10 Reasons to join my Heal Yourself Online Course

1. Release your Emotional Baggage

We all have trapped emotional energy within the cells of our body.

As Bruce Lipton says, our “Biography becomes our Biology”. Over years of not allowing ourselves to fully express and process hurt, pain and other emotions, we end up with an accumulation of trapped emotions which over time cause illness, mal-function and disease. They can also cause energy blockages and cause us to over react in certain situations. They also cause us to shy away from fulfilling our true potential.

Learning how to identify and release these trapped emotions from your own body as well as from your loved ones is a life-changing skill that should be taught in schools. Trapped emotions can be emotions you denied processing during this life time or from past lives, or they could be inherited or absorbed from others. Either way, trapped emotions are one of the biggest causes of a lowered immune system so being able to release them easily and effectively can really accelerate your healing journey.


“Everything I learned I was able to use right away, practicing not only on myself but also my family and friends. The Emotion Code teachings are invaluable and I’ve put them into practice immediately! Already I feel lighter, more aligned to the truth of who I am and just a whole lot happier.”

Carmie Buhalis, USA


2. Understand your Energy – Self-Realisation

By understanding that we live in a Quantum Universe which follows Quantum Truths you can see the importance of your vibrational frequency and how to raise it. This helps you to step into your power as a Sovereign Being, take control of your own health and happiness, create the reality you desire and to expand your level of consciousness.

The Course includes a Soul Profile reading which outlines the strengths, characteristics and gifts of your Soul. We came here to experience and express our true nature so this valuable reminder of who you really are at Soul level can confirm to you the parts of you that you came here to express. The Soul Profile also reminds you of your Galactic Family which can help you find greater connection to the higher realms and to your own intuition and guidance.



“The Heart Wall Healing and Soul Profile work helped to shift me into a much higher frequency.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted and I was all of a sudden feeling so much more like myself.”

Carmie Buhalis, USA

3. Communicate with your Higher Self

Kinesiology techniques can be used in many ways from identifying allergies and food intolerances to identifying limiting beliefs. You can use muscle testing skills to communicate with your body, your sub-conscious and your Higher Self. As you raise your level of consiousness, you can find more and more ways of using your Muscle Testing skills to tap into guidance from your highest Source.


“Everyone should do this course. Deborah shows us ways to tap into our own resources to make positive changes, lots of practical advice and easy steps to follow.” 

Karen Hodgson, UK

4. Boost Self-Love, Self-Worth, Confidence and Trust in Yourself

Using Brain Intergration techniques and strong focussed intention, you can install more positive life-affirming and self-loving beliefs. Everything is energy including your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Having negative beliefs, especially about yourself, is a sure way to keep your vibrations down. Learning to love yourself is life-changing. We do not attract what we want in life, we attract what we ARE. So when you align with the powerful energy of loving yourself, that energy will be reflected back to you in the form of a more loving reality.

The Course includes a Heart Wall Healing which really helps you to not only release the emotions holding you back from Self-Love but also to open you up to your own inner Divine Love. Radiating this Divine Love that you truly are out to the world, will, by the laws of the Universe, come back to you in the form of a more loving life experience.


It has been a game changer for me in so many ways. The wealth of knowledge shared by Deborah was not only generous but explained thoroughly and simply. We covered several healing modalities to apply quickly and easily with plenty of practical ways to shift to more positive thoughts and beliefs too.”

Hanna Wildman, UK

“I can highly recommend Deborah’s healings and teachings to anyone looking for more positivity and self-love in their lives.”

Anna Burchell,  Germany


5. Understand the Evolution of your Soul

Using the Map of Consciousness by Dr David Hawkins and other resources, we can better understand our own Soul’s journey as well as the journeys of others on our path. Studying these concepts and seeing life from a higher perspective helps to bring clarity to your own journey. It can help you see the most important next steps for you at this stage of your self-realision and it offers other, more positive, ways of looking at the world around you.

This course is really inspiring and powerful. It has taken me to a whole new level of understanding.  What I have learned is really serving me on my way forward at this time.”

Rosanne Gallagher, UK


6. Heal your Relationships

Diving deeper into the Truths of Quantum Manifestation you can learn about the value and significance of the relationships in your life – both the loving ones and the ones that trigger you the most.

Using techniques inspired by the wonderful Byron Katie, we can dig deeper to find the true underlying cause of our reactions and feelings towards others in our life. By understanding that everyone and everything in your life is a vibrational match to the energy that you ARE, you can take your self-awareness and healing to a whole new level.


The work is an absolute game changer and a real eye opener. It made me realise that I’d been thinking about problems the wrong way around.  It gives you a different approach to tackling situations and I actually felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.” 

Melissa Page, Spain


7.  Shift from 3D to 5D

Understanding how we are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional Universe helps to see how our frequency is everything. Looking at the world through this “frequency” lens helps you identify the density of the third dimensional physical world. With the tools that you will learn on this Course, you will better be able to release those lower frequency emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and transcend your 4th dimentional emotional and mental energy body, into your 5th dimentional state of love, peace, joy, harmony and flow.


8.  Become your very own Energy Healer

This Course provides you with the skills you need to be able to heal yourself and connect more deeply with own intuitive guidance. Most physical ailments have their roots in trapped emotions so you will be well equipped to resolve both physical and emotional issues. If you continue to make good use of the skills learned, and adapt those that you feel drawn to adapt, even when symptom free, you will notice a general rise in your vibration, which. as we know, will attract to you a higher vibration of reality.

By the end of the Course, most participants are able to tune into others over distance and work with their energy to release their trapped emotions and limiting beliefs so you will be able to help those around you and see your whole family raise their frequency too.


Everything I learned I was able to use right away, practicing not only on myself but also my family and friends. 

Carmie Buhalis, USA


9. Meet amazing like minded Souls

Each Course has a maximum of only 6 participants. This enables us to create a most loving and supportive network with like minded Souls who you can continue to share and work with after the Course has ended if you choose. Previous groups have enjoyed connecting away from the group to practice releasing emotions from each other over distance and consolidating what they have learned as they apply it to their life situations.

The small group allows for greater attention to the differing needs of each participant in the group. It also allows for you to feel safe and nurtured during this healing and expansive process.

“I particularly enjoyed the connection with lovely, like minded souls from around the globe in our group. It was a very safe and comfortable place to learn, share and practice with each other.”

Hanna Wildman, UK


10.  You get to work with me!!

I am so passionate about sharing the simplicity of self-healing and raising vibrations. I love helping others tap into their own guidance which is often a case of raising their confidence in trusting the intuitive messages already coming to them.

In these biblical times of shifting Humanity to a higher frequency, I am eager to help others become their very own Energy Healer – to be fully Sovereign over their own energy. We all came here to experience and express ourselves and our purpose, if any, is to be who we came here to be. We achieve this by doing what raises our own frequency and then we enhance it by sharing it with others.

I feel so blessed to be able to help others, in any small way, step into their divine power and purpose.

For in doing so, I step into mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

“Healing is about self-realisation, love and expansion”

The course is excellent, I have learnt so much about myself and so much more. The course content and resources are great.  I highly recommend Deborah’s Heal Yourself Course ”

Mary, Spain

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patricia wiggett - September 10, 2022

I notice the course includes a soul mentoring session which I have already had with you. Does that mean I would have a different/other session?

Deborah Jane Sutton - September 10, 2022

Hiya Patricia, Thank you for your comment and a good question!! Yes is the answer. For those who have already had their Soul Profile read and/or their Heart Wall Healing done receive a complimentary remote Emotion Code session in its place. Hope this helps. Love and Blessings xx

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