6 Week Online Course

Heal yourself to Happiness

Take responsibility for your own health, growth and expansion



Be in control of :

  • Raising your own Vibrations
  • Raising your own Immune System Function       
  • Releasing your own Trapped Emotions 
  • Releasing your own Limiting Beliefs


Starting Thursday 20th August 2020 at 7pm CEST   

(and these Thursdays 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th September and finishing on 8th October 2020)

This is the perfect time to put yourself in charge of your own health and well being once and for all. 


By Understanding the 2 basic Universal Laws of         

  1. Everything is Energy and
  2. Like attracts Like

you can begin to understand that your abundance lies in your level of consciousness and that you have the power through raising your own vibration to expand into that abundant health, wealth and happiness 

This New 6 Week Online Heal yourself to Happiness Course is for you if:


You have been exploring alternative healing methods for a while

You can feel that trapped emotions are holding you back

You would like to identify and release the beliefs that are limiting you

You would like to learn how to communicate with your own Higher Self 

You want to take control of your own experience including your health

You have an open mind

You have a willingness to better understand yourself and the world around you

You are looking for personal transformation 

You are ready to Heal yourself to Happiness


This Course is NOT for you if:

you are just looking for something to pass the time

you are not ready to take responsibility for your own body, energy, healing

you are not prepared to put in the work and practice



Your investment for this course is only €99

Includes a Heart Wall release to help you open up energetically to the healing and learning. 

Numbers are limited so as to provide a positive and very personal healing and learning environment within the group


Course Outline

  1. Introduction – meet the group, learn to Sway test and looking at different muscle testing techniques, practice time
  2. Identifying and releasing trapped emotions, targeting specific symptoms, raising the immune system function and more…….
  3. Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, the power of your thoughts, understanding expansion and truth……..
  4. Understanding The Map of Consciousness, the Evolution of the Soul and Expansion of Consciousness and their role in Acceptance and Forgiveness
  5. Seeing your relationships from a different perspective, understanding the concept of reflection………
  6. Revision, Q&A

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Contact Deborah now to book your place:      deborah@deborahjanesutton.com
OR book a 30 min Consultation Call to discuss your suitability for this intensive and transformative 6 Week Online Heal yourself to Happiness Course