How regular Yoga practice actually improves your life OFF the Yoga mat

I am often telling my Yoga students and people in general (anyone that will listen really!) that regular Yoga practice creates progress in your life OFF the mat as much as it improves your practice ON the mat.  People who already practice Yoga regularly know this fact, even if they can’t explain it.  And those who can explain it will probably give you a load of scientific information about the biological and physiological benefits of the different postures and other aspects of the practice.  These, of course, are truths not to be ignored and here is the link to an excellent short video about The Science of Yoga which, in my opinion, is a must watch for anyone practicing or thinking about taking up Yoga.

From an Energy Healing Point of View

However, we are not all scientifically minded.  I am not.  I view Yoga as a form of Energy Healing because, quite frankly, it is! Everything is energy so anything that helps you heal must be energy healing of a sort. But Yoga is energy healing in every sense of the word.  As an Energy Healer I work very much with the release of negative trapped emotions, limiting subconscious beliefs and releasing blocks and restrictions at Soul level and I really want to explain how all this can be achieved through Yoga.

One of the many reasons I love Yoga so much is because, from my Energy Healing perspective, it really is the icing on the cake.

I use The Emotion Code and The Body Code for emotional healing, PSYCH K and The Body Code for mental belief healing and Soul Realignment for Soul level healing (with lots of overlapping and intuition!).  I now see Yoga as an umbrella that embodies them all.

So, getting to the point, how does Yoga improve your life off the mat?

When you practice Yoga, you are stretching each body part to its limit. It’s important to go to your limit – no further, no less – to your body’s natural limit.  Where your body naturally says “stop”.  If you go further than this your body won’t thank you and if you go less than this you will take longer to transform to a new place and a new you. If you go to your natural limit regularly, it’s like a gentle tapping on your limit.  As you hold each pose use the breath to inhale love and healing and exhale tension and stiffness and with each breath your body will naturally move a little further into the pose.  Sometimes slowly and sometimes more quickly your limit will move and your body gently and naturally wants to go that little bit further enabling you to deepen the pose and experience something new.  This is when we transform the most.


Time for a little side note here on visualisation. Visualisation is the most powerful (and easy) self healing tool we have in our power. By constantly visualising tension, negative emotions, other negative energy and limitations actively releasing from our bodies on our exhale while visualising the healing love, light and vitality of our life force energy entering our bodies – through the crown chakra, heart chakra, root chakra, with our breath and through every pore – we can totally maximise the healing benefits of our Yoga practice.

Our subconscious cannot differentiate between reality and our imagination. If you watch a horror film, you will still feel the fear and anxiety even though you know it’s not real and when you see someone being hit and hurt you can feel it in your own energy, right?  In the same way, whatever you choose to run through your own mind will have an effect on your own system.  Choose to imagine powerfully healing scenarios and they will be just that, powerfully healing.  But back to the topic in hand…………………how does regular Yoga practice help you transform your life OFF the Yoga mat?

What is actually limiting your body when you practice Yoga?  You will, no doubt, say your inflexibility and, of course, you’re right but it’s more than that.  It’s actually our trapped emotions and inflexible negative beliefs that cause this limitation.  Yes – even the physical limitation of the body during Yoga is caused by your trapped emotions and inflexible negative beliefs.

Trapped Emotions

Let me explain what I mean by a “trapped emotion”  for those of you who have not come across this term before.  A trapped emotion is basically a ball of energy (everything is energy including our emotions/thoughts/beliefs) that, having not been processed completely, gets lodged in our body somewhere and causes a blockage to the natural healing life force energy that is constantly flowing through us.

When we feel a negative emotion such as fear, panic, heartache, grief, anger, anxiety, jealousy, shock, rejection, guilt etc we often don’t process the feeling and the energy of the emotion doesn’t pass through our energy field.  There are many reasons why we may not process the energy of the emotion at the time.  Usually we just don’t want to feel it so we suppress the feeling.  Shock and grief can make us “go numb” and also sometimes because the western culture  is one of holding emotions in.  Compare a European funeral with one from the middle east where you will see mothers openly and loudly expressing the energy of the emotion they are feeling.  Sometimes we don’t want to admit we are feeling a particular emotion such as jealousy or we may have been brought up to believe that crying isn’t good.  Whatever the reason, we all trap negative emotions within our bodies. They can be caused by major traumatic events in our lives or just by simple comments by others or lost toys even.  They can often lodge in organs and parts of the body relevant to the emotion, for example, fear in the kidneys, anger in the liver, sorrow in the lungs and so on.

For more information about trapped emotions you can read my whole article on the topic here on the Blog page of my website.

What is a Trapped Emotion – The Emotion Code

Limiting Beliefs

Negative beliefs come from the subconscious programming that we have received at certain stages of our lives primarily in our early childhood.  Often parents and teachers have no idea how easily and readily a young mind will take on a belief especially when it’s about themselves.  It is very common, and I see it every day in my line of work, for people to have beliefs of low self worth due to criticism in their early years. Our views on money, relationships, love, security and, as I said before, self worth,  all come from the early programming we received as infants. Unless, of course, we have taken measures to look into this and change such limiting beliefs.

You may well wonder how this causes us limitations in our Yoga practice but you need to keep in mind (always!) that everything is energy, including our thoughts and beliefs.  And we are energy – our energy field and our so called physical bodies are just energy vibrating at differing frequencies.  The negative, unhealthy energy vibrating at lower frequencies and the positive, healthy energy vibrating at higher frequencies. All this energy is either flowing around or lodged and stuck in our bodies.  I have already mentioned that trapped emotions get stuck and block organs and other parts of the body that relate to them but beliefs can too. For example, fears about the future and fears about finances can cause blockages in the lymphatic system. Perceived burdens in our lives tend to locate themselves energetically on and in our shoulders.  I could go on but you get the gist.  To learn more about this particular topic of where our emotions and beliefs manifest in our bodies check out the end of Louise Hay’s classic book You Can Heal your Life here.

You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay

For more information on changing limiting beliefs you can read the article on my Blog page below about PSYCH K.


So now you can see what exactly is limiting your body when you practice Yoga – it may feel like your muscles are what is causing you to stop your stretch and, of course, this is true to a certain extent but, energetically, it is so much more than that.

You have also seen now how gentle and regular “nudging” at your limit, using your breath to deepen each pose whilst remaining relaxed is one of the ways to release such limitation by releasing the energy that is lodged there.  This process happens very naturally in Yoga. You may not have even been aware of it. Have you ever just felt like crying during your Yoga practice?  Without really knowing why?  Have you found that random feelings and memories come to you during your Yoga practice that you can’t account for?  Well, now you know.  It is the thoughts and events that caused the emotional blockage or belief running through your energy field and subconscious mind as they are being released.  Tears are always a good indication that emotional release is going on so never stop them. Acknowledge them. Give thanks for them. Let them go. Give blessings for the natural energetic cleansing that you are receiving.

A side note here too on the possible effects of such energy releasing.  The first one being tears of absolute joy!  Warning: Yoga practice can cause absolute joy! That high feeling you get during and after a Yoga session is clearly evidence of your greater connection to Source energy.  The great ideas that pop into your head during and after a session of Yoga is further evidence of the life force energy doing its thing.  Yoga practice, by releasing energy blocks,  increases this channel with Source, and gives you greater creativity, health, clarity, intuition, love, light, purpose, meaning, do I need to continue?

Processing Emotions

However, there can also be perceived negative effects of this energy release in the form of various illnesses and pain.  If you again think energetically, it’s all very logical.  As the energy of these emotions release from your body you can feel them.  You may experience vivid dreams and recall certain memories as these emotions fully release from your energy field.  When I studied for my Holistic Diploma, we called this effect a healing crisis. In The Emotion Code world we refer to it as a period of processing.  At Soul level, we refer to such releases as shifting. 

