Getting Rid of your Emotional Baggage

We all have Emotional Baggage or at least we have all had Emotional Baggage at some stage in our lives.  Many deny it, others think they are “over it” but whichever way you look at it we have all been hurt, let down, lied to, disappointed, lost, heartbroken, upset, angry, frustrated, scared, sad, betrayed, anxious, insecure, confused, taken for granted, unsupported, shocked, humiliated, jealous, guilty, discouraged, nervous or helpless at some point.  It is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s life!  Sometimes we can work through these emotions and the energy of the emotion releases naturally from our energy field.  However, there are other times when for one reason or another, we can’t or we don’t process the emotion fully and the energy from that emotion gets stuck in our body somewhere. This can have both a physical and emotional effect on us.  When we trap a number of emotions this way,  the energy of the trapped emotions can literally block the flow of our life force energy and this can cause mal-function, disease and other physical symptoms.  Emotionally these trapped emotions can affect us by triggering and exaggerating our responses.  If we have trapped emotions of anxiety we will feel more anxious more easily, trapped emotions of resentment will make us feel resentment more easily, trapped emotions of guilt will make us feel guilty more easily and trapped emotions of heartache will make us feel hurt more easily.

Once bitten twice shy is another good example of the effects of trapped emotions.  If you have been hurt once you will protect yourself from being hurt again.  This is all very well you may think but when you offer to the Universe a protected and guarded heart, by the Law of Attraction (Like attracts Like) you will attract, to you, someone with a protected and guarded heart.  Not the best foundation for a long term, loving, and joyful relationship, eh?

It’s not just our relationships that suffer – trapped emotions can also affect our moods, weight, health, flexibility and level of consciousness.

So, now we have acknowledged that we are harbouring these trapped emotions what can we do about them?  Well, there are many ways to release this negative energy from our energy field.  All Holistic Therapies revolve around releasing this tension and stress as does exercise (Yoga is a powerful tool for this).  In my opinion, Energy healing is the most effective way to release trapped emotions.  Again, there are many forms of Energy healing but my favourites are The Emotion Code and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Having a course of such healing sessions will certainly result in healing on a number of levels and your mind, body and spirit will benefit enormously.  However, long term Energy healing sessions can get quite expensive and leave you reliant on others to “do” the healing for you even if they are just acting as an energy channel for you.  This is why I am so passionate about Coaching my clients in Self Healing Techniques so that they can release their own Emotional Baggage and release physical and emotional symptoms and negative energies that are holding them back from their true greatness.

I am a firm believer that the power is within YOU.  Everything is energy.  We are energy. Our emotions and our thoughts are energy. Feelings are energy. Food is energy. Colours have energy. Crystals and oils have energy. Words carry energy. Rooms have energy. Our imagination carries energy. Our intention is energy. Our positive intentions combined with positive emotions, thoughts and beliefs are a truly powerful force.  Whether you call it “The Secret”, The Law of Attraction, Energy Laws or Common Sense – this knowledge and how to apply it to your life is of the utmost importance if you want to be able to manifest the health, prosperity and love you desire in life.

Our Heal yourself to Happiness Retreats provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn and practice valuable Energy healing techniques as well as learning about the Law of Attraction and manifesting through Love and Gratitude.  The Retreats run for 6 days from Sunday to Saturday with practical Energy healing Workshops each morning and visiting experts in other aspects of Energy healing giving evening talks twice during the week.  Each day begins with a Yoga Therapy class so you can learn how to Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit with movement and breath.

The afternoons are Free time and can be spent enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery around the pool, playing tennis, hiking, cycling (bikes provided) or exploring the local area with excursions to our nearby, unspoilt, sandy beaches or stunning local Monastery.  Alternatively, you could spend your free time having a relaxing massage, reflexology or other rejuvenating treatment at our onsite Salon where we offer 25% discounts to Retreat guests.

