Getting Rid of your Emotional Baggage

We all have Emotional Baggage or at least we have all had Emotional Baggage at some stage in our lives.  Many deny it, others think they are “over it” but whichever way you look at it we have all been hurt, let down, lied to, disappointed, lost, heartbroken, upset, angry, frustrated, scared, sad, betrayed, anxious, insecure, confused, taken for granted, unsupported, shocked, humiliated, jealous, guilty, discouraged, nervous or helpless at some point.  It is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s life!  Sometimes we can work through these emotions and the energy of the emotion releases naturally from our energy field.  However, there are other times when for one reason or another, we can’t or we don’t process the emotion fully and the energy from that emotion gets stuck in our body somewhere. This can have both a physical and emotional effect on us.  When we trap a number of emotions this way,  the energy of the trapped emotions can literally block the flow of our life force energy and this can cause mal-function, disease and other physical symptoms.  Emotionally these trapped emotions can affect us by triggering and exaggerating our responses.  If we have trapped emotions of anxiety we will feel more anxious more easily, trapped emotions of resentment will make us feel resentment more easily, trapped emotions of guilt will make us feel guilty more easily and trapped emotions of heartache will make us feel hurt more easily.

Once bitten twice shy is another good example of the effects of trapped emotions.  If you have been hurt once you will protect yourself from being hurt again.  This is all very well you may think but when you offer to the Universe a protected and guarded heart, by the Law of Attraction (Like attracts Like) you will attract, to you, someone with a protected and guarded heart.  Not the best foundation for a long term, loving, and joyful relationship, eh?

It’s not just our relationships that suffer – trapped emotions can also affect our moods, weight, health, flexibility and level of consciousness.

So, now we have acknowledged that we are harbouring these trapped emotions what can we do about them?  Well, there are many ways to release this negative energy from our energy field.  All Holistic Therapies revolve around releasing this tension and stress as does exercise (Yoga is a powerful tool for this).  In my opinion, Energy healing is the most effective way to release trapped emotions.  Again, there are many forms of Energy healing but my favourites are The Emotion Code and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Having a course of such healing sessions will certainly result in healing on a number of levels and your mind, body and spirit will benefit enormously.  However, long term Energy healing sessions can get quite expensive and leave you reliant on others to “do” the healing for you even if they are just acting as an energy channel for you.  This is why I am so passionate about Coaching my clients in Self Healing Techniques so that they can release their own Emotional Baggage and release physical and emotional symptoms and negative energies that are holding them back from their true greatness.

I am a firm believer that the power is within you.  Everything is energy.  We are energy. Our emotions and our thoughts are energy. Feelings are energy. Food is energy. Colours have energy. Crystals and oils have energy. Words carry energy. Rooms have energy. Our imagination carries energy. Our intention is energy. Our positive intentions combined with positive emotions, thoughts and beliefs are a truly powerful force.  Whether you call it “The Secret”, The Law of Attraction, Energy Laws or Common Sense – this knowledge and how to apply it to your life is of the utmost importance if you want to be able to manifest the health, prosperity and love you desire in life.

My Heal yourself to Happiness Online Course provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn and practice valuable Energy Healing techniques as well as learning about the Law of Attraction and manifesting through Love and Gratitude.  The Course runs one day a week for 6 weeks with practical Energy Healing Workshops, Healing and Coaching in shifting perceptions that can relly change your life. 

This 6 Week Online Course will raise your vibrations and empower you with the skills needed to truly Heal yourself to Happiness.  You will have the opportunity to let go of old baggage like never before and you will inspire yourself with your own ability to heal yourself and attract what you want into your life.  You will feel more connected, motivated and passionate about life and your purpose.  And when you are in alignment with your Life Purpose, abundance appears in all its glory.

And so it is.

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