How does Energy Healing work over distance?

energy healingThe easy answer to this frequently asked question is that “We are all connected”. However, this notion often produces the other frequently asked question of “How are we all connected?”

Firstly, to understand how we are all connected, we need to understand that everything is energy. This concept is already a difficult one to get our heads round, especially as most of us will be sitting on what seems like a solid chair at the moment but, nonetheless, it remains a well documented scientific fact – everything is energy. Not only is everything energy but that energy is vibrating at various different frequencies. The Law of Attraction (Plato – “likes tend toward likes” circa 391 BC) explains that whatever frequency we give out, we will receive, which is why positive things gravitate towards positive people and vice versa. Whatever we focus our minds on we will receive/become (too many people to reference for this one because it is so well documented but suffice to say Buddha, Louise Hay and Mike Dooley have, among many, been attributed with quoting this fact!) If you have 2 people, one full of positivity and the other down in the dumps, after a while they will find a common frequency – either the positive one will feel worse (in effect they have been drained of their positive energy) – or the miserable one will feel better. We all have people, places and things that make us feel better – that raise our vibrations – good friends, the beach, sunrises, pets, our favourite armchair, etc (even though that armchair is vibrating at a different frequency to us and appears solid!) So this shows we can see and feel the energy around us on an everyday level.

So, how does this apply over distance? Well the roots to this answer lie in Quantum Physics and with 2 main Quantum theories in particular. The first one being that of Nonlocality – (which Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance”) and the second being that of Entanglement. Now, I for one, am no Quantum Physicist and I’m guessing not many people reading this are either so I’m not going to even attempt to get into the nitty gritty of these Sciencific concepts and the evidence they provide but, please feel free to google them. In short, it has been seen that what effects one particle in one locality also effects another, seemingly separate particle (atom, photon, molecule….energy) in another locality. The Entanglement concept is seen more commonly in new mums who can “sense” when their babies need them or with twins who can “sense” the feelings of each other.

I will, however, quote the internationally recognised cell biologist and leader in bridging science and spirit, Bruce H. Lipton PhD, who has, in my opinion, summed it all up beautifully in the 2nd chapter of his latest book “The Honeymoon Effect” (2013) titled Good Vibrations,

“…once a quantum particle interacts (or in quantum language, “entangles”) with another particle, no matter how many miles apart they are, (that is nonlocal), their mechanical states remain coupled. If, for example, one particle’s rotational spin is clockwise, its entangled twin’s rotational spin is the opposite, counterclockwise……………No matter how much distance separates them, when the polarity or the rotation of one particle’s spin changes, the polarity or rotation of its twin changes simultaneously as well, even if one is in Paris and the other is in Beijing.”

I cannot feasibly or legally quote the whole chapter here but it is, in my opinion after considerable research into this phenomenon, the best explanation to us lay people that I have found to date and it is less than £8 to buy online so I urge anyone still struggling with this question to invest in it. (The book also continues to explain how to keep the romance alive in your relationships – hence the title)

When healing over distance (or indeed carrying out a scientific experiment to prove the above theories) one needs to hold focused thought about what they are doing – energy healers call it “Intention” but its purpose goes back to the fact that thoughts are energy and positive thoughts attract like and, then, that inter connectedness that we all have becomes stronger.

I’m not sure how well this has answered the questions for you – I can only explain it as I see it and as I have stated earlier, I am no scientist but for those of you still not sure, I have to ask the question, “Why not just believe?”. Afterall, I do not really understand electricity but I know, believe and expect the light to come on when I flick the switch. I do not really understand how the internet works but I know, believe and expect some answers when I “google” stuff……and there are millions of people, maybe you’re one of them (?) who don’t really understand the chemistry behind their prescription drugs yet still “believe” and “expect” them to work. (We are now touching on the concepts of the “Placebo Effect” which may well be a relevant topic to explore…………….but that’s another story!)

To quote Bruce Lipton again (and the Lion King!) in conclusion,

“Once we accept the fact that we are fundamentally energetic beings inextricably connected to the vast, dynamic energetic field we are part of, we can no longer view ourselves as powerless, isolated individuals.”

In other words, we are all connected and we have power within this energy connection of ours. If you are still in doubt, I can only say, try it – go on, flick the switch and see!distance healing

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