All in all a stay at our Heal yourself to Happiness Retreat will raise your vibrations and empower you with the skills needed to truly Heal yourself to Happiness.  You will have the opportunity to let go of old baggage like never before and you will inspire yourself with your own ability to heal yourself and attract what you want into your life.  You will feel more connected, motivated and passionate about life and your purpose.  And when you are in alignment with your Life Purpose, abundance appears in all its glory.

And so it is.

Love and Blessings


10 Ways to Become a More Positive Person

As an Energy Healer and Self Healing Coach I find the following are essential to becoming a healthier and more positive person.


1)  Love Yourself  – if you are not sure if you love yourself or not I suggest you use a mirror and look yourself straight in the eye and say ” (Your Name) I Love You”.  If this makes you cringe, cry or laugh out loud then the chances are you haven’t yet learned to Love Yourself.  If saying ” (Your Name) I Love You” makes you smile broadly and fills you with joy, then you can assume you have this one in the bag!

10 ways to become more positive (2)

2)  Giving Gratitude – when we feel depressed or negative it is often difficult to feel gratitude but it is essential you try and find something to feel grateful about.  It could be a friend, sibling, parent or some part of your body that is healthy, attractive or it could be a sunny day etc FIND SOMETHING and each morning say Thank you for …………….. and name it.  Try and find 3 things the next morning.  Keep this up – each morning saying Thank you for 3 special people in your life, or things in your life – make this a habit.  You will find you naturally want to add people and things to the list.  When you have a free 5 mins sit down somewhere quiet and write your Blessings down.  Write the date and Today I am grateful for:………………….Before long you will have lists and lists of blessings, notebooks full of Gratitude and a really positive feeling!



3)  Forgiveness – the secret with Forgiveness is to Remember it is NOT about the person you are forgiving – it’s all about YOU.  It is essential you don’t hold onto negative emotions of bitterness, anger, resentment and frustration.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t worry itself with what’s fair or just – by giving your attention to the negative situation you are lowering your vibrations.  By forgiving and releasing these trapped emotions you are RAISING your vibrations and therefore becoming more positive.

forgiveness-prisoner10 ways to become more positiveforgiveness-prisoner

4)  Learn to Muscle Test your food and drinks so you only consume what is energetically right for you.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”  Let’s remember with every mouthful you are either feeding your health or feeding your ill-health. Which one do you feed?  Obviously the healthier we are the more positive we feel. Muscle Testing (kinesiology) is a way to see the response of our muscles to certain substances.  Our muscles strengthen when given a positive energy and weaken when faced with a negative energy.  By checking if each food item is congruent with your body you can avoid foods that are going to bring you down and stick to fuelling your body with high vibrational foods that will make you feel more positive.

3 essential steps


5) See the blessing in bad situations – Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!  If you think back to a bad situation you can often find something good that came out of it – maybe a realisation, meeting a significant person, learning something life changing……………use this knowledge to help you overcome difficult situations more positively. Look for the lesson in it – look for the blessing.

10 ways to be more positive - silver lining


6) Raise your Vibrations  Everything is energy. We are energy.  Positive emotions vibrate at higher frequencies than negative emotions (Dr David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness) The higher our vibrational frequency the more positive we will be.  So it is essential we release our trapped emotions and negative energy that has lodged in our bodies and fill every cell of our bodies with love, peace and other high vibrational emotions.



7) Find a hobby you can fall in love with and let it become a passion

What do you love doing?  Finding interests that bring us joy is essential to being positive – it’s like our spiritual nourishment – it feeds our souls.  This is particularly important because so many of us – when we follow our hearts – find our true life purpose.



8) Get out into Nature

If you can’t get out into Nature, bring Nature to you with potted plants, window boxes and inspiring landscape photos. When you are in the countryside or the beach, lake or park walk barefoot.  Feel the earth.  Connect. Breathe.



