Prejudice: Victim or Perpetrator?

The World is purging right now. This year of 2020 has given us the greatest opportunity in human history to purge, cleanse, release and heal. As individuals and as a Collective.

Wherever you are on your healing journey, whatever level of consciousness you have there is always another unwanted quality, condition, or feeling of which to rid yourself. And it’s all coming up for healing at this time regardless of your race, gender or beliefs – and regardless of your awareness of it or not.

As Souls we evolve through a process of choice and consequence and not just in this lifetime.

What I have seen over and over again in my field as an Energy Healer, is that we are all much more comfortable with being the victim than being the perpetrator. Yet we have ALL been both. On an energetic level it can be no other way. We live in a 3D World with opposing polarities. There cannot be “good” without “bad”.*

*I use inverted commas here because there is neither good nor bad. It is only our thinking that makes it so.

We came here to experience ourselves, evolve, grow and expand our consciousness and this is much easier and faster to do through adversity. When you are comfortable in life, you are less likely to seek change. The more traumatic the experience the greater the opportunity for growth. So we could argue that nothing is ever “bad” in life. For example, two siblings whose father leaves home may perceive the experience completely differently. One may view it as heartbreaking and attach a feeling of abandonment to the event. Whereas the other sibling may view their father leaving as being a relief, perceiving it as being liberating and choose to attach a feeling of freedom and gratitude to the event.

We do not keep the traumatic events with us in life. We keep the attached traumatic feelings. The event becomes a memory – it is the emotions we have attached to the event that stay with us. Once over, the event can no longer hurt us but the emotions we attach to an event and the emotions we trap as a result of the event can stay with us and cause us continued suffering. It then becomes the emotions themselves that cause our suffering and no longer the event itself. Suppressing these emotions is not the answer of course, they will need to be expressed otherwise they can, over time, cause depression, illness and over-reaction.

However, this is not the point I want to make with this post, although an understanding of how emotional energy is within us is very relevant.

In my work as an Emotion Code practitioner we often find inherited trapped emotions. That is to say, trapped emotions that have been passed down at the point of conception by either biological parent. When I discuss this with clients, they readily acknowledge the concept that they have inherited “something bad” from their parents. However, when I continue by asking if they have children and point out that they may well have passed these inherited trapped and potentially harmful emotions to their children, they change their reaction from one of easy acceptance to one of guilt. They tend to immediately feel guilty about the concept that they have passed on anything “bad” to their children. As I say, we find it easier to acknowledge being a victim to receiving something “bad” from our parents than to acknowledge being the perpetrator of passing on something “bad” to our children. Fortunately, inherited trapped emotions can be released and this healing will be experienced both forwards and backwards down the gene line.

So, as I said, we evolve through a process of choice and consequence and we have been doing so throughout many, many lifetimes through different levels of consciousness. In my Soul Healing work, we look at and clear trapped energy that has been created through negative choices in other lifetimes that is having an impact on one’s present life experience. Here when I say “negative” I don’t mean bad or evil – although many will choose to view it that way – I mean not in alignment with your divinity. That is to say not in alignment with who you came here to be or what you came here to do.

So highly charged emotional choices created in less conscious lifetimes can result in a particular energy that will, not only stay with the soul, but also play out again and again in other lifetimes. This is usually the cause of repeat behavioural patterns.

We also choose before we incarnate what lessons, themes or concepts, we would like to experience in a particular lifetime. We also choose the parents we think will provide us with the environment most suited to us experiencing what it is we have chosen to experience.

Now remember we can experience something through its lack. There are always 2 opposing polarities. For example, if, at soul level, you chose to experience “Caring”, you may also have chosen to incarnate into an UNcaring family as this way you will experience the lack and adversity needed to explore the theme of caring and therefore evolve. What are you going to learn about caring if you are comfortable in a loving, caring family environment? You wouldn’t be seeking change and you wouldn’t be asking yourself the important questions of why etc which propels us to soul search.

The life theme is something we can read in the Infinite Intelligence which is often referred to as the Akashic Records. Once you know what you came here to experience, you can make conscious choices to experience the positive polarity. For example, if you came here to experience Approval you may start off experiencing DISapproval.