Personally, I prefer the word processing.  These trapped emotions have been stuck in our bodies because we didn’t, for whatever reason, fully process them at the time we originally felt them.  So, in my opinion, it’s really important to acknowledge these feelings and actively visualise and nurture their release from your body so you don’t inadvertently,  suppress them again.  Your attitude at this time can make all the difference between healing and transforming somewhere exciting and new or remaining stuck.

Taking pain killers only silences the message your body is trying to give you. In extreme cases, you may need them to help you function or sleep but the truth is, you don’t want to ignore this pain.  You want to understand it.  Acknowledge it and release the underlying cause of it.

You may not immediately connect the illness or pain you are feeling with this emotional release.  What illness or pain you experience will depend on the location of the block being released and the nature of the belief being released.  The emotions you feel while processing will also depend on the emotions being released.  This is why I have to warn clients that symptoms can often worsen before they improve.  So if you feel unusually grumpy, sad or angry be aware that you may have released this from your body during Yoga and embrace the new you that is emerging!

As I said, your attitude here is crucial for healing.  If you complain and curse your body and the pain you are experiencing,  you are just sending greater negativity towards your body.  Illness and pain is simply your body’s way of telling you it has something to release.  By being grateful for this and embracing the opportunity to release and grow and by sending love to your body and its parts you will find greater, and quicker, healing.  Food for thought for the next time you are sick, eh?

Here is a link to an article I wrote about pain being your friend last year after experiencing awful back ache.

When Pain is your Friend

Here is the Abraham Hicks link which is included in the article which provided me with the necessary Ah ha! moment on this topic.

and another one which you may find interesting.

One of the ways to really know that your illness was actually caused by your Yoga practice is by seeing how far you can go the next time you practice Yoga.

During my bad back episode, I was concerned that so long without practicing Yoga would result in my being stiff and unfit.  I was concerned that my practice and my reach would go backwards, however, completely the opposite occurred.  Despite not practicing for a couple of weeks, when I did, I found my body naturally went even further than ever before.  I found myself doing poses I’d never been able to do before. I felt stronger, more flexible and more balanced – and needless to say, more joy!  The more flexible you are on the mat the more flexible your thinking will be off the mat. The more balanced you are on the mat, the more balanced you will feel in life in general.  So now, when I don’t feel 100%, I retreat, love myself a little bit more and look forward to the spiritual growth that is coming my way.

Remember, arrows can only be shot forward after being pulled back first. Next time you feel poorly or that life is dragging you backwards, just think how far you’re going to fly!

Releasing low vibrating negative energy from your body causes the overall  frequency of your body’s vibrations to rise. This is key.  It is this rise in our vibrations that is causing our life to improve off the mat.  By the Law of Attraction, we will attract “like” energy into our field. The more positive our vibrations, the more positive energy will come to us. This can be in the form of people, experiences, food preferences, opportunities, thoughts, beliefs, intuition, creativity, love, romantic partners – shall I continue?

This is how your progress ON the Yoga mat, creates progress, and spiritual growth,  in your life OFF the Yoga mat.

(from an energetic point of view!)

With love, light and blessings,

Top Ten Steps to Self-Love – How many do you do?

Self Love is such an integral part of our health and happiness and we should take every opportunity  to focus upon our Self Love care.  What do you do to nurture love for yourself?

Check out my Top Ten Steps to Self Love – how many do you do regularly?

1. Repeat Self Love affirmations.

If the classic “I love and accept myself completely” doesn’t resonate with you yet then why not try “I’m willing to love and accept myself” or “I am lovable” or “I deserve to be loved”.  Find one that feels comfortable for you. Repeat it morning, noon and night and in no time you’ll be more comfortable with “I love and accept myself completely”.  If you can muscle test yourself, muscle test each affirmation to see how much your subconscious really believes it…………….and keep going. Seriously the most healing thing you could do for yourself.

2. Give gratitude

Give gratitude for all the things in your life that you love. Write a list of all the things you love about your life, your job, your friends, your family, your home, your pets, your health etc! Keep this going until you feel “fluent” in pouring out your love.  Then progress to writing a list of all the things you love about yourself. No one is going to read it so just go with it – even if the things you are writing are not strictly true about yourself – maybe they are your desires – but write them anyway, as if you really loved those aspects of yourself already – as if they were fact – keep it going…’ll soon see a difference.

3. Do the Thing that Makes your Heart Sing

It always makes us feel good – about life and about ourselves. That sense of excitement in whatever our passionate activity is, is a display of our connection to Source. This is where you can tap into the most LOVE.

“Excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true core, natural being.”
Abraham Hicks

4. Have a good cry! 

Crying is one of the best ways to release negative trapped emotions that could be blocking you from loving yourself. Subconscious (or conscious) feelings of unworthiness can often sabotage our Self Love. Sometimes we can’t put our finger on exactly how we feel or why we want to cry but no worries – better out than in!  I always think it’s better not to hold tears in – rather stay mindful of releasing the resistance to your greatness and celebrate it. Sometimes we can get the urge to cry when we’re on our own, walking in nature or exercising – don’t you find? It’s your body’s way of letting you know you have something to release – so let it out!

5. Abhyanga

Abhyanga is a nurturing Ayurvedic massage with warm oils.  It can be done by another or by yourself.  It’s this self massage infused with love that really works wonders on building one’s Self Love. Using your favourite aromas and essential oils (not necessarily warm as that would make it an even longer process that you’ll find even easier to avoid – true, eh?) massage your body slowly and lovingly remembering to give gratitude and love to each body part as you go. Just allowing yourself the time to do such acts of Self Love sends a signal to your subconscious that you are worthy and deserving which is healing in itself.


6. Get a Pet.

Obviously only if you are in a position to take responsibility for one.  Otherwise I’m sure you could “borrow” one occasionally. See how loyal pets are – especially dogs. They will loveyou unconditionally. They are always so pleased and excited to see you. They readily forgive you for any mistakes you make. They don’t judge you. They are not as held back by negative emotions as we are.  They love and accept you exactly as you are. If a dog can do all of this – then surely you can too?

7.  Yoga – of course!

Ask anyone who practices Yoga regularly how it has helped their self love and you’ll hear an inspirational transformation story for sure! Yoga gives us health AND happiness and it’s always easier to love ourselves when we’re healthy and happy.

8. Compliment yourself.

Say lovely things to and about yourself – even if the compliments are half-hearted in the beginning it will get you in the energy flow of appreciating different aspects of yourself. It’s all about that energy flow!

9. Love your Inner Child.

Inner Child Work is where we find that little child from our past who is still within us, and give him/her all the love they need.  We pick up so many blocks to Self Love when those we expect and hope to get love from let us down or for whatever reason, we don’t feel the love they are trying to give us. Parents can only do what they are capable of doing at the time and they, too, have their own issues going on. Maybe just turning up late to pick you up from school made you feel “unloved” – these things can be so innocent.
We are all made of pure love energy underneath which is why we seek to attract pure love energy.  We go looking for love from other people. But the secret is not to look for love from others but to provide it for ourselves. If we can provide ourselves with the love our subconscious so desperately craves then we can enjoy love from others as an added bonus!
Close your eyes (in meditation) and visualise yourself at a time in your life when you felt unloved and then visualise yourself going up to your younger self and wrapping your arms around them and telling them how special they are and how much they are loved. If done seriously, it can be quite emotional, but it is so, so powerful and very, very healing. And, of course, it isn’t always the little child within us that needs a hug. The teenager, young adult and grown adult within you will also appreciate a squeeze and hug of pure love, no doubt.

10. Forgiveness.  

There is no greater act of Self Love than Forgiving yourself and others. Easier said than done I know and if you are having problems with this healing concept, I suggest you start with repeating and writing affirmations such as,
“I am willing to forgive myself and others. I set the past free.”


Have I missed any?  What are your Self Love tips – as always, I would love to hear from you.