9) Practice Meditation/Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are both practices that trace back to day dot and the rise in their popularity speaks for itself.  You could research the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and physiological benefits of these or you could just take it up with an open heart and an open mind.  You will feel more positive whether you can explain why or not!


10)  Get a Pet

The next best thing to truly loving yourself is truly loving someone or something else.  We are not all in control (well we are, but that’s another story!) of when we meet our human soul mate so in the meantime get a pet.  Please be responsible here, if you live in a flat make it a goldfish and get someone to feed it when you’re away!  Otherwise you can visit a pet.  Look after your pet and develop a relationship with it.  Exercise together (well not if it’s a fish!) Relax together. Just BE together.  So much more positive than being alone.

Me and Sunny Boy


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4 Steps to Becoming a Better Healer

We all know that eating healthily, exercising and looking after our stress levels is paramount to our own  well being but how else can we intentionally raise our vibrations in order to be stronger, more intuitive and better healers?

How can we be sure to pass on positive energy to our clients and not pick up negative energy from them?

How can we heighten our intuition to better serve our clients?

  1. Remove our own energy blocks and emotional baggage.

There are many ways and modalities to choose from to help us identify and release our own emotional baggage and this is a priority for any healer if we are to lead by example.  Emotions, like everything,  are energy and they get trapped within us at moments of high stress when our bodies can’t process them and they become lodged as energy blockages.

Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies – the more positive the emotion, the higher the frequency.  Like attracts like.  Emotions of the same frequency will attract each other so if we have low vibrating trapped emotions lodged in our bodies, they will attract similarly low vibrating emotions to us from others.

This is why protecting ourselves is of utmost importance as a healer and usually involves some method of raising our vibrations.  The more we can clear our own energy blockages and trapped emotions the better protected we are from the negative energies of others and the freer we are to allow the natural, positive healing energy to flow through us.

The Emotion Code, devised by Dr Bradley Nelson, is, in my opinion, the fastest and most effective way to identify and release these trapped emotions and other negative energy blocks from our bodies.

  1. Communicate directly with our subconscious to identify any other blocks to our healing abilities.

Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a most wonderful healing tool.  Once learned and practiced it can enable us to communicate directly with our subconscious minds which is the fountain of all knowledge for our own body and its needs.

It is common these days to find muscle testing used to ascertain food intolerances, calculating doses, identifying which essential oils are needed etc but we can use it for so much more.  We can ask our subconscious directly if there is anything blocking us from being a better healer.

We can use intuition and/or the process of elimination to identify these blocks or alternatively, and in my opinion the easiest way, we can use Dr Bradley Nelson’s Body Code system which is a series of comprehensive mind maps covering all areas of the body’s physical and emotional health.


  1. Raise the communication between our brains/hearts and the rest of our body thus allowing us to “listen” more clearly to our inner guidance.

Over the millennia, we, as humans, appear to have lost a lot of our intuitive state which was (and still is in many ways) so important for our survival.  The communication between our brains and the rest of our bodies and our hearts and the rest of our bodies are also affected by energy blocks and insensitivity.

Meditating remains one of the best ways to “tune into” and nurture our inner voice – or as Louise Hay calls it “Our Inner Ding” but in addition to this we can ask the subconscious mind directly if there is anything we can release to raise the % of brain/heart messages reaching the body intact.

With the help of The Emotion Code chart and Body Code mind maps we can allow the subconscious mind to navigate its way to identifying and then releasing any energy blocks hindering these vital communication channels.  Once these levels have been raised the body is in an optimum state to strengthen its intuition and develop its intuitive abilities.


  1. Change any limiting subconscious beliefs we may have about our healing abilities.

We may want and intend to be the best healers around which is all very well but if our all powerful subconscious has other ideas then it’s not going to happen.  The power of the subconscious mind is well documented as is the fact that our (subconscious) beliefs create our being (Bruce Lipton PhD Cellular Biologist)

Beliefs of not being “good enough” or not being “worthy” are common ones but releasing any subconscious belief which is limiting us and not serving our greater good is crucial if we are to become better healers.  Again we can use kinesiology to test if a positive affirmation is congruent with our subconscious beliefs, eg.

