The Heart Wall (and Why You Need to Release Yours)

heart wallWe have referred to the concept of a wall around our hearts metaphorically for years and the phrase “Once Bitten Twice Shy” carries truth for many of us. We protect ourselves from heartbreak and pain by “switching off” our feelings and in some more severe cases we can live life “comfortably numb”.

What many people don’t realise is that we can and do literally build a wall of negative energy (trapped emotions) around our hearts to prevent painful, negative emotions from reaching the heart. This may seem, initially, a very practical thing to do in some cases but you need to realise – by preventing negative emotions from entering the heart, the wall is also blocking positive emotions from entering and not only that, but the wall works both ways – it also blocks positive emotions from radiating out from the heart.

Now we all know that “Like attracts Like” – this is one of the most important Universal Truths to comprehend when wanting to understand how the world works and, in particular Energy Healing.

We are all energy and all energy vibrates at certain frequencies. Emotions are energy that vibrate too and the more positive the emotion the higher the vibration eg the feeling of love vibrates at a higher frequency than the feelings of shame and guilt for example.

The more positive energy we have, the more positive energy we radiate and the more positive energy we attract. So……………

Back to the heart and its wall. By releasing the negative energy creating your Heart Wall we can allow positive energy to radiate out from the Heart (naturally occurring Love and Joy for example) which will attract true Love and Joy from others, not only in the form of Mr or Mrs Right, but also in more positive experiences in general. In other words, the higher your vibration, the higher vibrating reality you create for yourself.

If you radiate out to the world your “protected” heart with its limited feeling you will attract someone with the same issues thus continuing your negative behavioural pattern in all areas of your life but in particular with your relationships.

Release your Heart Wall and, not only will you break that cycle of wrong partners, but you can also feel more love, joy and peace in all areas of your life.

In my experience of working with The Emotion Code I have found that releasing the Heart Wall is the first port of call, so to speak, when seeking healing in any area of your life. The Heart is really the centre of our being – phyiscally, emotionally and energetically so the effects of releasing the Heart Wall can be felt in all areas of life and on all levels.

Releasing your Heart Wall opens you up to receiving a higher frequency of life force. Releasing it can stop you from over-reacting in life, raise your confidence and helps to heighten your intuition so you can create a more connected and inspired reality for yourself.

Whether you book a Heart Wall release healing session with me or sign up to learn how to use The Emotion Code for yourself, you will enjoy the freedom and joy that comes with having a truly open heart.

For more detailed information on the Heart Wall check out this video from Dr Bradley Nelson, the author of The Emotion Code

Love and Blessings

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