Are you Out of your Mind?

The phrase to be out of your mind has such negative connotations but its roots lie in our spirituality and in fact, to be out of your mind is one of the most beautiful and blissful states to be in.

That’s probably why we have been so conditioned to think otherwise.

On an Energy level our minds are in the 4th dimensional layer of our energy bodies. They are in our emotional/mental layer of energy. And it is these energetic layers we need to transcend to move into 5D levels of consciousness. This is the opportunity we have at this time of the Great Awakening.


Our mind is a tool for us to use for our benefit rather than for us to allow others to use and control for our detriment which is what has been happening for decades and even more so now in this time of ascension.

We have all heard of mind control but the levels to which this can occur is greater than you first believe. It goes deeper than just advertising. Manipulative people have been using mind conditioning and mind control to use our own minds against us. It happens slowly and over time. It happens in personal relationships, working relationships, governments, businesses and, to be honest, by anyone seeking power over others.

We need to reclaim our power and it starts by reclaiming our own minds. How do we do that? We do that by transcending the mind and moving into the heart. Your truth lies in your heart so I want to say, please get out of your mind and into your heart. Your heart is the 5D level of your energy body. It’s where your Soul resides. Your Soul is 5th dimensional.

It is in the heart that there is no division. No warring. No separation. No fear. It’s in the heart that we find our true soul nature. Our true Self. Our Truth. Our Love. Our Divinity. And it is through the heart that we need to start living now. That’s why following your heart and its inspiration is so important in order to express your divinity within your humanity and within your human experience.

It is there in the heart, that we can transcend the mind. The mind houses the ego which is also a tool to be used for our own benefit. Yet it is easy to use the mind and ego to our own detriment.

Stubborness. Wanting to be right. Not willing to shift your beliefs. This is all ego. The ego helps us too of course. It keeps us safe. It is neither good nor bad – like many things in life – it depends on how you use it and the intention that you give it. In other words, use your ego and your mind for your benefit and not your detriment.

The ego is part of the emotional and mental layers of your energy body and it is these layers that are full of trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. It is these deep rooted emotions, beliefs and negative thoughts that are holding you back from reclaiming your power and living from your heart. It is these emotions and beliefs that Eckhart Tolle refers to as the “pain-body” in his book The Power of Now. It is this dense energy within each and every one of us that some refer to as our shadow side. It is this lower frequency energy that we need to clear. Release. Transmute. Alchemise. It is exactly this energy, that we need to transcend if we want to move into 5D and create a New Earth.

The collective is a reflection of the universe within each and every one of us. So if you want to help heal Humanity, start by healing yourself!

The easiest way to get out of your mind and into your heart, is by taking a breath, relaxing the body, dropping your shoulders, closing your eyes and exhaling slowly. Maintain slow, deep breaths for a few seconds as you put your attention on your heart and you will be able to feel the peace within. That’s what we are looking for. That monkey chatter, that argument, that needing to be right, that chaos, that’s all in the mind. Take a breath, focus on your heart and you will find that all of that vanishes. And not only does it all vanish but you will find yourself. Your true self. Not what your ego has identified as you. But your true soul self. It’s there in your heart along with peace, harmony, serenity, positive divine intentions, inspiration, creativity, love, healing – did I say harmony already?

Peace of mind actually comes from the heart!

That’s where the answers lie. It’s where your answers lie. That’s how we transcend 4D and move into 5D. That’s where we find our own inner guidance – not from others – not from the conditioning of our minds but from the inspiration of your soul. It is here, in the heart that you can feel the way to go forward. Flow forward. Keep breathing! When you get out of your mind and into your heart, things begin to fall into place for you.

When you nurture your Soul and follow your heart in this way, a glorious, creative and abundant path appears.

Love and Blessings


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siddharth jain - September 29, 2020

valuable and authentic knowledge

    Deborah Jane Sutton - September 30, 2020

    Thank you for your comment Sidd. I appreciate it. xx

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