  • I trust in my abilities to self heal
  • I trust in my abilities to help others heal themselves
  • I trust and allow positive healing energy to flow through me

Repeating affirmations can be an effective way to install new beliefs, although, personally I find PSYCH K the best method for integrating the two halves of the brain and installing new belief systems.

For more information on The Emotion Code, The Body Code, PSYCH K, Kinesiology (how to muscle test yourself) and/or guidance on self healing please contact me at

3 Essential Steps to Self-Healing

1) Love Yourself

I know this will either make you smile or cringe, right? Truly loving yourself is not easy and certainly not something you can achieve overnight and it’s not easy to “measure”. Some of you reading this may not even know if you truly love yourself or not. The best guideline is by looking into a mirror – can you look straight into your own eyes and say “I love you (your name)” ? Try it and you will probably respond in one of the following ways:

cringing big time
laughing out loud
smiling broadly
wanting to cry

Needless to say, smiling broadly is the one that shows that you DO love yourself so if you responded this way – well done – congratulations!

The other 3 answers show that you’re either not quite there or far from it. The best and pioneering teacher for learning to love yourself is, of course, the lovely Louise Hay. Reading her book “You Can Heal Your Life” is a must (or watching the film of the same name) – there’s plenty of Mirror work and Affirmations.

The truth is that if you can’t truly love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to truly love you? And if you can’t truly love yourself, how can you truly love anyone else? Many of us have limiting and sabotaging sub conscious beliefs, for example, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worth loving”, so being able to release these and replace them with positive statements, for example, “I am worthy”, “I love and accept myself as I am”, “I am loving, lovable and loved”, is essential. Repeating Affirmations is definitely an effective way to do this even if the words do get stuck in your throat at first but they do take time. PSYCH K, on the other hand, is an amazing tool whereby we can literally change such limiting beliefs that do not serve us.

10 ways to become more positive (2)

2) Giving Gratitude

This is the one that often goes in one ear and out the other. Stop – think about it. I mean REALLY giving gratitude. I started “counting my blessings” a few years ago by just acknowledging my mother, sister and son in my life each day as I passed the wind chime in the hallway on my way out every morning. To be honest I didn’t think much about it but slowly over time I added people, then later things to the list of blessings to be counted. Then I started writing them down in a little notebook – the more I did this, the more the Universe gave me to be grateful for. It’s all about matching vibrations. If you complain and send out the negative vibrations of complaining, the Universe will match it by giving you more things to complain about. If you send out the positive vibrations of Gratitude – Like attracts Like – it’s Physics! The Universe has to match it and you will just keep getting more and more things to be grateful for. I’ve now got notebooks and journals full of my blessings – I find a quiet spot and a quiet moment – each page headed with the date and Today I am Grateful for: – the list goes on and on. Use your senses – what can you SEE that you’re grateful for? What can you SMELL? What can you HEAR? How do you FEEL? If you’re poorly or sick be grateful for the bits of you that are healthy. If you’re not happy with your body, be grateful for the bits you ARE happy with. Find SOMETHING to be grateful for……..the Universe will take it from there!


3) Learn to Muscle Test Yourself

This is such an amazing tool to have – being able to tap into your subconscious mind to find out exactly what your body wants or needs in order to heal itself!


Everything is Energy – It’s Physics again! Energies (thoughts, emotions, food, substances, beliefs, etc) that are GOOD for us, and that our bodies NEED, make our bodies stronger and this is felt by our muscles literally getting stronger. The Energies from substances that our bodies DON’T want (try it with cigarettes or chocolate!!) will make our muscles weaker. If you are a beginner at this try The Sway test first. Stand up straight, relax and focus on something you love, that makes you feel good. Think of the word LOVE and your body will gently sway forwards. Now, change your thoughts to something negative – a violent event in your life or a war scene and the word HATE – see how your body reacts to the negativity. Does it sway backwards this time?