Need help getting started on all of this?  For Self Healing Coaching and/or Energy Healing get in touch or come and visit one of our Heal yourself to Happiness Retreats


Love and Blessings


How to get Affirmations to work for you

You can’t start a piece on Affirmations without first mentioning the lovely Louise Hay who is undoubtedly the Queen of Affirmations and certainly her book, You Can Heal Your Life, was the beginning of my conscious journey to inner love, peace, acceptance and joy.  This, by it’s pure nature, led to my improved health, abundance, vision and happiness.  For this reason, not only am I a big fan of Affirmations, but I also love helping others understand How and Why they are so important to Self Healing and Happiness.

However, I have had a number of clients who have complained that they don’t feel comfortable with saying Affirmations because they feel empty or the sentences get stuck in their throats for the simple reason that they perceive them as “lies”.

Let’s take the example,

“I love myself so I lovingly feed myself nourishing foods and beverages.”

You may not have learned to love yourself yet and indeed it may just bring to your mind the fact (and guilt and shame) that you regularly eat junk food and drink fizzy drinks.  (I was going to write “alcohol” there but I honestly believe that fizzy drinks are more poisonous to our bodies than alcohol but that’s another story!)

If this is your reflex response thought to this Affirmation then you can either focus on the love you do have for yourself and the aspects of your diet that ARE nourishing – even if this is small – at least it’s TRUE and by repeating it morning, noon and night you will find that you will slowly love yourself more each day AND slowly increase the amount of your diet that is “nourishing”.  But you do have to do it – believe me it works!

If this still does not resonate with you and it just makes you feel worse (we can’t have that) then you can downsize the Affirmation.

For example, by using the words ” I am changing” or “I am Willing”

“I am changing  the way I think about food.”

“I am willing to let LOVE into my heart.”

“I am willing to improve my diet.”

We can do the same for Abundance Affirmations too.  When trying to manifest more money into their lives many people get stuck because they are focusing on what they DON’T HAVE rather than what they HAVE.  If you focus on “lack” then the Universe will give you MORE “lack”.  This is where there is an overlap with manifesting  through Gratitude and The Law of Attraction.  It’s all the same concept.  I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will say it again! Everything is Energy.  We emit a vibrational frequency and by the pure nature of Science (yes, Science!) the Universe will bring back to us that SAME frequency.  So if you emit energies of Gratitude it will bring you MORE things to be Grateful for.  If you emit LOVE, it will send you MORE LOVE.  It’s SO simple!  Some people refer to it as “The Secret” (Rhonda Byrne’s famous book and film) but I prefer the word “Concept” because, to me, it’s such a logical CONCEPT.

So as you focus every morning, noon and night on the nourishing aspects of your diet, the good things about your body, the things you DO have and are grateful for and the abundance you actually already have, the Universe will match it and bring you MORE.  Now that’s ABUNDANCE!


How to Boost the Power of Your Affirmations

To help you raise your vibrations try visualising as you say your Affirmations – visualise the body you want to have (make sure it’s YOUR body you visualise and not anyone else’s – you have no idea what’s inside other people’s bodies), visualise your bills paid, visualise driving the car you want, visualise a soul mate, visualise the activity you want to be doing ………………I mean REALLY imagine you already have it.  SEE it – what does it look like? SMELL it – what does it smell like?  HEAR and TASTE it.  FEEL it – what does it feel like?  SENSE the whole thing.  Now THIS will raise your vibrations to receiving whatever it may be.  If a negative or contradictory thought enters your head – just let it go – and keep going.

Some people find Affirmations are more powerful and effective said while doing yoga, for example.  Personally, I find repeating them while swimming is powerful but then you have to find YOUR “thing”. The thing that makes your Heart Sing – and say them then!


How Often Do I Need to Repeat my Affirmations?

I have said repeat them morning,  noon and night but really I mean much MORE than that!  When you first wake up, while cleaning your teeth, while in the shower, while doing your hair, while driving to work, if you’re busy all day at work say them when you got to the loo – just keep saying them.  Try and say them with total BELIEF.  Even if none of this is resonating with you and you still don’t believe they can work STILL just SAY them.  I had no idea how powerful Affirmations could be – I just repeated the first set of Affirmations from Louise Hay’s book – and said them without knowing or believing any of this – it was only later on that I realised all my Affirmations had come true!  Honestly – it was like OMG!  I have and I am everything that I’m saying – Wow!  Whether it was physical manifestations or my perception of things that had changed is an interesting point to explore but that is another story! They had ALL become, indeed, TRUE for me.


So I quickly wrote out 8 more Affirmations to fit my new desires.  I also took these from Louise Hay’s film “You Can Heal Your Life” because they were all encompassing and relevant to me (to everyone I don’t doubt)  but you can make your own up or find the best ones for you from the exercise at the end of this piece.


How Can I Word my Affirmations?

Affirmations always need to be in the present tense – if you say, for example, ” I will have a beautiful body”, “I will have an increased income”  then the Universe will match that vibration of NOT having  it NOW.  So keep your Affirmations in the present.  Also, keep them more general in nature – the word Abundance is great – it covers so much.

Try not to be too specific – the Universe works in mysterious ways and it’s not up to us to ask “How” something will be manifested – this, in fact, can hinder manifestations.  Trust that the energy will do its thing if YOU do your bit.  Very often the Universe manifests things in a way we could never have imagined so by focussing on the “hows” you are limiting your desire from coming to fruition.


Focus on what it is you want rather than what you don’t want and don’t use negatives in your Affirmations.  For example, the statement “I don’t have debts”  will not work because it gives its attention to the idea of debt and guess what?  yes – the Universe will match it with more debt.  If you say “I have more money ” – this is better but  you are still focussing on the idea that you don’t have much NOW or not as much as you want – there is still a sense of LACK.  Compare it to,

“I welcome money into my life.”  “I am prosperous.”  “I welcome prosperity into my life.”  “I welcome Abundance.”  You can progress to “I can easily pay my bills.”  “I am a magnet for money.”  etc


Why  Should We Repeat  Affirmations so many times?

What we’re actually doing here is reprogramming our subconscious minds which brings us onto the overlap between Affirmations and PSYCH K which is the amazing belief changing modality based on integrating the brain to accept new, positive beliefs and so releasing the existing, limiting and self sabotaging belief.  We program our minds from a very young age usually from our parents, teachers and other significant adults in our lives at the time.  We are totally unaware that we do it and for this reason we are often unaware that we are limiting ourselves with such beliefs.  Thought and therefore belief, is energy and, as always,  the Universe will match it. If you were told as a small child, for example, that you didn’t deserve to have something or you weren’t worthy of having something and you BELIEVED this – by continuing to believe this, your beliefs will make it true and the Universe will bring you more situations where you feel unworthy.  By installing statements (Affirmations) of “I am Worthy” and “I deserve…”  “I am loved..” etc the Universe will match this and give you situations whereby you can feel your worth and loved.  This can, and does, change people’s lives around as we build so much of our lives on our BELIEFS especially the beliefs we have about OURSELVES.

Installing new beliefs  is quicker with PSYCH K but we still encourage clients to repeat their new beliefs as often as possible to reinforce them.  We can’t spend our whole day practicing PSYCH K (a few sessions would be a good idea though!) but we can (and do) run thoughts through our heads all day………….it’s up to you to make them positive,

“Thoughts Become Things – Choose good ones” – Mike Dooley.


Which Affirmations Should I Use?    EXERCISE

So here’s the Exercise.  I have a long list of Affirmations here and I want you to slowly read them and acknowledge your FIRST thought response to each one.  If you can read it comfortably then there’s a chance you believe it and you can move on.  If your mind jumps to one or two things that contradict the statement then you could be nearly there but with some issues to clear up making this statement a good option for you to adopt.

Now if you repeat one and it gets really stuck in your throat – then that’s the one (or ones) you need to focus on the most.  They are the ones you NEED.  If they don’t resonate with you – then why not?  Do you want them to be TRUE?  If so write it down and start saying it – morning, noon and night 🙂

For those of you who can Self Muscle Test – repeat each statement and muscle test yourself – a positive response indicates that your sub conscious mind already believes the statement.  You can muscle test on each statement until you find one that tests negative.  That’s the one to work on.


