4 Steps to Becoming a Better Healer

We all know that eating healthily, exercising and looking after our stress levels is paramount to our own  well being but how else can we intentionally raise our vibrations in order to be stronger, more intuitive and better healers?

How can we be sure to pass on positive energy to our clients and not pick up negative energy from them?

How can we heighten our intuition to better serve our clients?

  1. Remove our own energy blocks and emotional baggage.

There are many ways and modalities to choose from to help us identify and release our own emotional baggage and this is a priority for any healer if we are to lead by example.  Emotions, like everything,  are energy and they get trapped within us at moments of high stress when our bodies can’t process them and they become lodged as energy blockages.

Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies – the more positive the emotion, the higher the frequency.  Like attracts like.  Emotions of the same frequency will attract each other so if we have low vibrating trapped emotions lodged in our bodies, they will attract similarly low vibrating emotions to us from others.

This is why protecting ourselves is of utmost importance as a healer and usually involves some method of raising our vibrations.  The more we can clear our own energy blockages and trapped emotions the better protected we are from the negative energies of others and the freer we are to allow the natural, positive healing energy to flow through us.

The Emotion Code, devised by Dr Bradley Nelson, is, in my opinion, the fastest and most effective way to identify and release these trapped emotions and other negative energy blocks from our bodies.

  1. Communicate directly with our subconscious to identify any other blocks to our healing abilities.

Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a most wonderful healing tool.  Once learned and practiced it can enable us to communicate directly with our subconscious minds which is the fountain of all knowledge for our own body and its needs.

It is common these days to find muscle testing used to ascertain food intolerances, calculating doses, identifying which essential oils are needed etc but we can use it for so much more.  We can ask our subconscious directly if there is anything blocking us from being a better healer.

We can use intuition and/or the process of elimination to identify these blocks or alternatively, and in my opinion the easiest way, we can use Dr Bradley Nelson’s Body Code system which is a series of comprehensive mind maps covering all areas of the body’s physical and emotional health.


  1. Raise the communication between our brains/hearts and the rest of our body thus allowing us to “listen” more clearly to our inner guidance.

Over the millennia, we, as humans, appear to have lost a lot of our intuitive state which was (and still is in many ways) so important for our survival.  The communication between our brains and the rest of our bodies and our hearts and the rest of our bodies are also affected by energy blocks and insensitivity.

Meditating remains one of the best ways to “tune into” and nurture our inner voice – or as Louise Hay calls it “Our Inner Ding” but in addition to this we can ask the subconscious mind directly if there is anything we can release to raise the % of brain/heart messages reaching the body intact.

With the help of The Emotion Code chart and Body Code mind maps we can allow the subconscious mind to navigate its way to identifying and then releasing any energy blocks hindering these vital communication channels.  Once these levels have been raised the body is in an optimum state to strengthen its intuition and develop its intuitive abilities.


  1. Change any limiting subconscious beliefs we may have about our healing abilities.

We may want and intend to be the best healers around which is all very well but if our all powerful subconscious has other ideas then it’s not going to happen.  The power of the subconscious mind is well documented as is the fact that our (subconscious) beliefs create our being (Bruce Lipton PhD Cellular Biologist)

Beliefs of not being “good enough” or not being “worthy” are common ones but releasing any subconscious belief which is limiting us and not serving our greater good is crucial if we are to become better healers.  Again we can use kinesiology to test if a positive affirmation is congruent with our subconscious beliefs, eg.

  • I trust in my abilities to self heal
  • I trust in my abilities to help others heal themselves
  • I trust and allow positive healing energy to flow through me

Repeating affirmations can be an effective way to install new beliefs, although, personally I find PSYCH K the best method for integrating the two halves of the brain and installing new belief systems.

For more information on The Emotion Code, The Body Code, PSYCH K, Kinesiology (how to muscle test yourself) and/or guidance on self healing please contact me at deborah@deborahjanesutton.com

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