Muscle testing does take some practice and there are many different ways to test your muscle strength. My favourite is known as the Ring in Ring method and involves placing your fingers together as in the photo below and gently trying to pull them apart.

Practice by saying a true statement, for example, “My Name is ________” and feel the strength of your fingers. Now say a false name and feel how your fingers go weaker. It may feel just like a subtle difference at first – but a significant one. Now you can try it with some foods – try obviously bad foods first. Place chocolate, for example, on your chest (I stick things down my cleevage!) muscle test and acknowledge the strength of your muscles. Now try again with a piece of fruit. Can you FEEL the difference? Remember, we are just trying to measure the strength of our muscles to establish the difference between a positive and negative response. We are not trying to break through the fingers on purpose! We are acknowledging the difference in our muscle strength between a positive and negative response.

Every BODY is different and we can all develop food intolerances when we’re stressed so what’s good for one person may not be good for another. If you ONLY eat foods that you test POSITIVE for, your BODY will THANK YOU by making you FEEL SO much BETTER!

This skill is invaluable especially in today’s world of processed foods when, to be honest, we don’t really know what we’re eating!

FOOD is our MEDICINE and equally in today’s world FOOD is our POISON. Now you can self medicate on the RIGHT foods for YOUR body.

3 essential steps to self healing

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How does Energy Healing work over distance?

energy healingThe easy answer to this frequently asked question is that “We are all connected”. However, this notion often produces the other frequently asked question of “How are we all connected?”

Firstly, to understand how we are all connected, we need to understand that everything is energy. This concept is already a difficult one to get our heads round, especially as most of us will be sitting on what seems like a solid chair at the moment but, nonetheless, it remains a well documented scientific fact – everything is energy. Not only is everything energy but that energy is vibrating at various different frequencies. The Law of Attraction (Plato – “likes tend toward likes” circa 391 BC) explains that whatever frequency we give out, we will receive, which is why positive things gravitate towards positive people and vice versa. Whatever we focus our minds on we will receive/become (too many people to reference for this one because it is so well documented but suffice to say Buddha, Louise Hay and Mike Dooley have, among many, been attributed with quoting this fact!) If you have 2 people, one full of positivity and the other down in the dumps, after a while they will find a common frequency – either the positive one will feel worse (in effect they have been drained of their positive energy) – or the miserable one will feel better. We all have people, places and things that make us feel better – that raise our vibrations – good friends, the beach, sunrises, pets, our favourite armchair, etc (even though that armchair is vibrating at a different frequency to us and appears solid!) So this shows we can see and feel the energy around us on an everyday level.

So, how does this apply over distance? Well the roots to this answer lie in Quantum Physics and with 2 main Quantum theories in particular. The first one being that of Nonlocality – (which Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance”) and the second being that of Entanglement. Now, I for one, am no Quantum Physicist and I’m guessing not many people reading this are either so I’m not going to even attempt to get into the nitty gritty of these Sciencific concepts and the evidence they provide but, please feel free to google them. In short, it has been seen that what effects one particle in one locality also effects another, seemingly separate particle (atom, photon, molecule….energy) in another locality. The Entanglement concept is seen more commonly in new mums who can “sense” when their babies need them or with twins who can “sense” the feelings of each other.

I will, however, quote the internationally recognised cell biologist and leader in bridging science and spirit, Bruce H. Lipton PhD, who has, in my opinion, summed it all up beautifully in the 2nd chapter of his latest book “The Honeymoon Effect” (2013) titled Good Vibrations,

“…once a quantum particle interacts (or in quantum language, “entangles”) with another particle, no matter how many miles apart they are, (that is nonlocal), their mechanical states remain coupled. If, for example, one particle’s rotational spin is clockwise, its entangled twin’s rotational spin is the opposite, counterclockwise……………No matter how much distance separates them, when the polarity or the rotation of one particle’s spin changes, the polarity or rotation of its twin changes simultaneously as well, even if one is in Paris and the other is in Beijing.”

