Healing Sessions, Intuitive Coaching and Readings

With Appointment by Phone or via Zoom

12 Session Program

  • 6 live Zoom sessions
  • 6 remote healing sessions


3 Sessions

  • 3 live Zoom sessions


1 Session

  • 1 Live Zoom session


*can be paid in 2 installments

Without Appointment, Remotely, Via Email Only

3 Sessions

  • 3 Sessions
  • Follow up emails with results


1 Session

  • 1 Session
  • Follow up email with results


If you are booking a Heart Wall release session, please book 1 x Remote Session by sending your investment via the Paypal button below and message me with your full name, date and place of birth

*If your Heart Wall needs a second session, which is not uncommon, I will do the second session free of charge

Past Life Reading

  • Soul profile  (on its own =  €85)
  • Identification of blocks and restrictions
  • Accessing past life circumstances and choices
  • Clearing Request
  • Written report
  • Live Zoom appointment to present the report

Soul Profile and Purpose Reading

We all come here to express and experience our true nature. The more we can understand who we are at Soul level and identify the Divine gifts and characteristics we came here to express, the more readily we can step into our purpose. Find out what energy who are dominant in, your Soul group of origination and the theme in which you chose to experience and express yourself within this lifetime. The more we can express our Divinity within our Humanity the more we can align with our power and abundance


Spirit Guide Reading

We have between 4 - 7 Spirit Guides who our Soul hires at various stages during our childhood. They each have a different role to help us make choices and decisions that are aligned with our purpose. 

Find out who your Spirit Guides are and what messages they have for you with a Spirit Guide Reading.


The Great Awakening Package

Open your Heart, discover your Purpose and gain Clarity

at this stage of your Awakening journey

  • Heart Wall release
  • Soul Profile/ Purpose Reading
  • Intuitive Card Reading

Only €149

Tarot Card Readings 

with Intuitive Guidance



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