The Importance of Being Yourself

We are always being told to just “be yourself” but how do we know what aspects of ourselves we should be?

We are a spiritual being having a physical experience so the best way to be yourself is by being your true self at soul level.  But do we always know what it means to be our true selves at soul level?

After all, why are we here?         What did we come here for?       What did we come here to do?

Basically our Souls came here to experience and express themselves.  To experience and express their (or rather “our”) Divinity within Humanity.

We didn’t come here to be afraid or angry.  We didn’t come here to worry.  And we certainly didn’t come here to argue and fight with each other.

We also didn’t come here to criticise. or judge. or envy.

Our Souls are made of pure consciousness as we are an expression of pure consciousness itself (or whatever you want to call it – Creator, Source Energy, God, The Divine)  and thus we are divinely and innately designed to love, to give love, to receive love, to be love and to show compassion. To show compassion for all (everything and everyone) that is also made of divine consciousness.

Are you experiencing and expressing this aspect of your Divinity into your Humanity?

Are you taking every opportunity to express love? to show compassion? to raise others up (vibrationally)?

Although we are all part of, and beings of, pure consciousness, we are made up of different energies that make us unique and different. We also originate from different planets and star systems which adds to our diversity at Soul level and explains our various and differing characteristics, personalities, gifts and skills.

We all chose to incarnate at this time.  We also choose to incarnate with the same Souls time and time again.  We also agree to play certain roles for each other in order to help each other experience something new, develop new strengths and further experience and express ourselves within each lifetime.

Hopefully understanding this, will help you look for the bigger picture the next time someone presses your buttons or triggers your weaknesses. They are, in fact, just doing what you both agreed to do before you incarnated. They are helping you experience and express different aspects of yourself within your humanity. They are helping you learn and grow through your experiences here on Earth.

Instead of responding to the usual trigger, next time, why not take a look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself what you can do differently. How can you experience something new?  You never know, you may even find yourself saying “Thank you” to them for the buttons that they pressed!

So, what energies are our Souls made of?

We each have 8 Energy Centres that our Souls are made up of.  We all have a little bit of all of them but to varying degrees. We are usually dominant in one or two of these energies and that will define a lot about who we are. Our dominant energy centre will include typical qualities that we will need to express in every area of our lives in order to be in alignment with our divinity and bring us abundance.

Divine Compassion

Souls dominant in this Energy will, not only, have an abundance of Compassion but will need to express it in order to feel good.  They are found in typical “do-good” jobs where compassion is needed.  They can often become out of balance energetically when their giving is not equal to their receiving.  These Souls will often find more abundance in life by allowing themselves to receive more.

Divine Creation

Souls dominant in this Energy are naturally very good at building things whether it be a real building, structure, a community or wealth and they love the physical world. They love physical sensations. They can manifest easily when in alignment.

Divine Order 

Souls dominant in this Energy love working with justice, law and fairness.  They have a good eye for beauty and enjoy combining beauty with functionality.  They are well organised and make excellent planners. They often find themselves stuck in the middle trying to make the peace as some sort of mediator.

Divine Love

Souls dominant in this Energy are natural healers and, basically, just love loving!  They are experts at being in relationships and always see the positive in others – which can sometimes be their downfall too!

Divine Self-Expression

These Souls are the communicators among us.  They share their gifts through the use of language whether it be written or the spoken word.  They can inspire others through their use of words.  They can become out of balance easily if not given the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas. Journalling is a great way for these Souls to express themselves when no other communication channel is available.

Divine Truth

These Souls are the whistle blowers among us.  They are super uncomfortable around lies and untruths of any kind. They can spot a liar a mile away and are often found uncovering dishonest behaviour. They are most in alignment when they can share their truth with others in an environment of appreciation. They are also really good at helping others see their truth.

Divine Power 

Souls dominant in this Energy are incredible manifestors and leaders. They are quick thinkers who like to get things done so often find themselves taking responsibility for others within a group. They can be very impatient with others. They can lead others easily when making positive choices. However, when out of balance, these leadership skills can manifest as manipulation and coercion.

Divine Wisdom

Souls dominant in this Energy are indeed wise.  They are not usually big talkers but when they do speak, you would do well to listen. They often understand concepts more deeply and more readily than others.  They can often get irritated by Society when laws do not follow the natural Divine order.

Remember, we all have a bit of all of these energies but which one do you think you are dominant in?

Soul Groups of Origination

Our Soul Group of origination also provides us with some valuable self acceptance and understanding of our Soul’s true nature.

As I mentioned before, we (our Souls) are also from different planets and star systems which adds to our diversity and it is also innate characteristics from these Soul origins that we need to express and experience in order to be in alignment with our Divinity.  It is these characteristics we need to accept and work with, in all areas of our life, in order to fully align with who we really are at Soul level.  Our abundance lies within our expression of this true nature at Soul level.

Deborah did a Soul Origin teaching on me which allowed me to see where I came from and why I am the way I am. This has lead me to a level of self acceptance that I didn’t think I would achieve.”                                                                                                                                                      Michelle Archer, Canada


The innate characteristics and skills of our Soul Group are all part of the energy we need to express and experience if we are to receive our abundance.  Here is a list of the most common Soul Groups, although, obviously  I can’t go into details here.

Earth, Mars, Maldec, Mintaka, Polaris, Pleiades, Procyan, Sirius, Arcturus, Spica, Vega, Nihal, Alpha Centauri, Hadar and Blueprinters

Why is it so important to express these aspects of ourselves?

Simply because it is where our Abundance lies.

