Healing Sessions, Intuitive Coaching and Readings

Energy Healing and Coaching Sessions
(Emotion Code/Body Code/PSYCH K)

With Appointment In Person, by Phone or Skype

12 Session Program

  • 6 live Skype sessions
  • 6 remote healing sessions


3 Sessions

  • 3 live Skype sessions


1 Session

  • 1 Live Skype session


*can be paid in 2 installments

Without Appointment, Remotely, Via Email Only

3 Sessions

  • 3 Sessions
  • Follow up emails with results


1 Session

  • 1 Session
  • Follow up email with results


Soul Realignment®

Soul Realignment

  • Soul profile  (on its own =  €69)
  • Identification of blocks and restrictions
  • Accessing past life circumstances and choices
  • Clearing Request
  • Written report
  • Live Skype appointment to present the report

Soul Profile

Learn your primary Energy Centre, Soul Group of Origin, Soul Specialisations and Primary Life Lesson to understand your Divine Gifts and Life Purpose.  Finding channels in all areas of your life in which to express these aspects of yourself, will help you manifest and find greater health, happiness and success.


Spirit Guide Reading

We have between 4 - 7 Spirit Guides who our Soul hires at various stages during our childhood. They are with us to help us make choices and decisions that are aligned with our purpose. A lot of our "intuition", in fact, comes from our personal Spirit Guides. In-tuition = tuition from withIN.

Find out who your Spirit Guides are and what messages they have for you with a Spirit Guide Reading.


Life Situation Reading

Is there something going on in your life or a situation you are specifically trying to resolve at the moment? Then the Life Situation Reading is for you. We can look at the situation energetically and identify blocks and restrictions that are contributing to it. Once these blocks and restrictions are cleared you can view the situation with greater clarity and understanding which can help you resolve situations more easily.


Relationship Reading

Our relationships play a major role in our personal growth. We learn a lot about who we are (and who we are not) from our relationships.

The relationship session is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how a relationship contributes to our own experience. This, of course, relates to any relationship.

We can also investigate what energetic blocks and restrictions may be negatively affecting you in the area of relationships.


Business Analysis and Financial Abundance Reading

Like everything in life, our Businesses are a reflection of us and our energy. It's NOT about how hard you work. It IS about being in alignment with the energy of your Financial, or other, intentions.

The process is simple. Provide me with a brief overview of your Business and your Financial intention for the Business by answering a few questions. I will then read the energy of the different aspects of your Business to identify any misalignments to your intention. We can then connect via Skype to go over any misalignments and discuss any action you need to take.


                                             Angel and Tarot Card Readings



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