The Power of Willingness

We are all a mesh of energies. Some of our energy is vibrating at higher frequencies and some is vibrating at lower frequencies. We house so much energy within the 50 trillion cells of our body. We have the joy of our children’s births within us. We have the sadness of someone’s passing within us. We are a product of our experiences or rather how we felt about our experiences. As Dr Bruce Lipton says, our Biography becomes our Biology!

There are people who are predominantly fearful, sad or angry who can find happiness and joy in a temporary moment like a holiday, family wedding or birth. Likewise, there are higher vibrating individuals living in love who can feel temporary fear, anger or grief of course. But we do have an “overall” frequency, that is to say an average frequency. I like to think of it as our default setting.

That default setting can be measured on the Scale of Consciousness. Where are you? What is your most dominant emotion?



Like attracts Like. We do not attract what we want in life – we attract what we ARE. It is the emotions within us that get reflected back to us in the holographic projection we call life. 

You are the powerful creator of your own reality – whether you know it or not. Whether you are creating an amazingly wonderful reality for yourself or whether you are creating a pretty undesirable one – either way, your reality is a reflection of the vibrational frequency that you ARE. If you are full of fear, you will create a reality full of fear. If you are full of anger, you will create a reality full of anger. If you are full of love, you will create a reality full of love. So raising your vibrational frequency is key. Key to your health. Key to your love life. Key to your opportunities in life. Key to your happiness. Key to your evolution. And dare I say it, key to your salvation.



This is not a good time to be in denial about your energy. Especially your emotional energy. You cannot sweep trapped emotions under the carpet anymore. That’s why this is proving to be such an awakening for the planet. Because we are all being given the perfect opportunity to work through and acknowledge our lower frequency emotions as they get reflected back to us through the collective. This is the perfect time to acknowledge them, feel them, heal them, honour them, release them and transmute them to love.

Remember that stress and fear cause your vibration to lower. So it is super important to do whatever it is that makes you feel good in order to keep your vibration high.

You can see from the Scale of Consciousness above that the level of 200 is significant because it is, what I call, the tipping point. People vibrating below this level will feel like they are a victim to their circumstances. They will feel like life is happening “to” them and that they have no control. This is a very difficult mindset to get out of. We attract more of what we are so a fearful person will be creating a very fearful reality for themselves. Whereas people vibrating at Love will be creating a very loving experience for themselves. You can also see from the chart that the key to moving from Fear into Love is Willingness.

Willingness is the magical point between suffering and enjoying life. In fact, Willingness is pivotal in shifting you from a contracted state of being to an expanded state of being. It’s all about expanding!! The Universe is expanding and so are we. The more we expand into who we really are, the better life gets.

Willingness, vibrating at 310, is a very powerful energy. It not only says that you are wanting change but that you are prepared to be that change! It is accompanied by optimism, gratitude and hopefulness. Anger on the other hand, although vibrating higher than fear because of its action and desire for change, does not see itself as having to change. Anger only seeks change in others without taking the responsibility for change within.

Willingness, on the other hand, is abundant with desire for understanding, acquiring knowledge and accepting responsibility. People vibrating at the level of Willingness accept responsibility for the change they want to see. That is why it is so powerful. Willingness is ready to invest in themselves. To put themselves first. To spend valuable time, resources and energy on themselves. Willingness, in this way, becomes a catalyst for change. A catalyst for evolution. A catalyst for raising your vibrations, expanding your consciousness and moving into Love.

There’s an energy of daring about Willingness because it usually involves moving into the unknown in some way or another. A willingness to take a leap of faith of sorts. A willingness to be vulnerable. A willingness to be honest with yourself and others. A willingness to cry. A Willingness to listen to your body. A willingness to love the bits of you that you have been rejecting. A Willingness to change your beliefs. A Willingness to learn more. A Willingness to disagree with others. A Willingness to dig deep. A Willingness to grow. A Willingness to do what you want. A Willingness to not worry what others think of you. A Willingness to face your shadow side. A Willingness to find your strength through feeling weak. A Willingness to feel uncomfortable. A Willingness to invest in yourself.

Be willing to follow your excitement. Be willing to follow your heart.


Be willing to Love. Willing to feel the fear and step through it. Every fear you step through takes you closer to Love. Everytime you release fear, you are loving yourself a little bit more. At one end of the scale is Fear and at the other end there is Love. When you have no fear, you are living in Love. When you are full of fear, you can’t feel the love.  Every time you release some fear you expand up this scale a little bit closer to love.

Be willing to take risks and face challenges in a new way. Willing to feel the pain that you denied….for it will lead you to the JOY and LOVE of who you really are. Be willing to be who you really are.

The Universe is always listening to you so why not just throw your arms up in the air, look up and affirm that you are ready and willing…….. If stuck for words (or dreams) here are some affimrations to get you started:

  • I am willing to raise my vibration in every way

  • I am willing to love and accept myself

  • I am willing to listen to my heart

  • I am willing to open my heart and receive more love

  • I am willing to love and be loved

  • I am and willing to express my truth and deepest desires

  • I am willing to be wrong

  • I am willing to embrace change

Love and Blessings

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Gill Chadbon - March 8, 2021

Wise words, as always xxx

    Deborah Jane Sutton - March 8, 2021

    Thank you Lovely 💙💜 Love and Blessings

Rafael Flores Goycochea - November 3, 2021

Excelente desde Peru te hare consultas gracias po ello.

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