In being who we are meant to be, we can experience the Abundance that is.  We create our own lack in life by not being ourselves.  Life is not meant to be a struggle.  We are not designed to be sick. Quite the opposite!  We are divinely designed to use the gifts and skills we have and to express our soul level characteristics.  When we can do this within the context of love – this is where true joy and abundance can be found.

So “Being Yourself” literally means expressing and experiencing your Soul’s true nature so knowing what your true nature at Soul level is and being in alignment with it, is key.

How do we know what our true nature at Soul level is?


  1. By accessing our Soul Profile in the Akashic Records or
  2. By Following your Excitement!


The Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?  Where are the Akashic Records?   This is a massive topic in itself so apologies for giving such a brief outline here but, if you would like to learn more about The Akashic Records,  I highly recommend Sandra Anne Taylor’s book on the subject available here

or this Free webinar on The Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified by Andrrea Hess

In the Bible, the Akashic Records are referred to as The Book of Life.  “Akasa” is Sanskrit for “sky” or “ethers”.  Others refer to the Akashic Records as Consciousness itself.  Esther Hicks refers to them as being “Infinite Intelligence”.

For the sake of ease on this vast subject, I’m going to answer these questions with Sandra Anne Taylor’s words,

The Akashic Records can be defined as a vibrating field of information about the energetic and natural worlds, about your own soul and eternal existence, and about every soul consciousness throughout time. The records span eternity and hold every bit of universal information – from the wisdom of ancient societies to the discoveries yet to be made in the quantum physical world.”

The records hold every bit of universal information including the makeup of your individual Soul and how best to experience and express yourself within Humanity and also, how your Soul best manifests.

The Akashic Records are limitless as are the benefits of accessing them which is why I recommend you learn more on the topic and urge you to raise your awareness and vibrations  to access this Infinite Intelligence for yourself so you can ask and find out exactly what energy your Soul is made of.

Alternatively, you can ask an Energy Healer/Reader (like myself) for a Soul Profile reading. We can find out so much about each soul by asking in the Akashic Records. The Soul group of origination, number of spirit guides, life lessons, how the soul is designed to manifest and much more! All this information helps you better understand and accept yourself at soul level and helps you understand what characteristics you need to find channels for in your life in order to satisfy your soul.

  1. Follow your Excitement


Excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true core natural being.”

                                                                                                   Abraham Hicks

Fortunately, we are designed to feel joy and excitement when we are in alignment with our true qualities at Soul level.  We also feel peace, joy and fulfilment when we share our Divine qualities with others.  This makes it easy to understand exactly what our true nature is at Soul level.

Because our true nature brings us so much joy and because our gifts are so natural and easy for us, we tend to gravitate towards alignment to our Divinity over time as we naturally do the things we find easy in life and naturally do the things we enjoy most in life.

As children, we are very much still in alignment with who we are at Soul level for families, school and society has yet to “condition” us.  As parents we need to look at the behaviour of our children as they play freely before they have “learned” to be self conscious.  Their true strengths and soul level expression will be evident.

There is something really important  I want to add here.  Everything is energy. Including money. Most people are wasting so much time and effort chasing money in such limited ways ie: by working long hours in jobs they don’t even like. Doing things you don’t enjoy will never bring abundance. Doing the things that bring you joy will be more productive. Feeling excited is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance of your Soul’s true nature remember!  People tend to think that doing their fun hobbies won’t pay the bills but doing your fun hobbies will put you more in alignment with your abundance than working in a job you hate. By abundance I mean in all areas of your life – love, health, joy, prosperity, time etc

It’s all about the energy you radiate. The emotions you feel.  You may think you don’t have time to do puzzles, or colour mandalas, sketch landscapes or go bowling. You may think these activities are not productive and certainly cannot bring you wealth.  But being calm, relaxed and at peace is one of the best ways to align yourself with your Higher Self and channel more life force energy.  It is in this state of “being yourself” that divine ideas, thoughts, creativity and inspiration can more clearly come to your consciousness.  Act upon these ideas, thoughts, creativity and inspiration and you will find your abundance.

So you owe it to everyone, not just yourself, to do whatever it is that makes your heart sing!


“Do the Thing that Makes your Heart Sing.”


To book your Soul’s unique Profile reading email me at

Love and Blessings



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Mariusz - July 25, 2019


A quick question about Energy centres. I read (probably it was Andrrea’s blog), that there’s diffrence between an energy assigned to 5th chakra – Divive Truth and Universal Truth related to 8th chakra. What’s the difference between Divine Truth and Universal Truth?


Deborah Jane Sutton - July 25, 2019

Hello Mariusz,
Thank you for your comment. The Energy Centres I mention in this Blog post are Andrrea Hess’ Energy Centres from Soul Realignment. Andrrea stresses that these Energy Centres do not relate to the Chakra system in anyway but I can see why you would think they do!

The 8th Energy Centre – that is the energies we are made up of – is Divine Wisdom which relates to Universal Truth as you say. These Energy Centres are more like personality types and offer insights into the gifts and strengths of the souls who are dominant in that energy.

The 5th centre is Divine Self-Expression as mentioned in the Blog and the 6th centre is Divine Truth.

6th Energy Centre Divine Truth is about expressing Truth as the soul sees it and helping others express their truth as in their authenticity.

Truth can be subjective. What is true for one person is not necessarily true for another. And as we expand in consciousness we often find that what is true for us changes. Personally I see a connection between Divine Truth and expressing one’s authenticity.

8th Centre Divine Wisdom is, as it implies, more about Wisdom.
Divine Wisdom is Universal laws, and Universal Truths as you say. Laws that are constant. Truths that are constant.

I hope this helps.
Love and Blessings

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