Why Energy Healers don’t and can’t offer Guarantees

I often get asked how many sessions it will take for a symptom to heal through Energy Healing.  I have also had people tell me that they will agree to have Energy Healing sessions with me if I can guarantee their success!  Well, sorry to say, no can do.  There are no guarantees.

The sceptics seem to think they have won some sort of battle when we say there are no guarantees, as if, somehow, that proves a lack of faith in ourselves or, indeed, in our work.  However, the truth is quite to the contrary.

When working with you, an Energy Healer is doing just that – working with you – and your energy field.  You have ultimate control over your energy field.  In fact, you have always had ultimate control over your energy field.  Even when you got sick in the first place.  Sorry, but true – you just didn’t know it at the time.

Our energy fields and our bodies are a mish mash of energy flowing around – some of it positive and some of it negative. Some of it vibrating at a higher frequency level than other parts of it. Some of it therefore, healthy and some of it, therefore, unhealthy.

My job, as an Energy Healer, is to help you release the negative, unhealthy energy from your energy field and help you promote the input of more positive, healthy energy.  Pain and emotional symptoms are simply the result of your body telling you, you have something to release or acknowledge. Your body is telling you that you have a resistance to healing. Our bodies naturally self heal but we sometimes put up some kind of resistance to this healing and that’s where our pain comes from.  Either way, it’s a simple case of taking out the negative, removing the resistance and putting in the positive.

It’s a bit like being in a boat with a small hole in it where the unwanted water is getting in.  At first, not a big problem – but after a while, that input of unwanted water (negative energy) causes the boat to sink.  If the boat owner doesn’t know what to do with their own boat, they call in someone to help.  The helper then starts to scoop out the unwanted water from one end of the boat.

Some boat owners, aware of how things work, help by working out how to block up the hole and they also begin to scoop the unwanted water away. They sometimes have to get their hands dirty and probably follow advice they are not comfortable with – it isn’t always easy – but working together solves the problem as quickly as possible.

However, sometimes, when the boat owner doesn’t understand how these things work, they ignore the hole in the bottom of the boat – the original cause of the problem – and they just sit and watch as the helper consistently releases unwanted water from the vessel.  Success in this scenario, of course, will be short term and long term relief will be limited.

There are even cases when the boat owner doesn’t just sit and watch the helper but actually sabotages the operation by taking a container, much larger than the helper’s, and scooping up unwanted water from outside the boat to put into the boat!

What kind of boat owner are you?

So, if anything, Energy Healers should be asking you for guarantees.  Can you guarantee to take an interest in your own boat? Learn how it works and help fix it?

If you are in the process of fixing your boat and would like help with this please get in touch.


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Love and Blessings,

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Bev - November 10, 2016

Hi Deborah
Nicely put!

Bev x

Deborah Jane Sutton - November 11, 2016

Thank you Bev. Glad you liked it. Love xxx

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