Healing and Coaching Sessions

Experience powerful and effective healing in ALL areas of your life and on all energy levels  

We all create an energetic wall around our hearts so as not to feel hurt, heartache and other negative emotions.  Releasing this Heart Wall is the first port of call, in my opinion, to your healing.  This wall may stop you feeling negative emotions but it works both ways and denies you the joy of feeling true love and happiness and hinders the flow of your life force energy. For more information on releasing your Heart Wall and other trapped emotions with The Emotion Code and The Body Code click the Body Code logo below. 

How we view ourselves is really what is creating our future.  That's why learning to love and accept yourself completely is the most healing belief you can have.  Feeling and believing you are worthy, deserving and abundant is life changing.  With PSYCH K® we can identify which positive beliefs are lacking in your sub-conscious and install them.  For more information on releasing negative and limiting subconscious beliefs and how you can change them click the PSYCH K® logo below.

"Love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does." 

                                                                                                                                          Anita Moorjani

Some issues and negative behavioural patterns, that we experience in life, stem from our past life choices and we have carried the energy of those experiences into our present life.  This can affect, not only our health, but also our relationships, businesses, view of life, finances, love life, careers etc (after all, it's all connected!)

By reading your energy, I can help you with your Relationships, Business and other Life Situations to enable you to increase the flow of (life force) energy bringing with it greater love and abundance. Please read the testimonials to see just how powerful energy healing at Soul Level can be. For more information about Soul Healing and how it can help you and/or your Business click the Soul Realignment® logo below. 

With my 12 Session Heal yourself to Happiness Program you will get the opportunity to experience life-changing healing on all levels:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Heart Wall release
  • Raising the Immune System Function
  • Releasing the underlying causes of any physical and/or emotional symptoms
  • Releasing negative beliefs by installing positive beliefs (Self-love, Self-worth, Money, Confidence...etc)
  • Releasing blocks and restrictions to Source Energy
  • Identifying negative energy and choices made in the past which are impacting your present lilfe
  • Spirit Guide Reading/Business Analysis/Relationship Reading/Life Situation Reading 
  • Coaching in Self Healing Techniques and Energy Psychology
  • With plenty of Intuitive Card Readings to keep you on track during the Program

Single Sessions and Courses of 3 x Sessions also available

"I had Energy Healing sessions with Deborah and we did Psych-K, my Soul Profile reading, Heart Wall release, releasing other trapped emotions and some releases through the Body Code as well. Each session left me feeling very positive and full of enthusiasm about my direction forward. I felt particularly lighter and brighter after my Heart Wall release.

I came away with a fuller sense of how healthy my systems are and that I was on the right track. It was a very empowering experience and I now practice the Emotion Code on myself and my partner."

Chloe Tatum


Learn more about these amazing healing modalities​ here:

The Emotion Code, The Heart Wall and The Body Code

Love yourself more with     PSYCH K®

Heal your Soul with Soul Realignment®

Well, I'm feeling like a million bucks! I'm loving the feeling.  I feel at peace now....I feel ready to take on the world. I'm very excited 🙂 

 This is like a miracle!

Starlene Webb 
Maryland, USA

I have to say that working with Deborah is a pleasure and I'm delighted with the results!. I have recovered my confidence back. I'm seeing life from a happier perspective and I am smiling back again.

I highly recommend to work with Deborah to anyone who really wants to move forward in his/her life or wants to stop suffering and start living!

Thanks Deborah for all your help and love!

Carlos Ortiz 
Alicante, Spain