Where are you Selling your Soul?

The darkness, immorality and manipulation in the physical world is reflecting the darkness, immorality and manipulation within each and every one of us.

Darkness and wrongdoing cannot exist in the collective if it doesn’t already exist within us. We are the powerful creators of our own experience and we are being asked to take responsibility for creating the darkness we see around us. As light is being shone on the wrongdoing and manipulation in the physcial world, we are being asked to shine a light on our own darkness.

Where are you selling your soul?

Have you been judging others, maybe those in Hollywood, for selling their souls for fame and fortune? What are you doing because you feel you have to? Or because you are getting paid for it? What are you doing that doesn’t sit comfortably with your conscience?

Are you being asked at work to carry out orders or polices that your heart is telling you are wrong?

Are your actions in any way having a negative or detrimental effect on others?

Are you doing something purely for the money even though it is lowering your vibration and possibly the vibration of others?

These energies work on all levels remember so maybe it’s something less obvious.

Are you allowing your children to eat junk food because it’s less time and effort for you?

Are you shopping in a big brand supermarket despite knowing it is manipulating its customers to eat more sugar, aspartame and other processed chemicals? Maybe you benefit from the fact that you can get everything under one roof? Maybe you enjoy the convenience of easy parking? Maybe because it’s less time, effort and money?

However, it is exactly this investment of time, effort and money that we need to be making in ourselves and our well being at this time. After all, investing in our well being is an undeniable act of self-love, right?  It is through this conscious, self-loving action of investing time, effort and resources in ourselves that raises our frequency and aligns us with the true nature of our Soul.

Maybe you are still using the big brand shampoo, even though you know it is made by a greedy, monopolising company and you know it contains toxic chemicals, but, hey, it makes your hair look good, right?

This is all, on some level, selling your soul. Dig deep. Reflect. Where are you not following your heart? What are you doing that is not in alignment with your moral compass?

Please understand – until we stop selling our soul – on whatever scale – and start following our moral compass, we can’t expect to have morality projected back to us in our physical world.

Heal yourself to heal the World. Follow your moral compass on every level if you want to live in a more moral society.

You are the creator. You create your physical world. Together we create the collective. By following our moral compass and making divine choices and by not selling our soul on any level, we can create the change we seek.

We can’t change what is outside of us without changing within. We need to start living the ideals we dream of. We need to start building the New Earth we dream of. We need to take action, however small, to live the life we want – only then will the world outside change for the better. 

Go grow your own vegetables. Start donating to a charity. Start following your heart and realising your greatest dreams. Start sharing with others. Start trusting again. Start dancing again. Paint again. Laugh again. Do whatever it is you visualise yourself doing in the New Earth. Start in some small way to do it now! Get that energy ball rolling. 

This is how we create Joy, Love, Harmony and Peace. This is how we create the world we want to live in. This is how we create Heaven on Earth.

Love and Blessings

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