The most powerful of all Affirmations


I love and accept myself completely



I am free to be happy and healthy

My body heals itself naturally and quickly

I choose to live a vibrant and healthy life

My mind, body and spirit are harmoniously balanced now

I lovingly nourish my physical body

I see beauty in all parts of my body

I love and accept my body as it is and as it changes

I now allow the healing energy of love to flow through me



Money is a wonderful tool that I use to create possibilities for me and for others

The universe is a friendly place and willingly gives me everything I need

I deserve to have all the money I need

I am proud of my results and I deserve my reward

It is ok to have more money than I need

It is ok to want to have money

I receive and accept money with love and gratitude

I allow myself to earn good money



I am ready, willing and able to be the best me that I can be

I allow my visions and dreams to become reality

I have the ability to create my life as I want it to be

I love, appreciate and accept myself completely

It is easy for me to give love to others

It is easy for me to receive love from others

I am worthy of having an intimate and passionate relationship

I am able to maintain my individuality in my relationships

My Favourite Affirmations – enjoy them and see the change!

All my relationships are harmonious

I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do

Every experience is a success

I deserve the best and accept it now

I lovingly listen to my body’s messages

I am happy, healthy, whole, complete and secure

I express gratitude for all that is good in my life

Each day brings wonderful new surprises

Everything I need to know is revealed to me

Everything I need comes to me in the perfect time space sequence

Life is a Joy and full of Love

I am healthy and full of energy

I am loving, lovable and loved

I prosper wherever I turn

I am changing and growing

I am an unlimited being, receiving unlimited abundance from an unlimited Source in unlimited ways.


For more information on Affirmations and other forms of Self Healing and Energy Healing please contact

The Importance of Breathing! Breathe yourself to Happiness

“..the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

                                                                                            Bob Dylan

I had never really understood the meaning of these famous lyrics until recently.  I was watching a film the other day about Native American Indians and they mentioned how it is important to listen to the wind.  They said that the answers they seek are found by listening to the wind.  It is easy to gloss over these comments, phrases and lyrics but the truth behind them has now dawned on me.

As I see it, it all relates to breathing.  Our answers come to us through our breath which comes from the air (and wind).  And not just our answers………….for we may not know what the questions are!  But our inspiration, our health, our ideas, our dreams, our energy, our intuition, our visions, our oxygen – in short, our life force energy!

I told someone the other day about my ideas to write a piece called “The Importance of Breathing” and they just laughed.  Of course breathing is important – we’d die if we didn’t breathe.  Yes.  Good point.  But have you ever really thought about that?  I mean, really thought about it?  After all, we can go weeks without food, days without water but very few minutes without breath.  And our breath does so much more than just keep us alive.  It feeds and nourishes our bodies, minds and souls – it brings us, or it IS, our Life Force Energy which in turn brings us our ideas, intuition, creativity, thoughts, feelings and ……..everything! Shouldn’t we, therefore, give it some respect and spend a little more time focussing on it and nurturing it?

We know that breathing affects our physical bodies.  We associate someone panicking with taking short, shallow breaths and we encourage them to breathe slowly and more deeply.  We associate a shock with a sudden gasp followed by the breath being held in an unnatural way. When we are fearful our hearts beat faster and our bodies want to breathe faster – in fact, there are many negative emotions associated with short, shallow breaths.

We also know that when we go to the seaside, it’s instinctive to take a large purposeful breath in and fill the lungs to enjoy the commonly recognised benefits of the sea air.  We know that when we are relaxed and flop into our sofas at the end of a busy day we give an almost exaggerated sigh – in other words a deep, slow, meaningful breath out. We also know that Meditation and Yoga both practice slow, deep, purposeful breathing.

So we can see that slow, deep, deliberate breathing is healthy and good for our bodies (and minds and emotions) and short and shallow breaths are not good for our health or bodies or minds or emotions.  If this evidence is all around us and we experience the positives and negatives of our breathing patterns on a daily basis, then why? oh why? do we not concentrate more on correcting and changing our breathing patterns to enjoy better health and happiness?

If breathing slowly and deeply can relieve a panic attack, calm a fearful person and relax the mind so easily then why, in this world of so much stress, do we not practice it more often.  Breathing slowly, deeply and mindfully. I love it! It feels so good and makes me healthier and even happier!

Doesn’t everyone want to improve their health, reduce their stress and feel happier?  Well, learning to breath properly – more mindfully – can do that for you. After all, many sportspeople learn new and different breathing patterns to enhance their physical performance – whether it be to stay underwater longer, build up confidence or to generate energy – they are in fact, empowering their physical bodies with their breath.  Therefore, so can you. You can heal, relax and energise your body with something as simple as your breath.

I say “simple” but to be honest, I don’t think the breath is that simple.  I think it’s actually an incredibly complex concept and full of so many things it is actually far from simple.  In Yoga we are taught about Pranayama which is usually translated from the Sanskrit as Breathing Techniques – the word “prana” being translated as “breath” but I think this is a gross mis interpretation.  Some translate “prana” as Life Force Energy which, in my opinion, is far more accurate.  Have you ever thought about just how much we get from our breath?  And I don’t just mean “life”!

If I asked you what you see with, you would probably say your eyes.  What do you speak with?  You’re now wanting to say “the mouth”, aren’t you?  What do you think with? your brain? or your mind?  Your brain is in your head but where is your mind? Where do your thoughts come from?

If I asked you to raise your hand in the air and then asked you how you managed to do that, you’ll probably say with the use of your muscles and again, you’d be partially correct but think about this…………….

Imagine two bodies lying side by side. One alive and full of life and the other one dead.  Think about it for a moment.  The dead body has a brain but cannot think.  It has a heart but cannot feel. It has eyes but cannot see. It has muscles but cannot life its arm.  Where is the dead body’s mind?

If I asked you where you get your energy from you’ll probably say “food” which, I guess, to a certain extent is true but the dead man has the remains of his last meal in his stomach yet he has no energy.

Physically, the only difference between the two bodies is one is still breathing and the other one isn’t.  But it’s more than that.  One is still thinking, dreaming, inspiring, digesting, feeling, seeing, hearing, caring, loving……….being.

In fact, the only difference between the two bodies is one is breathing and the other one isn’t. Yet with that breath comes all our health, ideas, thoughts, intuition, dreams, love, joy, awareness, visions, consciousness, happiness and connection and for the scientists among you, our oxygen!!

The increased oxygen intake from slow, deep mindful breathing will help you detoxify your body’s cells.  We know that cancer cells, for example, cannot survive in oxygenated environments so that’s just another bonus of breathing in such a way as to maximise your oxygen intake.

So ALL these things come to us in our breath.  That’s why we call it the Life Force Energy.  So if you want more health in your life, greater ideas, thoughts and intuition, more love and joy, heightened awareness, consciousness and connection as well as more happiness then breathe slowly, deeply and mindfully more often in any way you can making a point to improve the quality of the air you breathe as well.  Through exercise, country walks, yoga, meditation or even just for 5 mins on waking and sleeping.  It’s easy and you’ll notice the difference.

And while on the subject of our Life Force Energy, the scientists among you will know that Energy never dies, it never dissipates. It can only transform from one state or form to another but it can never vanish. So where does our Life Force Energy go when our physical bodies stop breathing?

I guess that’s another topic 🙂

Back to the breath.

One last point I’d like to make that I also learned through Yoga.  As I already mentioned, Pranayama means Breathing/Life Force Energy Techniques and there are a number of different techniques to be studied but I just want to mention the most common one – Ujjayi breathing.  To adopt the technique correctly you should inhale and exhale more deeply than usual through your nose.  On the exhale you should constrict the muscles in the back of your throat which will make a slightly raspy sound.

