When Pain is your Friend

We were born to be great. We are innately great. So why don’t we always feel so great? How come we experience pain?

Very often it’s because we have grown. Spiritually. When we make spiritual shifts in life, either through working on ourselves or through amazing experiences (or both!) and our vibrations rise suddenly, it can take time for that shift to manifest itself into our dense, physical 3D bodies.  In addition to that, we have accumulated blocks and restrictions along our path in life.  We have created these energetic blocks ourselves with our own limiting beliefs and our man-made fear. It’s as if our spiritual growth is demanding that we release these beliefs and man-made fears.

But they are just that – beliefs and man-made.

So the good news is we can un-create them 🙂

Release your negative thinking, release your limiting beliefs and release your man-made fear.

Physical pain is the body’s way of telling you that you are resisting something new. There is an experience of growth to be had. Pain is a message that we are resisting change and have something to learn. Something to rise above. Changing the word pain to “sensation” will help. When you can view your physical pain as just that – a sensation with a message, and an opportunity for growth  – then the negative complaining of the pain can turn into gratitude and love and soon, very soon, the pain will make way for that spiritual growth that your soul was looking for.

So when you work on yourself – with affirmations, gratitude, emotional healing etc – your vibrations rise and you grow spiritually.  As your level of consciousness rises, you align further with who you really are.

You can use your breath by making it slower and deeper, to calm your mind and observe your human from a higher level of consciousness. This can also dull the sensation of pain. 

But our physical human bodies can be cumbersome. They, in their dense 3D state of being, need time to adjust to the new frequency at which you are vibrating. This causes dis-ease and imbalance within the cells of the body.

Being in physical pain makes it hard to concentrate, focus, think clearly let alone think positively but you need to do just that and to appreciate what’s really going on. Look at the bigger picture. You are being given an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to release and an opportunity to shine even brighter than you ever have before. So instead of moaning and complaining to your body about the pain – stop and ask yourself – what do I need to release? What is holding me back? What is my body trying to tell me?  Affirm that you are willing to release all resistance.

Allow the release.  Allow the change. Enjoy the growth – for with it comes greater health, greater peace and greater happiness.

Release the resistance to your greatness.

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With Love and Blessings



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