and express yourself within this lifetime. The more we can express our Divinity within our Humanity the more we can align with our power and abundance

     €55* (includes card reading) 

6 Week Online Course in Healing Yourself

              Learn powerful and effective Self-Healing techniques, Boost Self-Love and Expand your Level of Consciousness


*includes Heart Wall Healing and Soul Reading

Energy Readings 

(includes Soul Reading)



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