Self -Realisation and Self Love are the names of the game so as soon as you start loving yourself or in the above examples, caring for yourself and approving of yourself, you will find that those around you will reflect that self love and self approval back to you and you can enjoy a reality of experiencing the positive polarity of your life theme.

Souls also agree to play roles for each other (we are all one remember!) to help with the process of self-realisation and to learn to love themselves and to experience their chosen themes. Some choose to play “goodies” in the game of life by supporting you, and helping you on your path in a loving way. However, some souls are SO loving that they agree to play the “baddie” in your film of life. Choosing, with your soul’s agreement, to play the perpetrator in your life to help you understand the need for change and the need for greater Self Love. We can often look back at such people who have played “baddies” in our own lives and forgive them more easily when we see their actions caused us to evolve and propelled us to a better, stronger and more healed state of being.

Racism, Prejudice and Judgement

Judgement of others can only really be healed when you have learned not to judge yourself. It is always about you. You are the centre of your own Universe. The world around you is merely reflecting your own energy back to you.

As always there are two polarities to racism, prejudice and judgement. The “doer” and the “receiver”. The “victim” and the “perpetrator”. Both are experiencing the theme, just from different polarities.

We carry so much energy within the 50 trillion cells of our body. Some of it positive high vibrating energy like Love, Peace and Compassion. Some of it low vibrating emotional energy such as Shame, Guilt, Fear and Anger. Eckhart Tolle refers to the lower frequency energy as the “Pain Body”. Some refer to it as our Shadow side. Our darkness. Darkness which can only be healed with Light.

When working with Soul level healing, as with the emotional level work, most people can readily accept that they had been the victim of traumatic events in previous lives which is affecting their present life. I find myself having to remind clients that they haven’t always been so conscious! They haven’t always been so evolved. The fact is they have evolved through the process of choice and consequence and as such, have been the perpetrators of unconscious or “negative” choices as much as they have been the victim. We learn from our wrong doing. However, no one likes to hear that they have caused harm to others even if it was in another lifetime at a level of consciousness that they have since evolved from. But the truth is we have ALL been the perpetrator as well as the victim in many, many choices over our evolution. It is how we have evolved.

We have also all been different races, religions and genders. For a soul to truly experience prejudice it will incarnate as the perpetrator of that particular prejudice one lifetime and the victim of that prejudice the next. Or this can happen all in one lifetime for we are usually expanding in consciousness as we go through life. This is also how karma works. It’s not personal it’s energetic and karma is neither positive or negative. It is simply the energy of what you give out coming back to you. Reaping what you sow. Simple.

With an open mind you can see this as a path to learning and an opportunity for growth. It’s all about self realisation. Understanding. Awareness and elevating your level of consciousness. It’s all about forgiving yourself. This is why accepting, loving and forgiving yourself is so important and amazingly healing.

So you can see, we carry our own trapped emotions from this life, inherited emotions from our parents, energies from choices in other lives and also cultural and ancestral energies. So souls who have chosen to incarnate as black in this lifetime may be carrying the energy of slavery within their cells which may act as a subconscious trigger in this lifetime. By the same token souls who have incarnated as white this lifetime may carry the cultural energy of a sense of entitlement, a sense of superiority or of guilt. There are many other races of course, all carrying cultural energy and working with these triggers to inspire love, acceptance, understanding, healing and greater consciousness. 

Let me repeat, we have all been different races, religions and genders. Whether you see it as past lives or less conscious timelines, as souls we have all chosen to experience different ends of the polarities. We have all been perpetrators and we have all been victims. And we all experience, learn and evolve from both.

We are all One and we are all connected Souls and as such are all parts of the Universe choosing to experience itself through, what can be, a beautiful game of life. We are all of everything.

We are all releasing fear, guilt, anger and shame. We are all working through karmic energy. We are all healing and we can only do that through LOVE. Start with yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself for being a perpetrator. Forgive yourself for choosing to be a victim. Just love and forgive yourself and you will find that love and forgiveness reflected back to you.

Happy Healing!

Love and Blessings

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