10 Ways to Become a More Positive Person

As an Energy Healer and Self Healing Coach I find the following are essential to becoming a healthier and more positive person.


1)  Love Yourself  – if you are not sure if you love yourself or not I suggest you use a mirror and look yourself straight in the eye and say ” (Your Name) I Love You”.  If this makes you cringe, cry or laugh out loud then the chances are you haven’t yet learned to Love Yourself.  If saying ” (Your Name) I Love You” makes you smile broadly and fills you with joy, then you can assume you have this one in the bag!

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2)  Giving Gratitude – when we feel depressed or negative it is often difficult to feel gratitude but it is essential you try and find something to feel grateful about.  It could be a friend, sibling, parent or some part of your body that is healthy, attractive or it could be a sunny day etc FIND SOMETHING and each morning say Thank you for …………….. and name it.  Try and find 3 things the next morning.  Keep this up – each morning saying Thank you for 3 special people in your life, or things in your life – make this a habit.  You will find you naturally want to add people and things to the list.  When you have a free 5 mins sit down somewhere quiet and write your Blessings down.  Write the date and Today I am grateful for:………………….Before long you will have lists and lists of blessings, notebooks full of Gratitude and a really positive feeling!



3)  Forgiveness – the secret with Forgiveness is to Remember it is NOT about the person you are forgiving – it’s all about YOU.  It is essential you don’t hold onto negative emotions of bitterness, anger, resentment and frustration.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t worry itself with what’s fair or just – by giving your attention to the negative situation you are lowering your vibrations.  By forgiving and releasing these trapped emotions you are RAISING your vibrations and therefore becoming more positive.

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4)  Learn to Muscle Test your food and drinks so you only consume what is energetically right for you.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”  Let’s remember with every mouthful you are either feeding your health or feeding your ill-health. Which one do you feed?  Obviously the healthier we are the more positive we feel. Muscle Testing (kinesiology) is a way to see the response of our muscles to certain substances.  Our muscles strengthen when given a positive energy and weaken when faced with a negative energy.  By checking if each food item is congruent with your body you can avoid foods that are going to bring you down and stick to fuelling your body with high vibrational foods that will make you feel more positive.

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5) See the blessing in bad situations – Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!  If you think back to a bad situation you can often find something good that came out of it – maybe a realisation, meeting a significant person, learning something life changing……………use this knowledge to help you overcome difficult situations more positively. Look for the lesson in it – look for the blessing.

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6) Raise your Vibrations  Everything is energy. We are energy.  Positive emotions vibrate at higher frequencies than negative emotions (Dr David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness) The higher our vibrational frequency the more positive we will be.  So it is essential we release our trapped emotions and negative energy that has lodged in our bodies and fill every cell of our bodies with love, peace and other high vibrational emotions.



7) Find a hobby you can fall in love with and let it become a passion

What do you love doing?  Finding interests that bring us joy is essential to being positive – it’s like our spiritual nourishment – it feeds our souls.  This is particularly important because so many of us – when we follow our hearts – find our true life purpose.



8) Get out into Nature

If you can’t get out into Nature, bring Nature to you with potted plants, window boxes and inspiring landscape photos. When you are in the countryside or the beach, lake or park walk barefoot.  Feel the earth.  Connect. Breathe.



9) Practice Meditation/Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are both practices that trace back to day dot and the rise in their popularity speaks for itself.  You could research the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and physiological benefits of these or you could just take it up with an open heart and an open mind.  You will feel more positive whether you can explain why or not!


10)  Get a Pet

The next best thing to truly loving yourself is truly loving someone or something else.  We are not all in control (well we are, but that’s another story!) of when we meet our human soul mate so in the meantime get a pet.  Please be responsible here, if you live in a flat make it a goldfish and get someone to feed it when you’re away!  Otherwise you can visit a pet.  Look after your pet and develop a relationship with it.  Exercise together (well not if it’s a fish!) Relax together. Just BE together.  So much more positive than being alone.

Me and Sunny Boy


For further guidance on raising your vibrations and positivity contact me at deborah@deborahjanesutton.com


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