In The Great Awakening, She who Dares, Wins

Recently, as I was walking my dog around our local area in the orange groves, I came across a grapefruit tree. It was a very unkept grapefruit tree – unkept completely and the fruit on it was going to waste so I did not feel bad about helping myself to its fruits.

It was muddy all around the bottom of the tree, the branches were crawling with ants and other insects. There were ants all over the place. It hadn’t been cared for at all so there were some branches and twigs that were completely overgrown and spiky.

I picked the grapefruits that were most accessible to me first, but then I wanted more so I was inspired to keep going. I tried to reach other grapefuits which were tantilising me just out of reach.

There was no two ways about it – I was going to have to get spiked by a twig or two. I was going to have to get my feet muddy as I repositioned myself to reach higher up the tree.

I got another couple of grapefruits which made me feel very happy with myself for some reason. Despite the scratches and mud I was rising to the challenge and it was feeling good!

I still wanted more. I was on a mission to gather as many ripe and juicy grapefruits as I could. It turned into some kind of personal challenge. Spying a number of gorgeous looking grapefruits a tad further up the tree, I decided to rise to the challenge even more. I felt inspired to overcome the obstacles in my path so I could access the even more delicious looking grapefruits on the tree above me.

Feeling motivated and energetic, I reached up grabbing a branch to pull myself up higher into the tree. As I lifted myself up I could feel the ants from the branch crawl all over my hand and I was suddenly faced with yet another challenge and obstacle to overcome. Obstacles in life are always about releasing fear of some sort and overcoming limiting beliefs. There is always more fear we can release. This was such a challenge. If I could release any fear that I felt about having ants crawling all over me, I would be able to pass to the next level of the tree and reap my rewards. In this case, more grapefruits. I had to think quickly, the ants were halfway to my elbow already – what was the worst thing that could happen? I grabbed the next branch, reached the grapefruits and picked them quickly putting them into my bag. I felt so elated, so valiant, so courageous but most of all I felt so deserving of the abundance of beautiful grapefruits that I had in my bag now.

Brushing the ants off, I felt like I had achieved more than just scrumping grapefuits. I had faced fear, ignored limiting beliefs and dared to follow my inspiration. I came home with a bag full of grapefuits. That would have been just 3 grapefruits if I hadn’t released my first fear. But I had a bag full of grapefruits. I had overcome the mud, the spikes and the ants.

The more I dared, the more grapefruits I got. The more I released my fear, the more grapefruits I got. The more I released my limiting beliefs, the more grapefruits I got. The more grapefruits I got, the more joy I experienced. She who dares, wins.

So coming back from this trip, I reflected on this and saw it as a reflection of life. Our obstacles come to us in all shapes and forms. And they are coming for a reason. They come FOR you. For you to be able to release more fears and step into higher levels of love and power which lead to higher levels of joy, peace and harmony. This is self-realisaton.

Although in my experience and analogy today there were just a few ants, in life the challenges could be some really shitty ants, abusive partners, uncaring parents, trauma, tradgey, loss of some sort………all played out on a larger scale but it is still all there for the purpose of you learning and growing and evolving on your path to enlightenment and self realisation.

That’s what life is there for – it is all laid out FOR you. Limiting beliefs and fear are part of the mental and emotional 4th dimensional layer of our energy body and it is this emotional and mental layer, so to speak, that we need to transcend if we are to enjoy the bliss of the 5th dimensional consciousness and create our own Heaven on Earth.

Overcoming these emotions and thought processes carries you to a higher vibrating part of you and your own desires and inspiration are the keys to unlocking this higher consciousness.

Your desires and inspiration come from your heart. Your negative emotions and limiting beliefs come from your mind. This is why it is so important to get out of your head and drop into your heart. There is no denial in your heart. When you drop into your heart, you are taking full 100% responsibility for your own life which involves forgiving all the people that you think have done you harm. The truth is, they haven’t done you harm, they have just let you know in no uncertain terms that you need to love yourself. They did what you, on a soul level, agreed for them to do. The journey to enlightenment is about loving yourself, so by other people NOT loving you, and by other people doing UNloving things, helps you understand the need and importance of loving yourself. The reality that you are drawing into your experience is a reflection of you so when you start loving yourself, you will be surrounded by more loving people.