In my opinion, it is not the sound that is important here but how deep down in the belly you take your breath.  In today’s world when we take in a full lung breath, and I am guilty of this too, we tend to subconsciously restrict the flow of the life force energy coming in so we can push our chests out and hold our stomachs in.  Take a full lung breath now as you read this and see what you subconsciously do.  If your chest has risen and your abdomen has contracted then you, too are guilty of restricting the life force energy coming into your body.  In effect, we are depriving ourselves of all the benefits of our healing, enlightening life force energy just so we can look slimmer or bigger chested!!  How bad is that????

Now relax your body, drop your shoulders, relax your tummy and take in a slow, deep, mindful breath without restricting it so your belly expands with the breath and then slowly feel it retract as you exhale.  Visualise the breath going all the way down your chest, past your diaphragm and into your belly and lower belly.

In my line of work as an Energy Healer I come across numerous clients with 2nd Chakra issues* and it’s dawned on me that it is no surprise as we deprive our lower belly area of more life force energy.

So your challenge now is to incorporate some slow, meaningful breathing into your daily routine, preferably in fresh air, making sure to relax your belly and let it expand with each inhale.  You will soon find that, the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind!  Let me know how you get on.

Love and Blessings

*2nd Chakra issues include creativity blockages, sexuality, sex related issues, relationship issues – partner and family, fruitfulness and guilt

Deborah Jane Sutton

Energy Healer, Self Healing Coach, Yoga teacher and Author of Heal yourself to Happiness                 

How to Manifest your Dreams with Gratitude

Giving Gratitude is honestly the easiest and simplest way to manifest anything you want in life. I mean REALLY giving gratitude. Feeling gratitude.

I started “counting my blessings” a few years ago by just acknowledging and appreciating my mother, sister and son in my life each day. I used to have a wind chime hanging just outside my front door and as I passed it in the hallway on my way out every morning I used to touch it and say thank you for my closest family members. To be honest I didn’t think much about it and for sure I had no idea at the time how powerful this action could be.

The concept of giving Gratitude came to me during my Reiki training.  It is one of the 5 Principles of Reiki. The 5 principles didn’t mean much to me at first but they have grown to mean so much to me now (or rather I have grown to deeply appreciate them now!) I wonder how they will resonate with you?


Just for today, do not be angry

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, be grateful

Just for today, work hard

Just for today, be kind to others.


Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, believed that in order for anyone to practice Reiki and transfer healing energy to others, they must have first taken responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. He developed these five principles which he taught to his students as strategies to apply to life.

Although I am straying now from the topic of Gratitude I want to go through the 5 Principles with you.


Just for today, do not be angry.

Anger can be and is a very destructive and self-destructive force as it hurts ourselves as well as others.  Anger blocks us from love and compassion.

I realise it’s easier said than done to just “stop” being angry when the feeling comes and it’s best not to suppress the feeling for it to return another time.  So finding a way to deal with the feelings of anger when they come is essential.  Anger uses a lot of our energy and it is never in alignment with our True path. You need to remind yourself that anger is not your real nature and as such it will pass. Try to acknowledge it, witness it and then let it go forever.  Welcome calmness.  Holding anger in can and will do more harm than good especially to ourselves. Have you never noticed how angry, bitter people tend to look haggard compared to others?


I love this quote from Mark Twain about Anger,


“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

The second of the 5 Reiki Principles is:
Just for today, do not worry

Worry, like anger will also deplete your vital energy.  While anger deals with past and present events, worry deals with perceived future events and happenings.  We usually have no ultimate control over future circumstances anyway so worry is pretty pointless.  It’s also, like anger, very unhealthy.  Some people seem to think worrying about loved ones is a sign of caring but in fact, it projects a negative energy around both the worrier and the person being worried about.  If you think about it, worrying doesn’t achieve anything positive – only negative.  I always tell clients to substitute the word “think” for the word “worry”.  You can “think” about a situation, a solution, your friend or family – it’s far more positive to “think” about a difficult situation and how you can help solve it.  “Thinking” is far more fruitful, productive and positive than “worrying”.


Just for today, be grateful.

Here is the third Reiki Principle and the one relevant to this article. If we live in a state of gratitude, appreciating and giving thanks for the many blessings in life that we have, we can help transform negative attitudes and thoughts into positive ones.  This, in turn, raises our vibrations and attracts more things for us to be grateful for.  This is the seed of abundance!


Just for today, work hard

Of course, these Principles have been translated from their original Japanese and exact meanings can vary.  I have come to believe that when you find your Divine Path you actually don’t “feel” like you are working hard because you are usually doing something you are passionate and enthusiastic about.   I, therefore, think of this Principle  more as “Be Active” rather than actually working hard.  If the work is in alignment with your True path then it won’t feel “hard” to do.  Another way to look at this one is basically “Don’t be lazy!”
Just for today, be kind to others.

The last of the 5 Principles is telling us to show kindness to others. We must honour all living things (including animals and plants) and be tolerant of the way others choose to live their lives.
It is important that we realize and accept that being kind and friendly to everyone must include ourselves of course.

So here are the 5 Reiki Principles – simple and to the point. It was in my attempts to be a “good Reiki student” that I learned these 5 Principles but it was the line about Gratitude that “clicked” first and foremost in my mind at the time.

Slowly, over time, I added more people to my list of blessings to count each morning, then later, I added things to the list.  My good health was one of them, the wonderful girls on my course another and the wonderful things I was learning. The seasons, the snow, my trip to Kenya, the birds singing and my car starting first time!  See? After a while you will find things to be grateful for just flow forth.

Then I started writing them down in a little notebook – the more I did this, the more I received to be grateful for.  It’s all about matching vibrations.  If you complain and send out the negative vibrations of complaining, the Universe will match it by giving you more things to complain about.  If you send out the positive vibrations of Gratitude – Like attracts Like – the Universe has to match it and you will just keep getting more and more things to be grateful for.

One of the main reasons that Gratitude is such a simple and easy method of manifesting is because, like Affirmations, it can happen in your head – as often as you like.  As soon as you wake up, while cleaning your teeth, waiting in a queue, while driving to work, eating etc just look around you and find things to be grateful for and just say it – to yourself – Thank you for my morning tea, thank you for that stranger’s smile….etc

Some people feel weird because they don’t know who they are saying thank you to.  Some people choose to thank the Universe.  Some people thank God. However, it is important here to remember we are all extensions of pure consciousness and as such we ARE the Universe! Also, it would be wise to remember that YOU create your own reality, and always have, so anything showing up in your life that you are grateful for, YOU manifested. So thank yourself. Whatever you do, don’t create a perception of separation between you and whoever you thank.  That perception of separation will keep you from manifesting your desires.

If it still feels weird you can change the words to “I appreciate…….” or “I am grateful for….” then you don’t have to think about to whom you are talking but the positive energy of Gratitude is still emitting from your energy field. (This is the most important thing!)

If you still feel awkward or silly (even to yourself!) in the beginning then have some fun with it.

I am grateful for waking up this morning!

I am grateful for this old tea bag I found at the back of the cupboard.

If you are feeling grumpy or are prone to complaining and can only see the negative around you then you need to look for the Silver Lining in everything.  Eg.

I am grateful for the pouring rain this morning because the parks need to be watered.

I am grateful for getting to wear my waterproof clothes – again.

I am grateful that the car is getting a free wash!

If you do this, to yourself, all the way to work, you’ll soon have a smile on your face!

For greater impact and effectiveness try writing your Blessings down. I’ve now got notebooks and journals full of my blessings – I find a quiet spot and a quiet moment – each page headed with the date and Today I am Grateful for: Or Today I Thank myself for:  – the list goes on and on.  Use your senses – what can you SEE that you’re grateful for? What can you SMELL? What can you HEAR? How do you FEEL?

If you’re poorly or sick be grateful for the bits of you that are healthy.  If you’re not happy with your body, be grateful for the bits you ARE happy with. This is an amazing tool for learning to love and appreciate your body.  It is so easy for us in today’s world to dislike our bodies and even actively and verbally (well inside our heads anyway) hate parts of our bodies. Giving gratitude for our bodies and body parts is the easiest way to become more beautiful and healthy. Seriously.

