The Role of Light Workers as we Shift into the New Earth

You don’t need me to tell you that we are experiencing a Great Awakening on the planet right now. We chose to incarnate at this time for this very experience of helping humanity evolve into the 5th dimension. We came here to help raise the vibration and consciousness of individuals and of the collective as a whole. If you look back at your life you will see how beautifully, albeit through some challenges no doubt, you have arrived at this point in human history perfectly prepared.

Whatever it is that has inspired you and that you have learned and studied along the way will be needed now. Many things will start falling into place for you as you now understand and identify the activities that you love and enjoy as being your gifts…..the gifts that bring you joy and raise your own vibration but they are also the gifts that you were innately given for the purpose of sharing with others.

The meaning of life is to find your gifts.

The purpose of life is to give them away.”

Pablo Picasso

The journey and evolution one experiences to shift from Fear into Love, is most easily explained from an energy frequency perspective using the Scale of Consciousness.

Looking at the Scale of Consciousness we can see the journey a soul takes when raising their vibrational frequency from Fear to Love. The number indicates the vibrational frequency of each emotion. This is the journey of awakening. The journey of evolution. The expansion of consciousness. As a Light Worker, Way Shower, Messenger, Guide, Healer etc it is important to find your own role within this Great Awakening.

Some will feel drawn to helping those stuck in fear. This will involve educating people and helping them see their lifestyle and society from a different perspective. Helping them raise their vibration through basic lifestyle choices. Education on nutrition, diet and exercise. Education on health matters especially how to maintain a strong immune system. Introducing them to yoga and other energy raising practices. Stress management practices will be important here and focusing on the importance of slowing down and deepening the breath. Taking time to switch off from the world will be something those living in fear will benefit from although, driven by denial, they may resist this. By raising their vibrations just a little can bring them to the energy of Anger……………..this may not sound very positive but it is a necessary step in the awakening process. 

Anger is an interesting one. Some are surprised to see it ranking so high on the Scale of Consciousness. Anger means you want change. This in itself puts it higher than Apathy for example where people are often so depressed they have given up caring. Anger cares. The problem with Anger is that it seeks the change it desires from outside of itself. Basically, it wants others to change and has not yet learned that change begins within.

As a Light Worker working with people resonating with the frequency of Anger, you will be focusing on the reflection principle. The mirror effect. You will be helping others understand that Like attracts Like and that we do not attract what we want in life, we attract what we ARE.

So the anger they express towards their situations, their governments and to the World as a whole, is purely a reflection of their own inner anger.

Remember we have 50 trillion cells and they are full of trapped emotional energy from this life time, other life times as well as inherited from ancestors and cultures and the collective – it is not all “ours”. At this level the Light Worker will be subtle in their approach to dealing with “denial” and helping those at this frequency to understand their own inner emotions. As the Scale of Consciousness indicates, Anger is a very necessary part of the Awakening journey but we really do not need to hang out in Anger for long!

Nurturing a Willingness in individuals to raise their own vibrations and take responsibility for their own lives are the two most important stages of this level of consciousness. As a Light Worker you will be helping them feel their own power. See that they can improve their lives, their relationships and their situations through healing past wounds and releasing trapped emotions, especially those of fear and anger. An introduction to self healing techniques, energy healing, yoga and a self care routine will also be a way forward. There is a lot of healing to be experienced here. Inner Child Work. Guided Meditations. Emotional release. And releasing beliefs that do not serve. One of the most powerful stepping stones to help people rise above Anger is to nurture a Willingness to love themselves. Willingness being key here……………………..

Willingness is a super powerful energy. People resonating with the frequency of Willingness will be feeling a sense of personal power. They will no longer be feeling like a victim to their circumstances. Willingness is displayed when people begin investing in themselves. They invest their time to learn, their energy to enjoy higher vibrational activities and they invest their resources in whatever makes them feel good. Healing and raising their vibration will be their main focus. Willingness is accompanied by Optimism, Hopefulness and Gratitude. This is a powerful time of expansion.

Those resonating with the vibration of Willingness understand that life happens FOR them and not to them. They see life as a series of silver linings and have the capacity to reflect on their own past experiences as “awakenings” and not traumas. As a Light Worker to these souls you will be, no doubt ,working with 5th dimensional frequencies. You will be guiding them to nurture their Self-Love and your work with them will involve more Soul level healing and coaching. They will be exploring who they are at Soul level and finding their Divine voice. You will be helping them remember their divine gifts and raising their confidence in expressing them. In order to align with the energy of Divine Love, they will be practised in expressing their divinity within their humanity.

Love. All becomes clear here. Those aligning with this frequency will probably just need reminders. Reminders of how powerful they really are. Reminders that they are the embodiment of Love and Light.

They will be enjoying the journey of life. They will be a Light Worker whether this be consciously or unconsciously. They will be shining brightly. They will be enjoying continued learning and growing and seek greater self-realisation and they will find a tribe and/or fellow Light Workers to journey with.

Healing comes up at deeper levels and people resonating with the frequency of Love will only seek confirmation and reminders that they are the powerful creators of their own reality. Due to the nature of life on Earth, maintaining this level of vibration takes solitude, meditation and plenty of doing whatever feels good. Creativity becomes even more important. Soul expression becomes even more important. Most will be, and will seek, a Mentor of some sorts……..until they get to Peace…..where seeking ceases and Being begins. Bliss is experienced. Connection is complete.

We all have a role. Whether we carry it out formally or informally. Whether we carry it out through studied practices or through our kindness with a simple smile. We came here to express that role. It will lie in doing what you are passionate about. It will lie in helping others on their path. It will lie in serving the Highest Good of all.  


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