I cannot feasibly or legally quote the whole chapter here but it is, in my opinion after considerable research into this phenomenon, the best explanation to us lay people that I have found to date and it is less than £8 to buy online so I urge anyone still struggling with this question to invest in it. (The book also continues to explain how to keep the romance alive in your relationships – hence the title)

When healing over distance (or indeed carrying out a scientific experiment to prove the above theories) one needs to hold focused thought about what they are doing – energy healers call it “Intention” but its purpose goes back to the fact that thoughts are energy and positive thoughts attract like and, then, that inter connectedness that we all have becomes stronger.

I’m not sure how well this has answered the questions for you – I can only explain it as I see it and as I have stated earlier, I am no scientist but for those of you still not sure, I have to ask the question, “Why not just believe?”. Afterall, I do not really understand electricity but I know, believe and expect the light to come on when I flick the switch. I do not really understand how the internet works but I know, believe and expect some answers when I “google” stuff……and there are millions of people, maybe you’re one of them (?) who don’t really understand the chemistry behind their prescription drugs yet still “believe” and “expect” them to work. (We are now touching on the concepts of the “Placebo Effect” which may well be a relevant topic to explore…………….but that’s another story!)

To quote Bruce Lipton again (and the Lion King!) in conclusion,

“Once we accept the fact that we are fundamentally energetic beings inextricably connected to the vast, dynamic energetic field we are part of, we can no longer view ourselves as powerless, isolated individuals.”

In other words, we are all connected and we have power within this energy connection of ours. If you are still in doubt, I can only say, try it – go on, flick the switch and see!distance healing

The Heart Wall (and Why You Need to Release Yours)

heart wallWe have referred to the concept of a wall around our hearts metaphorically for years and the phrase “Once Bitten Twice Shy” carries truth for many of us. We protect ourselves from heartbreak and pain by “switching off” our feelings and in some more severe cases we can live life “comfortably numb”.

What many people don’t realise is that we can and do literally build a wall of negative energy (trapped emotions) around our hearts to prevent painful, negative emotions from reaching the heart. This may seem, initially, a very practical thing to do in some cases but you need to realise – by preventing negative emotions from entering the heart, the wall is also blocking positive emotions from entering and not only that, but the wall works both ways – it also blocks positive emotions from radiating out from the heart.

Now we all know that “Like attracts Like” – we may not believe it or understand it but it is a scientific fact that just “happens” so……..

We are all energy (everything is energy – another scientific fact we need to get our heads round!) and all energy vibrates at certain frequencies – stay with me here I promise it’s not too complicated!!

Emotions are energy that vibrate too and the more positive the emotion the higher the vibration eg the feeling of love vibrates at a higher frequency than the feelings of shame and guilt for example.

The more positive energy we have, the more positive energy we radiate and the more positive energy we attract. So……………

Back to the heart and its wall. By releasing the negative energy creating your Heart Wall we can allow positive energy to radiate out from the Heart (naturally occurring Love and Joy for example) which will attract true Love and Joy from others in the form of Mr or Mrs Right (Soulmate) and more positive experiences in general.

If you radiate out to the world your “protected” heart with its limited feeling you will attract someone with the same issues (again and again!) thus continuing your negative behavioural pattern in all areas of your life but in particular with your relationships. So now you know why you keep attracting the wrong relationships.

Release your Heart Wall (there are a number of Energy Healing modalities to help you) and not only will you break that cycle of wrong partners but you can also feel more love, joy and peace in all areas of your life.

I can help you release your Heart Wall and enjoy the freedom and joy that comes with having a truly open heart.

Message me if you’d like to learn more

What is a Trapped Emotion – The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code (devised by Dr Bradley Nelson) is an example of Energy psychology, and like other holistic therapies, treatments and systems it revolves around releasing trapped emotions (negative energy) from the body.