Beautify yourself with Gratitude

I’d like to digress again here and explain how and why giving gratitude to your body is so important for your health and well being  not to mention your beauty!

One of the best times to offer gratitude to your body and body parts is while drying yourself after your shower or while moisturising or applying your makeup (or shaving etc)

It is beautifying and nourishing the body from the inside out that I want to focus on here. The secret is in how we apply these moisturisers and oils – simply by doing it with love and gratitude.  Before I expand on this I want to share with you the work of Masaru Emoto who worked with water crystals.  He used different words (and the energy of those words) directed at water crystals to see the effects.


You can see that the molecules of the water crystals responded to love and gratitude by making beautiful formations and to the negative energy of the nasty words by being, well, not so pretty, eh?  I was told of an experiment recently like this carried out on growing rice – in 3 containers.  The first one was lavished with positive feelings, words and thoughts of love and gratitude, the next one was ignored and the 3rd one was subjected to some nasty energy, words and thoughts.  As they grew and as expected the first one flourished, the 3rd one didn’t and, interestingly, the 2nd one went really bad (proving that neglect has worse consequences than negative attention).  You can see the same effects in plants grown by loving gardeners compared to those tended without such positive emotion.

Anyway, my point is this.  We are made up of 50 trillion cells (Bruce Lipton says so and he’s a Cellular Biologist!) so it makes sense to me that if we fill each one of those cells (or as many as we can!) with love, gratitude and joy we, too, will be healthier and flourish like the 1st container of rice and we, too, will be “prettier” like Emoto’s water crystals.

So,  as you dry yourself after the shower, as you rub on your moisturiser and as you apply your oils (and make up etc) tell each part of your body how much you love it, find a reason why and send love and gratitude to that part of your body – to the numerous cells of that part of your body.  Say “thank you” to them.  Don’t sit there and laugh – DO IT!

“Thank you toes for being on show all summer.  Thank you for helping me keep my balance.  I love you for this.  Thank you knees for keeping me upright (most of the time!) I love you. Thank you tummy for helping me digest food” – whatever……… You get the picture………………just keep going……………it can be quite fun! ha ha

So in addition to nourishing your body with the right foods and exercise you can also focus on nourishing it with love and gratitude.  Remember the Law of Attraction means the more love and gratitude you give to your body the more reasons it will give you to love it and be grateful for it.  Simple!

So include your body and various body parts in your lists of gratitude along with everything else you are grateful for. But again, try not to perceive your body as being separate from you for your body is also made of pure consciousness and as such is one with all that is.

Remember to always include your relationships especially those that are troubled.  Find something to be grateful for in the people you find difficult. Remember: Energy Goes Where Attention Flows

Whatever you focus on is what you will get more of so find something positive to say about those difficult people in your life.

Focus on the good things about the relationship.

You can even express gratitude for the lessons you’re learning from them.

Manifesting Money

If you are trying to manifest more money into your life, and this is a common one, then you need to give gratitude for the money you already have.  This is where “lack thinking” can get the better of us.  How can we give gratitude for the money we have when we don’t have any?

Firstly, use the word “prosperity” and not money.  You are opening up more possibilities for the Universe to bring it to you if you use the word prosperity. After all, if you are provided with certain things you usually have to buy then you get to save some money and, in effect, will have more money, right?  Prosperity works. We all have prosperity of some kind so we can repeat affirmations about prosperity with more intention and belief.

I am grateful for my prosperity.  My clothes, the food in my cupboards, the roof over my head, the pennies in my purse.  Prosperity comes to me easily.  Focus on your prosperity and not your lack.  If you focus on your lack, the Universe will bring you more of it.

The Universe has no concept of numbers. One penny, energetically, is the same as £1 which, energetically, is the same as £100 and £100,000.  Money is an energy like everything else. The only thing keeping it from you is the thoughts and beliefs that you place on it. So always bless the pennies.

With whatever issue you’re concerned about find something to be grateful for……..the Universe will take it from there!  And when more shows up – remember to Thank yourself!

Love and Blessings


Why Energy Healers don’t and can’t offer Guarantees

I often get asked how many sessions it will take for a symptom to heal through Energy Healing.  I have also had people tell me that they will agree to have Energy Healing sessions with me if I can guarantee their success!  Well, sorry to say, no can do.  There are no guarantees.

The sceptics seem to think they have won some sort of battle when we say there are no guarantees, as if, somehow, that proves a lack of faith in ourselves or, indeed, in our work.  However, the truth is quite to the contrary.

When working with you, an Energy Healer is doing just that – working with you – and your energy field.  You have ultimate control over your energy field.  In fact, you have always had ultimate control over your energy field.  Even when you got sick in the first place.  Sorry, but true – you just didn’t know it at the time.

Our energy fields and our bodies are a mish mash of energy flowing around – some of it positive and some of it negative. Some of it vibrating at a higher frequency level than other parts of it. Some of it therefore, healthy and some of it, therefore, unhealthy.

My job, as an Energy Healer, is to help you release the negative, unhealthy energy from your energy field and help you promote the input of more positive, healthy energy.  Pain and emotional symptoms are simply the result of your body telling you, you have something negative to release. Your body is telling you that you have a resistance to healing. Our bodies naturally self heal but we sometimes put up some kind of resistance to this healing and that’s where our pain comes from.  Either way, it’s a simple case of taking out the negative, removing the resistance and putting in the positive.

It’s a bit like being in a boat with a small hole in it where the unwanted water is getting in.  At first, not a big problem – but after a while, that input of unwanted water (negative energy) causes the boat to sink.  If the boat owner doesn’t know what to do with their own boat, they call in someone to help.  The helper then starts to scoop out the unwanted water from one end of the boat.

Some boat owners, aware of how things work, help by working out how to block up the hole and they also begin to scoop the unwanted water away. They sometimes have to get their hands dirty and probably follow advice they are not comfortable with – it isn’t always easy – but working together solves the problem as quickly as possible.

However, sometimes, when the boat owner doesn’t understand how these things work, they ignore the hole in the bottom of the boat – the original cause of the problem – and they just sit and watch as the helper consistently releases unwanted water from the vessel.  Success in this scenario, of course, will be short term and long term relief will be limited.

There are even cases when the boat owner doesn’t just sit and watch the helper but actually sabotages the operation by taking a container, much larger than the helper’s, and scooping up unwanted water from outside the boat to put into the boat!

What kind of boat owner are you?

So, if anything, Energy Healers should be asking you for guarantees.  Can you guarantee to take an interest in your own boat? Learn how it works and help fix it?

If you are in the process of fixing your boat and would like help with this please get in touch.

Love and Blessings,



PS Talking of boats………here’s a lovely yet profound clip for you……………Enjoy! xx

When Pain is your Friend

We were born to be great. We are innately great. So why don’t we always feel so great? How come we experience pain?

Very often it’s because we have grown. Spiritually. When we make spiritual shifts in life, either through working on ourselves or through amazing experiences (or both!) and our vibrations rise suddenly, it can take time for that shift to manifest itself into our dense, physical 3D bodies.  In addition to that, we have accumulated blocks and restrictions along our path in life.  We have created these energetic blocks ourselves with our own limiting beliefs and our man-made fear. It’s as if our spiritual growth is demanding that we release these beliefs and man-made fears.

But they are just that – beliefs and man-made.

So the good news is we can un-create them 🙂

Release your negative thinking, release your limiting beliefs and release your man-made fear.

Physical pain is just the body’s way of telling you that you are resisting something new. Pain is just a message that we are resisting change. When you can view your physical pain as just that – a message, and a positive message at that  – then the negative complaining of the pain can turn into gratitude and love and soon, very soon, the pain will make way for that spiritual growth that your soul was looking for.

So when you work on yourself – with affirmations, gratitude, emotional healing etc – your vibrations rise and you grow spiritually.  As your level of consciousness rises, you align further with who you really are.