Therefore, if you are NOT surrounded by loving people, you cannot blame them. The change you seek, starts with YOU. So if you are still blaming your parents, your ex lovers or other people in your life for your experiences, you are not ready to dive into self-healing. You are not ready to wake up at this time.

It’s a basic step – but possibly the biggest step. Why? Because it’s scary healing. It’s scary taking on full responsibility for your own life. Responsibility is scary. Think about it….all responsibility comes with fear. When you have a baby, so many parents are overwhelmed with suddenly being responsible for this new, tiny and vulnerable being. Even if you just take a pet in – it comes with a shedload of responsibility. Responsibility is scary. When you get a promotion at work, why do we get nervous about it? Because responsibility is scary especially new responsibility.

But until you can take on the responsibility for your own life and your own healing and stop blaming other people, you cannot truly awaken. Until you can drop into your heart to find the answers, and not listen to the stories and beliefs going round in your head, you cannot truly awaken.

When you drop into your heart, you are connecting with who you really are – your Soul. And this transcends your negative emotions, thoughts and perceptions. But you have to be brave enough to do this. Brave enough to stop blaming others and to stop blaming the world around you and to see the events of your life from a different perspective. From the perspective that they all happened FOR you – for you to understand the importance of loving yourself. There are no victims in life. Only volunteers. Souls agree to play both goodies and baddies for each other for the purpose of helping each other wake up. We wake up so much quicker through adversity. Present times are a good example of this. It is scary but she who dares, wins.

Dare to be vulnerable. Dare to be open. Dare to cry. Dare to be muddy, to touch the branches with the ants on and to get scratched a bit. You have to dare. Because when you dare you are releasing fear. She who dares wins. She who releases fear, moves a little closer to LOVE. Everytime you release some fear, you are loving yourself a little bit more. At one end of the scale is Fear and at the other end there is Love. When you have no fear, you are living in Love. When you are full of fear, you can’t feel the love.  Every time you release some fear you move up this scale a little bit closer to love. Those who have a near death experience, leap from one end of the scale to the other!


Most of us, however, enjoy the ascension process through small, manageable chunks of awakening – by releasing a lilttle fear here and there as we go. We raise our vibration and expand our consciousness in a gradual and manageable process usually by releasing fear. And every time you release some fear, and move up this scale you are gaining something…………….there is always a gain…….that’s self love, self-realisation and enlilghtenment.

Dare to be honest with yourself. Dare to listen to your body. Dare to love the bits of you that you have been rejecting. Dare to love. Dare to change your beliefs. Dare to learn more. Dare to listen to your heart and then dare to follow it. Dare to express your truth. Dare to disagree with others. Dare to feel vulnerable. Dare to dig deep. Dare to grow. Dare to do what you want. Dare not to worry what others think of you. Dare to face your shadow side. Dare to embrace change. Dare to find your strength through feeling weak. Dare to feel uncomfortable. Dare to be who you came here to be. Dare to do what you came here to do. Dare to take risks and face challenges in a new way. Dare to feel pain…….for it will lead you to the JOY and LOVE of who you really are. She who dares, wins.

And the joy from your gains will carry you beyond any physical discomfort you endured on the way. That is for sure.

Love and Blessings

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Gill Chadbon - August 18, 2020

I absolutely loved reading this!

What a wonderful analogy. I can sense your joy.

Big Yay!

    Deborah Jane Sutton - August 18, 2020

    Yes – full of joy!! Thank you, Gill, for your comment. Love and Blessings xx

Deborah - October 24, 2020

What a beautiful message written beautifully from a place of reverence 💜

    Deborah Jane Sutton - October 24, 2020

    Thank you Deborah 🙏♥

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