To understand what a trapped emotion is we must first understand that EVERYTHING is energy – well, we don’t need to understand it exactly but to recognise it as the scientific fact that it is. Let’s face it, most of us don’t really understand how electricity works but we know and believe the light will come on when we flick the switch. We know we’ll get some answers when we “google” a question without really understanding how the internet works. In addition to everything being energy, everything vibrates at different frequencies – the higher the better – so there is truth in the popular phrases “good vibes” and “bad vibes”- good vibes being things that make us feel better ie raise our vibrations and bad vibes being the ones that lower our vibrations and leave us feeling worse.

Now we come to the fact that everything – even abstract things – are made of energy and have vibrations – namely our EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS. When we think a thought we are actually letting that energy pass through our bodies – good thoughts will be higher in vibrations and therefore healthier for us which is why POSITIVE THINKING is such a big deal.

It’s not easy to control our thoughts and there has been a lot of research into this. My two favourites are the wonderful pioneer in this field Louise Hay who recommends repeating positive affirmations which, in my experience definitely work although more recent developments and techniques have proved to be much quicker. Secondly, the amazing Bruce Lipton PhD who is currently bridging the perceived gap between science and spirituality with his work on the physical effects of our emotions and thoughts (The Biology of Belief, 2007).

Anyway, I digress. The point is that when we feel something (emotion) it is in the form of energy passing through our bodies. Sometimes, in the case of severe trauma or bereavement for example, we don’t or can’t fully process an emotion and our bodies shut down. Perhaps we just go “numb” or we deny ourselves the right to feel that way and we bury the feeling deep inside. Well, it may help you to function better at the time but that’s a big ball of negative energy to be “buried” in the body. It has to go somewhere and this, in itself, is an interesting realisation. Where does the negative energy decide to lodge itself?

If the body already has a weak area then the new negative energy will most commonly find its way there – creating a nest of emotions – over time creating a bigger and bigger blockage to the naturally flowing positive energy that’s trying to pass around the body. This blockage then creates an imbalance where pain, mal-function and disease can occur. The actual location within the body can also be relevant to the emotions being trapped. It has been well documented that different organs and glands in the body relate to different emotions. For example, the bladder and fear (hence people want to wee themselves when scared), the lungs and sorrow, liver and anger and so on.

When we think about our most traumatic times it is easier to understand that we may well have trapped negative emotions. For example, the feeling of rejection or betrayal after a relationship break up or the emotion of abandonment when our mother doesn’t defend us as a child against a violent step father………but these trapped emotions can also be from less significant events. A 3 year old who has lost his favourite toy could trap emotions of lost, anxiety or despair. Or a small child getting lost in a shop could trap emotions of panic – and we have all experienced these things.

We can also have compounded trapped emotions. Once we have trapped an emotion, the next time we feel that emotion it compounds with the existing trapped emotion to make the feeling more intense. Counsellors commonly call this concept ” Big Bells Little Bells” when we over react to a situation because the small emotion we are feeling is triggering off a larger trapped emotion from within. This can also make us more vulnerable to trapping that emotion again in the future.

Furthermore, to complicate matters we also have “inherited trapped emotions” which are basically passed onto us at the time of conception from either biological parent. They too, could have inherited it from their parents and it is common to find these inherited trapped emotions spanning back through the generations. Releasing these inherited emotions can often bring immediate relief to ailments – it’s almost as if they have built up strength and impact as they have passed down the gene line and it is important to note that once released they have been released from the WHOLE gene line forwards as well as backwards. The thought of inheriting negative energy from our parents is always easier to handle than the thought of passing it onto our children. This passing on of negative energy to our children can often fill us with guilt but luckily The Emotion Code gives us a quick, easy and effective way to release this harmful, negative energy and bring about natural healing and balance to the body thus promoting good health in all areas of our lives.

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