Shifting from 3D to 5D – What does it really mean?

The underlying purpose of this Great Awakening is to wake up to the fact that we are Energy Beings living in a Quantum Structure. The 3D physical world that we see with our (limited) human vision is just that – the “physical” world. Yet, we, and everything else, exists in all dimensions. Just because we can’t see things (with our human eyes) doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In the Water Cycle, which we learned in school, water moves in cycles and goes through different states of being – one state being invisible to the naked eye as it evapourates and rises in non physical form. This is energy. And so are we!

Our skins are not the limit or edge of us! Our energy extends far beyond our physical bodies. You can feel people’s energy before you actually touch them so what are you feeling exactly?

The next dimension is the 4th dimension and this layer of our energy bodies is our emotional and mental states of being. We know thoughts, beliefs and emotions exist but we can’t see them. Yet this is the layer of our energy body that is most easily manipulated and influenced. It is this layer of your energy body that houses your mind and your ego. The mind and the ego are tools for us to use for our own benefit – to use to create the beliefs and emotions that vibrate at a high frequency and create Heaven on Earth within us. When we are in control of our minds and can master our emotions we can create a reality of Bliss. We can create peace within and joy in our hearts.

However, when we allow others to control or manipulate our minds and ego – they can, and do, work against our Highest Good. Remember, the mind can be programmed from a very young age in numerous ways. Often our own abilities to regain power over our minds and our ego can be deeply buried.

This is what is meant by transcending the 4th Dimension. Acknowledging and releasing the emotional and mental programming so we can choose life affirming beliefs, thoughts and high frequency emotions of Love, Joy and Peace.

Our Soul resides in the 5th Dimensional layer of our energy body. People who are depressed, full of fear with negative beliefs of life being a struggle and the world being a dangerous place will be vibrating at a low frequency and, as such, they may not even be aware that they are an energy being. That they are primarily a soul. This is where it is paramount to do whatever you can to raise your vibration in all areas of your life: food, air, nature, thoughts, emotional healing etc

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Now for the Quantum bit – and no, you don’t have to be a Quantum Physicist to understand it – just believe it!

There is only you. The frequency of your vibration depends on the emotions and beliefs that you hold within your energy. These emotions and beliefs are reflected back to you through a holographic projection. This holographic projection creates YOUR physical world. You are creating it. It is reflecting YOUR energy. The Collective is reflecting OUR energy. This explains why and how some people live a life of pure joy while others live a life of struggle. It has nothing to do with luck or materialism and everything to do with the frequency of their energy.

If you are experiencing a life full of joy, then it is because you have created it through your vibrational frequency. If you are struggling and living a life of fear, then equally you are creating this through your vibrational frequency. This concept tends to cause massive reactions with those who believe life happens TO them and a whole stream of limiting beliefs and blaming others will come up. This is all part of the process. Acknowledgment is key.

The next step is to stop denying your power – for if you cannot take responsibility for creating the negative, you won’t be able to step into your power and ability to create a more positive life for yourself.

You think that family member is making you angry? Upset? Annoyed?

They cannot make you feel angry, upset or annoyed. You have created them and the situation by already having the frequency of those emotions within you. There can be no other way.

You have, in fact, caused the situation as it is a direct reflection (like attracts like) of the emotions already within you. Observe the emotion when it comes up. Acknowledge it. And don’t react to the holographic projection (the triggering situation/person) with negativity. When you understand how this works, you will be able to take a breath, and respond to the situation with love and gratitude for it will have served you in healing the emotions and alchemising them into love and gratitude. When you can master this process, you will find the person or situation no longer triggers you. 

This is how powerful you are.

This is how we shift from 3D to 5D. By transcending the 4th Dimension. By mastering our thoughts and emotions. This is how we create a world without suffering. This is how we create the New Earth.

Love and Blessings

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