But our physical human bodies can be cumbersome. They, in their dense 3D state of being, need time to adjust to the new frequency at which you are vibrating. This causes dis-ease and imbalance within the cells of the body.

When faced with this situation, I found Abraham Hicks very comforting (click here for Abraham Hicks and physical pain on YouTube).  It provided me with the insights I needed in order to turn the anguish, worry and despair of the pain into gratitude, joy and excitement at the shift I was experiencing. The pain went.

Being in physical pain makes it hard to concentrate, focus, think clearly let alone think positively but you need to do just that and to appreciate what’s really going on. Look at the bigger picture. You are being given an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to release and an opportunity to shine even brighter than you ever have before. So instead of moaning and complaining to your body about the pain – stop and ask yourself – what do I need to release? What is holding me back? What is my body trying to tell me?  Affirm that you are willing to release all resistance.

Allow the release.  Allow the change. Enjoy the growth – for with it comes greater health, greater peace and greater happiness.

Release the resistance to your greatness.

For help with releasing your physical pain and with Healing yourself to Happiness please visit

With Love and Blessings



El Muro de Corazón (y Por Qué Tienes que Liberar el Tuyo)

Llevamos años hablando metafóricamente del concepto de que formamos un muro alrededor de nuestros corazones, y el refrán “Una y no más, Santo Tomás” es muy cierto para muchos de nosotros. Nos protegemos de un corazón roto y del dolor “apagando” nuestros sentimientos, y en casos más severos podemos llegar a vivir “cómodamente entumecidos”.

Muchas personas no se dan cuenta de que literalmente podemos construir, y de hecho lo hacemos, un muro de energía negativa (emociones atrapadas) alrededor de nuestros corazones para prevenir que emociones negativas y dolorosas lleguen hasta el corazón. Inicialmente esto puede parecer algo muy práctico en ciertas ocasiones, pero tienes que darte cuenta de que si previenes que entren emociones negativas en tu corazón, estás haciendo lo mismo con las emociones positivas, y no sólo eso; el muro funciona en ambos sentidos, también previene que las emociones positivas emanen desde el corazón.

Todos hemos escuchado que “lo semejante se atrae”. Puede que no lo creamos o entendamos, pero es un hecho científico que simplemente “ocurre”, así que……. mantén esto en mente.

Todos somos energía (todo es energía, ¡otro hecho científico que tenemos que entender!) y toda la energía vibra a ciertas frecuencias. ¡No te vayas, te prometo que no es muy complicado!

Las emociones también son energías con su propia vibración, y cuanto más positiva sea la emoción, más elevada es su vibración. Por ejemplo, el sentimiento de amor tiene una vibración más elevada que el sentimiento de culpa.

Cuanto más positiva sea la energía que tengamos, más positiva será la energía que emanemos, y más energía positiva atraeremos. Así que………….

volvamos al corazón y a su muro. Si liberamos la energía negativa que forma nuestro Muro de Corazón, podemos permitir que la energía positiva vuelva a emanar de nuestro corazón (Amor y Júbilo, por ejemplo, que surgen de forma natural), lo cual atraerá Amor y Júbilo verdadero por parte de los demás en forma de tu media naranja (alma gemela), además de más experiencias positivas en general.

Si muestras al mundo un corazón “protegido” con una capacidad limitada para sentir, atraerás a alguien con los mismos problemas (¡una y otra vez!), prorrogando tu patrón negativo de comportamiento en todos los aspectos de tu vida, pero especialmente en relación a tus parejas. Así que ahora ya sabes por qué atraes una y otra vez las relaciones equivocadas.

Libera tu Muro de Corazón y no sólo romperás ese círculo vicioso de parejas equivocadas, también podrás sentir más amor, más júbilo y más paz en todos los aspectos de tu vida. Realmente hace que se te abra el corazón, permitiendo que recibas más energía positiva en todo momento.

Yo puedo ayudarte a liberar tu Muro de Corazón y a disfrutar la libertad y el júbilo que supone tener un corazón realmente abierto.

Mándame un mensaje si te gustaría aprender más

¿Cómo Funciona La Sanación Energética A Distancia?

Somos como peces nadando en un mar de energía.  La energía es el material con el que todas las cosas  están hechas; está en todas las cosas y a través de todas las cosas, y llena el inter-espacio del Universo.

-Dr. Bradley Nelson

La respuesta fácil a esta pregunta tan frecuente es que “Todos estamos conectado”. Sin embargo, esta información muchas veces nos lleva a preguntarnos la también habitual pregunta de; -¿Cómo estamos todos conectados?

Primero, para entender cómo estamos conectados, necesitamos entender que todo es energía. Este concepto es ya de por sí difícil de asimilar, especialmente cuando la mayoría de vosotros estaréis,  en este preciso momento, sentados en lo que aparenta ser una silla muy sólida pero, sin embargo, el hecho es que está científicamente probado  que todo es energía. No sólo todo es energía sino que a su vez esa energía vibra a diferentes frecuencias. La Ley de la atracción  (Platón : “Lo similar se atrae” alrededor de 319 AC) explica que la frecuencia que emitimos es la que recibimos, que es por lo que a la gente positiva les suele pasar cosas positivas y viceversa. Lo que sea en lo que enfocamos nuestra mente eso es lo que recibiremos/seremos (hay demasiadas personas a las que citar con respecto a esto, pero será suficiente decir que Buda y Louise Hay, entre muchos otros, han sido citados refiriéndose a este tema). Si hay dos personas, una llena de positividad y otra hundida en la miseria, después de un rato encontrarán una frecuencia común – o el positivo se sentirá peor (su energía positiva le habrá sido chupada) – o el que se siente desgraciado se sentirá mejor. Todos tenemos personas, sitios y cosas que nos hacen sentir mejor – que elevan nuestra vibración – un buen amigo, la playa, el amanecer, nuestra mascota, nuestra butaca favorita, etc. (¡incluso si esa butaca está vibrando a una frecuencia diferente a la nuestra, y aparente ser sólida!) Esto demuestra que  podemos ver y sentir la energía que nos rodea de forma cotidiana.

Así que, ¿cómo se aplica esto a distancia? Bueno, la raíz de esta respuesta la encontramos en la física Cuántica, y particularmente en las 2 principales teorías cuánticas. La primera es la de la No-Localidad  (a la cuál Einstein se refería como “la inexplicable acción a distancia”) y la segunda es la Intricación Cuántica. Ahora, yo no soy físico cuántico y apuesto a que no muchos de los que lean esto lo serán, así que no voy ni a intentar desmigar estos conceptos científicos y la videncia que ellos aportan pero, por favor investigarlos y buscarlos en google. Abreviando; se ha observado que lo que afecta a una partícula en un sitio determinado, también afectan a otra partícula (átomo, fotón, molécula…energía), aparentemente separada y que se encuentra en otra localidad. El concepto de la Intricación se ve comúnmente en las madres que pueden “sentir” cuándo sus bebés les necesitan o con gemelos que pueden “sentir” lo que el otro siente.

Sin embargo, sí citaré al biólogo celular internacionalmente reconocido, Bruce H. Lipton, que, en mi opinión, lo ha resumido de una forma maravillosa en el capítulo 2 de su último libro, “The Honeymoon Effect” (2013) (El Efecto Luna de Miel),  titulado Buenas Vibraciones,

“…una vez que una partícula inter-actúa (o en el lenguaje cuántico, “intrica”) con otra partícula, sin importar la distancia a la que se encuentran, (eso es no local), sus estados mecánicos se mantienen unidos. Si, por ejemplo, la dirección rotatoria de una partícula es en dirección de las agujas del reloj, la dirección rotatoria de su intricada gemela es la opuesta, al contrario de las agujas del reloj……  Da igual la distancia que las separe, cuando la polaridad de la rotación de una de las partículas cambia, la polaridad o rotación de su gemela también cambia simultáneamente, incluso si una se encuentra en parís y la otra Pekín.

