Heaven on Earth is already Here

Don’t be discouraged by world events, don’t lose faith in our ability as Humanity to create Heaven on Earth <img draggable=<img draggable=
As an Intuitive Energy Healer who has had the honour and pleasure of reading Soul Profiles and Cards for numerous souls, I can tell you, first hand, that Heaven on Earth is being manifested right now!
For some it is already a reality <img draggable=<img draggable= For Heaven on Earth is not a place but a level of consciousness.
I have read for part-time healers who are inspired to give up the day job and focus their energy more fully on their healing gifts.
I have read for gardeners who are passionate about growing organic vegetables and delivering them to others
I have read for gardeners who hold the vision of creating beautiful gardens and opening them up to mental health patients so they can be nurtured by the smells of the plants and the touch of the soil
I have read for musicians who are inspired to heal others through their music
I have read for medical technicians who are passionate about guiding the medical industry into more holistic methods
I have read for those who understand their gifts lie in catering to the basic needs of others, particularly the very young and the elderly
I have read for animal lovers who are passionate about catering to the needs of animals
I have read for animal owners who hold a vision of inviting inner city kids to learn about “life on the farm”!!
I have read for compassionate souls whose purpose it is to spread their loving energy to all those they come into contact with, as well as those they connect with purely through thought
I have read for those whose passions lie in helping others connect with their physical bodies through physical activity, yoga, dance and outdoor adventures
I have read for interior designers who are inspired by Feng Shui to add greater healing to their designs
I have read for builders who are ready and willing to start building houses, communities, activity centres………
I have read for Truth Seekers whose purpose it is to open the eyes of Humanity
I have read for Hypnobirthers who are passionate about bringing more love and holistic care back into childbirth
I have read for parents who are homeschooling and hold a vision for an education system that puts their children’s welfare first
I have read for school teachers who are inspired to create an education system that does just that
I have read for school staff and parents alike, who want to see children nurtured in their innate channel of creativity
I have read for leaders who are passionate about leading by example for the Highest Good of all
I have read for people who are passionate about learning more, understanding more about the energetic universe we live in and raising their vibrations
I have read for the souls waking up at this time and it touches my heart
I feel so blessed to be able to affirm and confirm their gifts, dreams and visions
I feel so blessed to be able to help others, in any small way, step into their divine power and purpose
For in doing so, I step into mine <img draggable=<img draggable=
Thank you, thank you, thank you <img draggable=<img draggable=
Heaven on Earth is in the making <img draggable=<img draggable=
Trust me, I know. It’s in the cards! <img draggable=
Heaven on Earth is right here <img draggable=<img draggable=
You just have to choose it <img draggable=<img draggable=

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Deeana - December 15, 2020

And you have read for me, thank you SO very much! It really helped me shift my focus, from the problem to the solution. Blessings!

With gratitude,

    Deborah Jane Sutton - December 15, 2020

    Thank you too for all that you do for Humanity 💙💜 You are amazing and I love you heaps 💙💜

Gill Chadbon - April 19, 2021

This does confirm how each of us are contributing to create a better way of being.

Thank you for articulating this so simply.

Keep doing what you are doing to guide us all to fulfil our purpose.

With love and gratitude.

Deborah Jane Sutton - April 19, 2021

Thank you Gill for your comment and for all that you are doing to help those in need see their situations from a higher perspective so they can find freedom and peace. Keep doing what you’re doing too – it’s inspirational! Love and Blessings

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