No es factible ni legal que cite el capítulo entero aquí, pero después de investigar profundamente este fenómeno, esta es la mejor explicación para nosotros, profanos en la materia, que he encontrado hasta ahora, y cuesta menos de £8 comprarlo en internet, así que si alguien sigue teniendo dificultades con esta pregunta le animo a que invierta en él. (El libro también explica cómo mantener el romance vivo en la relación de pareja, de ahí viene el título).

Cuando sanamos a distancia (o se lleva a cabo una investigación científica para probar la teoría mencionada) se necesita estar concentrado en lo que se está haciendo – los sanadores energéticos lo llaman “intención”, pero su propósito vuelve al hecho de que los pensamientos son energía y los pensamientos positivos atraen a sus similares y, entonces, esa inter-conexión que todos poseemos se vuelve más fuerte cuando está específicamente dirigida.

No sé si esto os he respondido las preguntas – sólo lo puedo explicar cómo yo lo veo y como he dicho anteriormente yo no soy científica,  pero a los que no estén seguros, os tengo que preguntar;

-¿Por qué no simplemente creer?

Después de todo, yo no entiendo la electricidad demasiado bien pero sé, creo y espero que la luz se va a encienda en cuanto le dé al interruptor. No entiendo demasiado bien cómo funciona internet pero sé, creo y espero respuestas cuando las busco en google…….y hay millones de personas, puede que tú seas una de ellas (¿), que no entienden demasiado bien la química que contienen los medicamentos que les prescriben, sin embargo “creen” y “esperan” que funcionen. ( Ahora estamos tocando los conceptos del Efecto Placebo que puede ser un tema relevante para explorar…… pero esa es otra historia!).

Estamos todos conectados en el gran ciclo de la vida! “– El Rey León

Para terminar citaré a Bruce Lipton otra vez (y al Rey León!)

Una vez que aceptamos el hecho de que somos fundamentalmente seres energéticos inextricablemente conectados al vasto, dinámico campo energético del que formamos parte, ya no podemos vernos como individuos impotentes y aislados.”

En otras palabras, estamos todos conectados tenemos poder dentro de esta conexión energética nuestra. Si sigues teniendo dudas, sólo puedo decir, pruébalo – venga, dale al interruptor y ¡que se haga la luz!

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¿Qué Es Una Emoción Atrapada?

El Código de la Emoción (desarrollado por el Dr. Bradley Nelson) es un ejemplo de Psicología Energética, y como otras terapias holísticas, tratamientos y sistemas consiste en liberar Emociones Atrapadas (energía negativa) del cuerpo.

Para entender lo que es una Emoción Atrapada debemos primero entender que TODO es energía – bueno, no necesitamos entenderlo exactamente, sino reconocer el hecho científico que implica. Reconozcámoslo, la mayoría de nosotros no entendemos cómo funciona la electricidad pero sabemos y creemos que la luz se encenderá cuando le damos al interruptor. Sabemos que encontraremos respuestas cuando buscamos algo en Google sin verdaderamente entender cómo funciona internet. Y además de que todo es energía, todo vibra a frecuencias diferentes – cuánto más alta mejor – así que hay algo de verdad a la frase popular; “buena vibra” –  buena vibración se refiere a cosas que nos hacen sentir mejor, es decir que elevan nuestra vibración, y mala vibra las cosas que nos bajan la vibración o nos hacen sentir peor.


Y llegamos al hecho de que todo, incluso las cosas abstractas, están hechas de energía y tienen una vibración específica, concretamente nuestras EMOCIONES y PENSAMIENTOS. Cuando pensamos en algo estamos de hecho permitiendo que esa energía pase a través de nuestro cuerpo, buenos pensamientos tendrán una vibración alta y por ello más saludable para nosotros­­­­­­­­, que es por lo que el PENSAMIENTO POSITIVO es algo tan importante.

No es fácil controlar nuestros pensamientos, y se ha investigado mucho sobre el tema. Mis dos favoritos en este campo son la maravillosa pionera Louise Hay, que recomienda repetirse afirmaciones positivas que, en mi experiencia, funcionan, aunque desarrollos y técnicas más recientes han probado ser más efectivas. Y segundo, el increíble Bruce Lipton PhD, quien actualmente está menguando la separación entre  la ciencia y la espiritualidad con su trabajo sobre los efectos físicos que tienen nuestras emociones y pensamientos (La Biología de las Creencias, 2007)

Bueno, que me desvío. El punto es que cuando sentimos algo (una emoción) es en forma de energía pasándonos por el cuerpo. A veces, en el caso de un trauma o dolor severo por ejemplo, no podemos o no procesamos enteramente esa emoción y nuestros cuerpos se bloquean. A lo  mejor simplemente nos quedamos “entumecidos”, o nos negamos a nosotros mismos el derecho a sentimos de ese modo y lo enterramos muy dentro de nosotros. Bueno, puede que en ese momento te ayude a funcionar mejor, pero eso significa que una gran bola de energía negativa se “entierra” en el cuerpo. Tiene que ir a algún sitio y esto, por sí solo, es una revelación interesante. ¿Dónde decidió la energía negativa ubicarse?

Si en el cuerpo hay una zona que se encuentra más débil la nueva energía negativa seguramente se aloje ahí, creando un nido de emociones, y con el tiempo el bloqueo se hará más grande evitando que el flujo natural de energía circule por el cuerpo. Este bloqueo entonces crea un desequilibrio que puede causar dolor o un mal funcionamiento y enfermedad. La localización dentro del cuerpo también puede ser relevante a la emoción que se ha atrapado. Está demostrado que diferentes órganos y glándulas del cuerpo están relacionados con diferentes emociones. Por ejemplo, la vejiga y el miedo (por eso la gente tiende a hacer pis cuando tienen miedo), los pulmones a la tristeza, el hígado al enfado, etc.

Cuando pensamos en nuestros momentos más traumáticos es más fácil entender que podamos tener emociones negativas atrapadas. Por ejemplo, el sentimiento de rechazo o traición después de una ruptura de pareja, o el sentimiento de abandono cuando nuestra madre no nos defiende de niños frente a un padrastro violento…..pero estas Emociones Atrapadas también pueden ser debidas a eventos menos importantes. Un niño de 3 años que ha perdido su juguete favorito podría atrapar una emoción de pérdida, ansiedad o desesperación. Un niño que se pierde en una tienda podría atrapar una emoción de pánico – y todos hemos experimentado este tipo de cosas.

También podemos reforzar Emociones Atrapadas.  Una vez que ya tenemos una Emoción Atrapada, la próxima vez que sintamos esa emoción reforzará la Emoción Atrapada ya atrapada y hará que el sentimiento sea más intenso. Terapeutas suelen referirse a este concepto como “Big Bells Little Bells” (Grandes Campanas Pequeñas Campanas), esto es cuando reaccionamos en exceso a una situación porque la pequeña emoción que estamos sintiendo detona la emoción más grande que tenemos dentro. Esto también puede hacernos más vulnerables y volver a atrapar esa emoción en el futuro.

Para complicar las cosas aún más también tenemos “Emociones Atrapadas Heredadas”, que adquirimos  en el momento de la concepción de nuestros progenitores, y es habitual que estas Emociones Atrapadas Heredadas lleven transmitiéndose durante generaciones.  El liberar estas  emociones heredadas puede causar un alivio instantáneo a un mal, es como si hubiesen cogido fuerza e impacto a medida que se han ido pasando en la línea genética, y es importante tener en cuenta que una vez que son liberadas se liberan de TODO el linaje futuro y también pasado.  Pensar que podemos heredar emociones negativas de nuestros padres siempre es más fácil de asumir que el pensar en pasarlas a nuestros hijos. El pasarles energía negativa a nuestros hijos muchas veces pude hacernos sentir culpables, pero por suerte el Código de la Emoción nos da una forma efectiva y rápida de liberar estas dañinas energías negativas y proporcionarnos una forma natural de sanación y equilibrio para el cuerpo, por lo tanto ayudando a la buena salud en todas las áreas de la vida.

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